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The American Latvian Association in the United States, Inc. was founded in 1951 for "promotion of the cause of Latvia's independence; preservation of Latvian culture; preservation of the Latvian people themselves; and, finally, assistance to the Latvians in distress: the old, the sick, and all those who, in the result of Latvia's tragic fate, are in need of help."  Membership is composed of Latvian immigrants, Americans of Latvian descent, and American friends of the Latvian people.  In addition, there are approximately 160 institutional members of the Association, mainly congregations and local Latvian organizations.

The Association is organized into three divisions, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, the Information Bureau; and the Relief and Assistance Bureau.  It is governed by the annual Congress, in which delegates from all areas of the country participate in the election of officers and policy making.  Financial support comes from dues and contributions.

The Association also devotes itself to supporting antiCommunist movements and is especially active in Captive Nations Week observances.  The Joint Baltic American Committee, a group with similar aims regarding all Baltic states, is closely affiliated with theAmerican Latvian Association.

The headquarters of the American Latvian Association were moved from Washington, D.C. to Rockville, Maryland in 1974.


Gift of the American Latvian Association in the United States, Inc., 1974.


The records of the Association include minutes, correspondence, reports, proposals and miscellaneous items.  They are divided by records type and arranged chronologically within each folder.  The correspondence is divided into two series.  The first consists of general correspondence files, and the second consists of correspondence files on specific topics.  Both are arranged chronologically

A large quantity of periodicals, including many sample newsletters from local Latvian organizations and congregations, were received along with the records.  They will. be found in the serials section of the library.  In addition, there are printed meeting announcements, programs, and other ephemera from local Latvian organizations and congregations which were removed to the library collection.  Related photographs will be found in the photograph collection.

Approximately half the materials in this collection are in Latvian.  The other half are in English.

The box list of the register of the records of the American Latvian Association in the United States is two pages long.