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Register of the Records of the



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The Swiss Benevolent Society of Philadelphia was founded on 14 September 1860.  It began as an idea of Rudolph Koradi, the Swiss Consul of Philadelphia.  The Charter of the Society, written in 1865 and amended in 1915 and 1960, states that the Society's object is "to relieve, so far as means will permit, the urgent necessities of poor and honest natives of Switzerland, either by contributions of money and provisions, or by procuring employment for them.  It is not a society for mutual assistance, but of general benevolence."  Support has been provided for orphanages and homes for the aged as well as to needy individuals.  In addition, the Society has contributed funds to disaster victims throughout the world, and aided relief organizations in Switzerland during the First and Second World Wars.

Every applicant for membership must be proposed and voted upon at a meeting of the Board of Directors, and, if elected, is required to pay dues in accordance with the Bylaws.

Funds for the Society come from dues, investments, and bequests.  The annual meeting held in January usually takes the form of a dinner dance, and is the only social activity sponsored by the Society.

The Swiss Benevolent Society of Philadelphia continues to be an active organization.


Gift of the Swiss Consulate of Philadelphia, 1974.


The Swiss Benevolent Society of Philadelphia Records, 1860-1972, include correspondence, annual reports, minute books, legal documents, and financial statements.  The material is divided by subject matter and arranged chronologically within each folder.

Annual reports from Swiss Benevolent Societies throughout the world are in the library.  Photographs have been separated from the records and will be found in the photographic collection.

The box list of the register of the records of the Swiss Benevolent Society of Philadelphia is two pages long.