Sill, Joseph. Diaries, 1831-1854.
(10 v.)
Diaries of Joseph Sill, Philadelphia businessman, and artist by avocation, with personal notes, detailed comments on books, plays, art, lectures, travel, religion, political leaders and issues of the period, United States Bank affairs, railroad and canal expansion.

Silliman, Benjamin, 1779-1864. Correspondence, 1785-1867.
(ca. 700 items.)
Collection of the correspondence of Benjamin Silliman, chemist and inventor, on scientific matters in general, on chemistry, and his discoveries in that field. Included are letters on the historical paintings of John Trumbull, and social and domestic affairs.

Smiley, Sarah F. Diary, 1868-1869.
(1 v.)
The journal of Sarah F. Smiley, written during a trip to England on the steamer Cuba, presents details of her philanthropic interests, religious activities, preaching, church meetings, visits to schools and benevolent institutions.

Smith family. Papers, 1757-1861.
(300 items.)
Documents in the case between the Pennsylvania Assembly and William Moore, chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County, and Rev. William Smith, provost of the College and Academy of Philadelphia, 1757-1759. Among the papers are: statement of the case, with testimony taken before the House of Assembly; affidavits of J. Ross and William Peters; printed address of William Moore; Smith's letters to Attorney General Pratt and to Solicitor General Yorke; report of the attorney general and solicitor general; trial order of the King and Council; Smith's petition to Governor Hamilton; included are sketches of historical landmarks and of men concerned in the case, 1773-1861.

Smith, Charles, 1765-1836. Casebook, 1819-1820.
(1 v.)
Legal opinions and records of legal cases adjudicated by Judge Charles Smith in the county courts of the 9th district of Pennsylvania.

Smith, Charles Morton, d. 1914. Collection, 1685-1843.
(300 items.)
Deeds, 1685-1805, and letters, marriage licenses, 1686-1842, of genealogical and historical interest for colonial Pennsylvania; documents relate to the early settlers and the proprietors: William Penn, James Logan, George Claypoole, William Markham, Benjamin Franklin, Hugh Roberts, and others.

Correspondence between Franklin and Roberts published in The P.M.H.B., 38 (1914): 287-301.

Smith, George, 1804-1882. Collection, 1681-1804.
(400 items.)
Deeds, patents, agreements of original settlers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland, 1681-1752; papers on the estate of Jasper Yeates, 1721-1723; letters of William Hamilton to Benjamin Hays Smith, 1784-1804; and a bundle of miscellaneous accounts, bills, 1782-1792.

Smith, John, 1722-1771. Letters, 1740-1770.
(1 v.)
Copies of letters written to John Smith, a son-in-law of James Logan and a prominent Quaker of Philadelphia and Burlington, N.J., social and domestic life, political trends, economic conditions; many of the leading personalities of the period are mentioned.

Smith, John. Papers, 1801-1818.
(2 v.)
Letters of John Smith, United States marshal at Philadelphia, on the interpretation and execution of federal legal matters, claims against the government, courts-martial, finance, maritime regulations, land cases, 1801-1817; Smith's official receipt book, 1801-1818.

Smith, John Frederick, 1815-1889. Letters, 1886-1888.
(ca. 500 items.)
Letters of managers and boards of trustees of hospitals and charitable institutions, of ministers and missionaries, expressing their appreciation to John F. Smith, Philadelphia philanthropist, for his humanitarian endeavors. One volume of letters, 1888, relates chiefly to the launching of the steamer Elizabeth Monroe Smith.

Smith, John L., 1846-1921. Letters and diaries, 1862-1916.
(ca. 250 items.)
The letters of John L. Smith, corporal of the 118th regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, during his participation in the Civil War, 1862-1865. Diaries reflect his career as a businessman, map maker, stock dealer, 1867-1916.

Smith, Richard Penn, 1799-1854. Papers, 1785-1856.
(5 v.)
Plays, poetry, narratives, essays, by Richard Penn Smith, Philadelphia dramatist and lawyer. Among the manuscripts are: "The Divorce, or Mock Cavalier"; "William Penn," a melodrama; "The Triumph at Plattsburg," a drama; "The Bombardment of Algiers;" "Quite Correct," a comedy; "The Pelican," a farce; "The Man of Mystery"; "A Wife at a Venture," comedy. Some of these plays were successfully produced at the Arch Street, Walnut Street, and Chestnut Street theatres. Included is a volume containing a list of names of subscribers to the Political Works of the late Richard Penn Smith, 1856, and a cashbook of William Monroe, 1785.

