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Register of the Records of the


1884 - 1963

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MSS 102


Richard D. Chicko

August 1991


The orange Hall and Library Association of the City of Philadelphia was organized in 1884 by members of the local lodges of the Loyal Orange Institution.  In 1890, the association reorganized under the revised name of the Orange Hall Association of Philadelphia.

The Loyal Orange Institution originated in Ireland in 1795, as a secret fraternal society among the Protestants of County Armagh.  The first American chapters were established by 1867.  The society was founded on the principles of Protestantism, patriotism, and the preservation of the concept of the separation of church and state.  Membership was restricted to Protestant men eighteen years of age and older who professed a life of temperance.  The society has undertaken philanthropic activities as well.

Stockholders in this new corporation were restricted to members of the Loyal Orange Institution.  The constitution of the association mandated a board of directors, comprised of 15 members who would govern the finances and activities of the hall.

Capitalization for the Orange Hall, at 5039 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, was set at a sum not to exceed $100,000, and open for sale to members at $5.00 a share.  At the end of business each year the board of directors would declare profits to be divided among shareholders in the form of a dividend.

The Orange Hall served as the meeting place for the area lodges of the Loyal Orange Institution and the Royal Black Preceptories.  Various social and official functions were also held at the site.  The Orange Hall closed in 1988.


The records were donated to the Balch Institute by Mr. Thomas J. Cairns, Secretary, in 1989. The records are open to accredited scholars and genealogists.


The records of the Orange Hall Association include minutes of the board of directors, stockholders' ledgers, constitution and bylaws, and miscellaneous correspondence.  Most records detail the governance and financial arrangements of the association.

The box list of the register of the records of the Orange Hall Association of Philadelphia is one page long.