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Giorno - Calapristi Music Collection


5 folders

4 cassette tapes

SC 276


Sandy Van Doren

May 1998



Luigi Giorno, the donor's grandfather, founded the Germantown Community Band as an army reserve band in 1918, although some date its inception from 1923, and was its only conductor until it folded at his death in 1962.   This group frequently performed now obscure symphonic band music, especially marches, once popular in the villages of southern Italy and with the Italian immigrants who came to the United States at the turn of the twentieth century.  Two such immigrants who became composers of this kind of band music -- seldom heard these days in either Italy or America -- were Domenico Villoni (1887-1945) and Jack Lentini (1892-1972) and their compositions were frequently played by Mr. Giorno's group.


All the materials were the property of and donated by Norman Giorno-Calapristi from 1994-1998. 

The materials include accessions M94-19, M94-20, M95-20, M96-68 and M98-05.


This collection contains biographical sketches of Luigi Giorno, Domenico Villoni and Jack Lentini, as well as the musical scores of the latter two and Giorno arrangements; concert programs of the Germantown Community Band; some printed materials; photographs of the Germantown band and the three men; and four cassette tapes of both their music and that of other similar composers and bands.