Smith, Richard S. Reminiscences, 1867.
(1 v.)
"Reminiscences of Seven Years of Early Life," by Richard S. Smith, and dedicated to Guillaume Aerston, narrative of his early travels, commercial and shipping activities in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, 1808-1813, their customs, social and economic conditions. Included are his data on the contemporary wars of England, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, France; America's dominant shipping and commercial interests; British convoys; War of 1812; and personal matters.

Smith, William, 1727-1803. Papers, 1765-1774.
(1 v.)
Abstracts of the papers of Dr. William Smith, provost of the College of Philadelphia. Among the papers copied are "Notes on the Commencement of the American Revolution," "Letters of the Lord Bishop of London," "Stamp Act," and others.

Handwritten transcripts made by J. Larson, 1869.

Smith, William H.L. Papers, 1843-1869.
(2 linear ft.)
Deeds, 1843-1862; correspondence, 1858-1869; reports, agreements, bills, receipts, 1860-1861; papers on the Samuel R. Philbrick estate, 1858-1862. The collection contains much material on the development of the oil industry in Pennsylvania.

Snowden, Louise H. Papers, ca. 1910-1920.
(ca. 200 items.)
A collection of papers containing lectures on the feudal system, church, political organizations in medieval Europe; includes also notes on science.

Snowden family. Papers, 1788-1865.
(16 v.)
Papers of the Rev. Nathaniel R. Snowden, preacher and curator of Dickinson College, Carlisle, and of his son, James R. Snowden, jurist and scholar: Nathaniel R. Snowden's diaries, 1788-1789, 1791, 1795-1801, 1801-1804, 1836-1839; lectures, 1791-1826; marriage and birth records, 1793-1828; James R. Snowden's diaries, 1825, 1864-1865, and the latter containing information on the Civil War, civic and legal matters. Included is a volume of autographs of judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, an autograph album of Mrs. James R. Snowden, and genealogical records of the Snowden family.

Snyder, Simon, 1759-1819. Letters, 1808-1817.
(51 items.)
Collection of personal letters written by Simon Snyder, Governor of Pennsylvania, to Nathaniel B. Boileau, secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on political influences in state administration, appointments, pardons, appropriations, financial matters, policies, the management of the state's military affairs, and other public questions.

Songs of the Revolution.
(ca. 250 items.)
Correspondence and notes on the origins and traditions of war songs of the Revolutionary period. Included are photographic negatives and prints of some of the songs of the Revolution.

Southwark commissioners. Papers, 1789-1842.
(9 linear ft.)
Official papers of the Commissioners of Southwark: minute books, vouchers, agreements, and contracts for lighting, building of markets, construction of wharves and streets, tax lists, surveys, ordinances, rules and regulations, expense accounts.

Cassel, A.H. Sower's Newspaper, 1885.
(1 v.)
A copy of A.H. Cassel's account of Christopher Sauer's journalistic enterprises.

Handwritten transcript, 1885.

Spackman, John. Papers, 1726-1845.
(25 v.)
Family papers, marriage certificates, indentures, land title records, wills, releases.

Leaming family. Papers, 1706-1861.
(6 linear ft.)
Papers of the Leaming and related families, prominent in the history of New Jersey: West New Jersey Land Society deeds, 1716-1753; land warrants, surveys, drafts, indentures, agreements of sale of lands in Cape May, N.J., and adjacent counties, 1706-1855; bills, receipts, inventories of goods, records of commercial transactions, 1717-1840; Thomas Leaming memorandum book and survey, 1763-1785; memorandum book, 1781-1797, 1794-1795; receipt book, 1778-1796; 15 booklets of Leaming's notes and accounts, 1791-1797; accounts of red cedar posts for Seven Mile Beach, 1786-1791; Leaming's correspondence with Lieutenant Benjamin P. Griffith on Griffith's release on parole in the Revolutionary War, 1781; family papers, estate papers, 1736-1828; Rebecca Leaming's receipt book, 1797-1809; expense book, 1797; account book, 1791-1797; account book, 1797-1799; letterbook, 1808; Isaac Sharp account book and surveys, 1796-1801; Thomas Murgatroyd contracts, 1803-1817; receipt book of the Sarah P. Murgatroyd estate, 1824; wills, 1715-1833; Mary Maxwell expense and receipt book, 1837-1838; Anthony P. Morris receipt book, 1826-1854.

