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Papers, 1908-1988

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Ferdinand Marcellus Allen was an African American printer and missionary who taught printing at the College of West Africa in Monrovia, Liberia between 1898-1908, and ran a printing shop in Philadelphia until his death in 1954.  He was a member and trustee of the Tindley Temple Methodist Church.  His daughter Gladys Marie was born in 1914.  She was one of the first African American students to attend the Philadelphia High School for Girls.  Her son James Thomas was an artist and architect; he died in 1974.

This collection consists of two letters to F.M. Allen in his capacity as Manager of the College of West Africa Press, a memorial to the Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of Liberia which was mailed to Allen in Philadelphia, and printed materials concerning the Tindley Temple Methodist Church and the Allen family.

Photographs have been removed to Photo Group 289.  A painting by James Thomas Johnson is in the museum collections.

This collection was donated by Gladys Marie Allen Johnson Thoroughgood in 1988.

EDWARDS, JOHN E., compiler

Materials relating to Afro-American authors, 1970-1972

21 items

This collection consists of letters, bibliographies, and biographical sketches received in response to requests made by Edwards.  The purpose for gathering the information was to compile a bibliography of Afro-American writers.  The material is arranged alphabetically by author.  Related photographs are in Photo Group 37.

Bontemps, Arna, (1902-     ): biographical sketch and bibliography

Brown, Frank London, (1927-1962): biographical sketch

Davis, Charles: letter, n.d.

Fair, Ronald, (1932-     ): letters, 1971 Feb. 26 and March 10

Ferguson, Ira Lunan: letter, 1971 March 10

Kelley, William Melvin, (1937     ): postcard, 1972 April 11

Kemp, Arnold, (1938-     ): letter, 1972 April 11, and biographical sketch

LaHon, Vyola Therese Ephriam, (1926-     ): letter, 1971 April 12 and biographical sketch

Madden, Will Anthony, (1923-     ): letter, 1971 April 22, and newspaper clipping

Ramsey, Leroy L.: letter, 1971 June 8, and biographical sketch

Shores, Minnie T.: letters, 1971 May 29, n.d.

Sublett, Walter, (1940-     ): letter, 1971 Feb. 25 [S.W. Edwards, pseudonym]

Webb, Charles L., (1918-     ): letters, 1970 April 19, 1971 April 25, and biographical sketch


Document, 1867

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This license and certificate from Kentucky records the marriage of George Fant, "colored," to Myrna Burton, "colored."

In English.


Correspondence, 1863

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This letter for McAllister to Mr. Lossing mentions Robert R. Carson, a State Military Agent of Pennsylvania, who was active in recruiting African Americans for the U.S. colored Troops in the Civil War.

In English.


Correspondence, 1937

1 page

In this letter to Harry W. Zollars, he thanks him for his compliments on Turpin's These Low Grounds.

In English.