In addition there is a group of J. Fisher Leaming's papers and correspondence, 1810-1861: his letters to his wife (a daughter of Robert Waln) relate to travel, society, theatre, and culture in the United States in the first half of the 19th century; invoice book, China trade, 1819; memorandum book of his ship Scattergood, 1819; memorandum book, Canton trade, 1819-1822; daybook, 1819; invoice and ledger book, 1819; memorandum book, 1819-1844; account book, 1818; ledger books, 1819-1823; invoice book, 1817; price records, 1817-1818; bills of lading, 1816-1819; and other items of personal and business character.

Sprague, William Buell, 1795-1876. Autograph collection, 1749-1814.
(60 items.)
Autograph letters of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. The letters give expression to the ideals of prominent early Americans. Bound with this collection are Sanderson's biographical sketches of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, 1865, and portraits of these men.


This collection was assembled by T.A. Emmet, and presented by him, as a Christmas gift, to his lifelong friend W. B. Sprague, 1872.

Sproat, James, 1722-1793. Journal, 1753-1786.
(1 v.)
Miscellaneous journal of James Sproat, prominent Presbyterian preacher and hospital chaplain, containing accounts of his church activities and visits to settlements throughout Pennsylvania, 1753, 1757, 1778-1780, 1782-1784, 1786.

Stamper, John. Letterbook, 1751-1770.
(1 v.)
Letters of John Stamper, Philadelphia merchant, to his associates and correspondents in the West Indies mainly deal with commercial, shipping, and financial matters.

Steele, John, 1758-1827. Papers, 1808-1812.
(100 items.)
Papers and accounts of John Steele, United States agent for Marine Hospital, Philadelphia.

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1812-1883. Letters, 1858-1882.
(ca. 300 items.)
Letters written by Alexander H. Stephens to William H. Hidell, a lifelong friend, on political and social subjects.

Sterrett, James P. Essays, ca. 1844.
(1 v.)
Essays by James P. Sterrett of Jefferson College on philosophy, political institutions, theology, and other academic subjects.

Steuart, Charles. Letterbooks, 1751-1763.
(92 v.)
Data on shipping, prices of commodities, trading ventures, markets, and finance of the colonial period are in these letters of Charles Steuart, merchant and shipper of Norfolk, Va.

Steuben, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin, Baron von, 1730-1794. Letters, (1777-1791) 1835, 1837.
(15 items.)
Letters of Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben relating to his military service in the Revolutionary Army; 2 letters of Peter S. Duponceau, 1835, 1837.

Stewardson, Thomas, 1829-1902. Collection, 1759-1844.
(1 v.)
Abstracts and copies of letters of prominent Quakers, such as Sarah Dillwyn, Margaret Morris, Hannah Griffitt, Milcah Martha Moore, Dr. Richard Hill, Benjamin Marshall. The letters concern the purchase of land from the Indians, the Quakers, social work, epidemics, travel facilities, marriages, incidents of the Revolution.

Handwritten transcripts.

Many originals in the possession of the Library Company of Philadelphia. 1314 Locust Street; Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Stewardson, Thomas, 1762-1841. Papers, 1716-1900.
(9 linear ft.)
Thomas Stewardson, Sr., Philadelphia Quaker, identified himself as a merchant, but his primary occupation was as agent for local and British concerns and estate administrator. His agency was carried on by successive generations, by his son George, also a merchant, and his grandson, Thomas, an attorney.

Records of commercial activities, shipping, land speculation, legal matters, and Quaker affairs, of the colonial and early national periods, and additional family papers of a later date.

A large portion of the correspondence, 1770-1792, is with Frederick Pigou, of London, England, pertaining to the disposal of iron foundries and land holdings in the colonies, in which Henry Drinker and Abel James were interested. Among the papers are miscellaneous land patents, 1716-1820; bonds, indentures, receipts, tax records for Pigou lands, 1798-1831; leases on Philadelphia properties, 1719; fire insurance policies for Philadelphia estates, 1784; tax lists of Washington and Bedford counties, 1789; an account of the Pennamites, 1770; miscellaneous broadsides, 1775; Quaker boarding school receipts, 1795; lottery tickets for the construction of the Schuylkill, Susquehanna, and Delaware canals, 1795; price reports, 1802; turnpike road construction papers, 1807; personal account book, 1777-1786; records of estate settlements, family correspondence, genealogical notes on various families, and other items.

Stewardson family. Papers, 1718-1900.
(300 items.)
A diverse and miscellaneous group of papers with early deeds, indentures, powers of attorney, and other documents, as well as letters between Morrises, Dillwyns, and other Quakers reporting on spiritual and physical conditions of Friends in America and England. Beginning about 1790, material becomes increasingly related to the Stewardson family business interests.

Stewardson family. Papers, 1750-1857.
(220 items.)
Largely letters to Rachel Smith Stewardson, 1811-1839, from her family on spiritual and family matters; also her letters to her husband, George, 1825-1839. There are Thomas Stewardson, Sr., diaries, n.d. of journeys to S.W. New York state with a report on land management negotiations with Indians.

Stewardson family. Papers, 1702, 1783 (1787-1839) 1868.
(500 items.)
Correspondence, mainly between Frederick Pigou, Henry Drinker, and Thomas Stewardson, Sr., on Pigou's business and land dealings. Also deeds, leases, powers of attorney, miscellaneous legal, real estate, and commercial papers.

Stewardson family. Papers, 1768-1902.
(6 linear ft.)
Primarily Thomas Stewardson, Jr., incoming correspondence, 1847-1871, on land and estate business. Other members are represented by miscellaneous business and family letters and receipted bills: Thomas Stewardson, Sr., 1773-1841; George Stewardson, 1820-1867; Stewardson executor related papers; Margaret Haines Stewardson, 1859-1871. Also included is: Morris Smith incoming correspondence, 1822, 1827 while he was conducting business at the Charleston end of the merchant firm Smith and Stewardson, with account book, 1825-1827, of their ship Florian; Henry J. Williams, 1828-1879; Alexander W. and Anne McKennan Biddle, 1856-1918, especially letters from Sara O. Fell while cruising in the Mediterranean.

Stiles, Amos. Daybook, 1812-1821.
(1 v.)
Daybook of Amos Stiles, wheelwright of Moorestown, N.J., reflects the commercial activities of the community and adjacent territory.

The names entered in the book contribute data on early families of Moorestown.

Stillé, Charles J. (Charles Janeway), 1819-1899. Papers, 1845-1893.
(ca. 500 items.)
Charles Janeway Stillé was a historian and provost of the University of Pennsylvania.

Among these papers are letters, written to Stillé, 1862-1864, which reflect the effect of the Civil War on writers; correspondence on personal and family matters, and letters and papers on University of Pennsylvania, 1853-1900; letter from Abraham Lincoln concerning Stillé's pamphlet, How a Free People Conduct a Long War, 1862-1863; manuscript of Stillé's historical writings: "Logan and Wayne," "American Colonial History," "Anthony Wayne," "Proprietary Government under the Successors of William Penn," "English History," "Silas Deane," "International Law," "Medieval History," "Modern History," "Maximilian in Mexico," "Madame de Stael," and others.

Stocker, Anthony Eugene, 1819-1897. Papers, 1826-1888.
(50 items.)
Papers on Anthony E. Stocker's appointments and commissions in the Civil War. They include a letter of Abraham Lincoln, and correspondence on personal and family matters.

Stockton, William S., Mrs. Cashbook, 1823.
(1 v.)
Cash account book of Mrs. W.S. Stockton of Philadelphia shows business transactions with prominent people of the period.

Stokes, Elwood Redman. Papers, 1840-1843.
(1 v.)
A volume containing the roll, minutes, and a brief history of the West Philadelphia Lyceum; included are notes on geology and poems.

Strahan, William, 1715-1785. Letters, 1751-1776.
(40 items.)
Letters of William Strahan, London printer, bookseller, and associate of Benjamin Franklin, addressed to David Hall, printer and merchant of Philadelphia, and to his son, William Hall. The letters describe the British political scene, activities of Parliament in the crucial years before the American Revolution, East Indian Company affairs, colonial legislation, elections, the question of quartering troops in the colonies, disturbances in Boston, and other incidents leading to the War for Independence. There are references to Franklin's travels, his friendship with Strahan, and his examination before the House of Commons.

Strawbridge, James. Correspondence, 1772-1802.
(ca. 1,000 items.)
Miscellaneous business correspondence on James Strawbridge's mercantile interests and to land transactions; bills, orders, receipts, indentures.

Strettell family. Papers, 1686-1820.
(ca. 500 items.)
Legal documents and correspondence on trade, land transactions, politics, and personal affairs, 1737-1820; deeds and patents to land in New Jersey, 1686-1810, involving the interests of Robert and Amos Strettell, shippers and landowners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Strettell, Amos. Jane Hassell Trust Account, 1757-1778.
(1 v.)
Accounts of funds left by Jane Hassell for charitable purposes.

Stuart, Gilbert, 1755-1828. Catalogue, 1828.
(1 v.)
A catalog of an exhibition of 182 portraits painted by Gilbert Stuart, exhibited in Boston after his death, 1828.

Sullivan, William A. Autograph album, ca. 1876.
(1 v.)
Collections of autographs of William Sullivan's friends in various parts of the United States.

Susquehanna and Delaware Navigation Company. Papers, 1796-1797.
(1 v.)
Surveys, calculations, accounts, statements and correspondence relating to the construction and maintenance of the canal.

Swank, James Moore, 1836-1914. Papers, 1785 (1871-1898).
(ca. 250 items.)
Correspondence of James M. Swank, secretary of the American Iron and Steel Association, with industrialists, political leaders, and others, on tariff and to the development of the iron industry in the United States. Among the correspondents are: George Bancroft, 1885; William Belknap, 1871; Simon Cameron, 1876; H.C. Carey, 1871; Andrew Carnegie, 1898; S.P. Chase, 1872; A.G. Curtin, 1878; John Dallzell, 1896; Hamilton Fish, 1871; H.C. Frick, 1893; A. Gorman, 1894; Benjamin Harrison, 1888; Marcus A. Hanna, 1902; William McKinley, 1891; Justin S. Morrill, 1893; O.H. Platt, 1884; M.S. Quay, 1884; Samuel J. Randall, 1884; Carl Schurz, 1872; General W.T. Sherman, 1871; J.W. Forney, and others.

There are also letters of an earlier period contributing information on political and economic trends; Hugh H. Brackenridge, 1808; John Binns, 1812; Abner Lacock, draft of a letter, 1832, to President Andrew Jackson on the Seminole and Florida War, and revealing J.C. Calhoun's attitude toward Jackson in 1818; Henry C. Clay, 1849; John C. Breckinridge, 1860; James Monroe, 1822; deeds of John Penn, Jr., and John Penn, 1785, conveying land in Westmoreland County; and other items.

Swayne, W. Marshall. Collection, 1701-1812.
(ca. 200 items.)
Collection of legal papers and surveys relating to land in Chester County.

Mickley, Joseph J., 1799-1878. Collection, 1636-1811.
(ca. 500 items.)
Copies of letters and miscellaneous manuscripts, containing material on the Swedish settlement on the Delaware River.

Sypher, Josiah Rhinehart, b. 1832. History of Pennsylvania, 1868.
(1 v.)
The manuscript of J.R. Sypher's History of Pennsylvania published in 1868, also related historical notes.

Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties (Pa.) Tax and assessment books, 1762-1855.
(ca. 725 v.)
Entry cancelled; returned to Philadelphia Department of Records, August 28, 1953.

Taylor, Bayard, 1825-1878. Sketchbook, 1845-1846.
(1 v.)
Sketches of views in Italy and France, made during a walking tour in Europe, 1844-1846, by Bayard Taylor.

Jacob and Isaac Taylor papers, 1672-1775.
(4 linear ft.)
Correspondence, 1683-1750; miscellaneous documents and letters, 1672-1775; Chester County warrants, 1682-1748; Chester County surveys, 1701-1740; Delaware County surveys, 1682-1740; Lancaster County warrants, 1710-1742; Lancaster County surveys, 1701-1740; New Castle County, Del., warrants and surveys, 1679-1740; field notes, 1736-1741.

Thomas, Lawrence Buckley. Genealogical notes, 1877.
(ca. 200 items.)
Pedigrees of the Lawrence Buckley Thomas family and related Maryland families, illustrated with views and coats of arms.

Thomas, Lydia and Mary. Commonplace book, 1826-1832.
(2 v.)
Literary compositions in prose and verse, with miniature drawings in watercolor.

Thompson family. Papers, 1607-1903.
(16 linear ft.)
This collection comprises the papers of Jonah Thompson and his descendants, Philadelphia Quakers, humanitarians, merchants, ironmasters, and landowners.

The papers of the period, 1745-1850, pertain to commerce, land transactions, and manufacture. They include Jonah Thompson's manuscript books on the manufacture of iron, nails, machinery, 1783-1829, and journals while abroad, 1812; George Thompson papers, 1769-1876, relate to land holdings at Fort Pitt, legal controversies, administration of estates, Thompson's business interests in the Pennsylvania Salt Company, in iron, coal, copper, potash, 1831-1876, and to Eastern Penitentiary, 1839-1850; among the papers of John Thompson, 1793-1803, are his accounts with Robert Morris.

John J. Thompson papers, 1803-1903, relate to the iron industry, manufacture of steam engines, machinery, and his other interests; papers of estates in which the Thompsons were interested.

Joseph Trotter's papers, 1725-1868, include items on literature, ethics, commerce; Newbold family papers, 1755-1838, letter and daybooks, material on Mexico; Abel James, merchant, account with Lawrence Growdon, 1765-1868; John Harper papers, 1776-1779; Thomas Pleasant's papers, 1776-1793; Henry Drinker papers, 1771-1783; Joseph Galloway papers, 1782-1792; accounts, legal papers, bonds, deeds, surveys, 1607-1851; Quakeriana, monthly meeting reports, 1661-1802; copies of deeds, 1676-1789; Sir William Johnson letter to Tedyuskung, 1760; New England colonists' petition against the Sugar Act, 1763; petition for a road from Philadelphia to Chester, 1764; North Carolina land warrants, surveys, leases, 1796-1838; Deaf and Dumb Institution, papers, 1813-1817; Thaddeus Stevens letters, 1813; William C. Poultney, journal on board the brig Washington, 1805; journal of a trip to Europe on the Montyuma, 1827; James Gallagher journal, Easton through New Jersey, 1831; Hanover Furnace records, 1793-1838; Bridgewater, N.J., copper mine records, 1831; broadsides on fire extinguisher, 1848.

Thompson, Jonah. Collection, 1683-1854.
(ca. 350 items.)
These papers relate particularly to colonial Pennsylvania: correspondence on agreements between Lord Baltimore and William Penn; letters from Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, Thomas Penn, and other noted men, on political and social matters; an account of Indian religious beliefs, by Conrad Weiser; some pamphlets, broadsides, portraits, and early views of Philadelphia.

Thompson, Rebecca. Manuscript, 1827.
(2 v.)
Lyrical composition in prose and verse.

Thomson, Hannah, d. 1807. Household memorandum book, 1792-1793.
(1 v.)
Memoranda of accounts, household goods, farm products, personal and domestic affairs. Included in the volume is Poulson's Town and Country Almanack, 1793.

Thomson, Charles, 1729-1824. Papers, 1774-1811.
(9 v.)
The papers of Charles Thomson, secretary of the Continental Congress, include records of the Continental Congress, other documents on the Revolutionary period; secret journals of Congress, 1774-1780; Charles Thomson's defense in Congress against charges of Henry Laurens, 1779; account of official ceremony on the occasion of the French minister's appearance before Congress, 1782; Charles Thomson letterbook, 1784; scrapbook, 1782-1811; account book, 1815-1816; original manuscript of Thomson's translation from the Greek of "The New Covenant commonly called The New Testament," n.d. (one volume marked "not a correct copy"), "Synopsis of the Four Evangelists," n.d.; interpretations of Biblical words and their translation from Greek into English.

Tilghman, William, 1756-1827. Correspondence, 1772-1827.
(24 linear ft.)
Letters to William Tilghman, Philadelphia lawyer and jurist, from clients, friends, and members of his family. The main portion of the collection pertains to claims, controversies, collections of debts, land settlements, suits in court, politics and other legal matters; bills and accounts of money spent for wearing apparel and similar commodities; receipts for pew rents in Christ Church; accounts and correspondence relating to the purchase, sale, condition and eventual manumission of slaves, and traveling expense accounts.

Some of the correspondents include: John Barclay, James Cheston, Stephen Collins, James Earle, Samuel Earle, the Philadelphia firm of Thomas, Samuel, and Miers Fisher, John Galloway, Daniel Charles Heath, Richard Hynson, Thomas Jones, James Pearse, P. Bond, Henry Drinker, Henry Pearse, James Carey, William Cooke, Tench Coxe, James Earle, Jr., Joshua Gilpin, Thomas W. Francis, Nicholas Hammond, John M.D. Laurence, Robert Milligan, Maria Lloyd Hemsley, William Hemsley, Mary Livingston, James Lloyd, Anna Maria Tilghman, Ann C. Tilghman, Elizabeth Tilghman, Ann Allen, Ann Greenleaf, Thomas Hemsley, Henry W. Livingston, Charles C. Tilghman, Tench Tilghman, Benjamin Chew, Jr., John McDowell, Samuel Hanson, Elizabeth Wistar, Richard Wistar, and others.

Till, William. Letters, 1735-1745.
(1 v.)
Letters of William Till, a Philadelphia merchant, to merchants in England (especially Lawrence Williams), West Indies, and other places. They relate to trade, shipping, prices of commodities, insurance, cargoes, legal matters.

Typescript copies.

Tilly, Matilda Bingham de. Letters, 1799.
(1 v.)
Letters concerning Matilda Bingham de Tilly's divorce from Comte de Tille April 11 to June 17, 1799.

Tirowen, Terence. Papers, n.d.
(1 v.)
"His posthumous papers : being for the most part, familiar letters in rhyme written in youth, from the country of his adoption, to kindred in his native land." Each letter of rhyme is preceded by an introduction. The topics include: a Fourth of July celebration in Philadelphia; the death of his aunt, Mrs. Jane Hamilton; gratitude for a gift of slippers; a visit paid to New York; the politics of Ireland; a reception of the Pennsylvania Volunteers by the citizens of Philadelphia following the soldier's return from the Mexican War; hymns written for Trinity Church (Philadelphia) at Christmas; New York politics; and other family sentiments.

Handwritten transcript "compiled by one who knew him for the possible entertainment in after years of his daughters, Anna W. and Mary Caroline."

Todd, Michael. Genealogical records, 1698.
(1 v.)
Copy of a record of the ancestry of Michael Todd, an early settler in Dorchester and Caroline counties, Md.

Tousard, Ann Louis de, 1749-1817. Military papers, 1765-1837.
(50 items.)
These papers relate to the service in the American army of Ann Louis de Tousard, lieutenant colonel attached to George Washington's staff; congressional citations; his commissions, bearing the signatures of Washington, John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Lafayette, and others.

Towers, Robert, 1726-1790. Papers, 1694-1808.
(ca. 150 items.)
The family papers of Robert Towers, Sarah Evans, Issachar Evans, Elizabeth Gostelowe, and Robert Towers, Jr., relate chiefly to land speculation in west New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including: deeds, 1739-1769; indentures and bonds of indebtedness; the will of Robert Towers, Jr., 1783; and some miscellaneous items.

Transportation line record books, 1798-1865.
(11 v.)
The record books include:

Trauthmann, Anna Maria. Papers, 1760-1767.
(1 v.)
"Letzte Stunden," essays, poetry, and letters, describing religious revelations experienced before death.

Great Britain. Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, 1795. Records, 1799-1804.
(50 items.)
Record of claims against the governments of the United States and England, made by their citizens, to be adjusted according to the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, 1795.

Trent, William, 1715-1787?

Papers, 1765-1775.

(1 v.)
A brief history of Indian warfare, 1765, and legal opinions on the validity of William Trent's title to land on the Ohio, ceded to him by the Six Nations in 1768. Documents bear signatures of Henry Dagge, John Glynn, counsellors, and of B. Franklin and P. Henry, 1775.

Trimble, James, 1755-1837. Papers, 1782-1835.
(6 linear ft.)
Records of James Trimble's official activities as deputy secretary of Pennsylvania, and his correspondence on personal affairs and commercial ventures. Among the papers are: the account book of the secretary of the Commonwealth, 1793-1801; account of receipts for furnishing military standards to Pennsylvania military regiments; deeds, agreements of sales of lands; advertising accounts; receipt book, 1782-1784; memorandum book, 1798-1800; expense account book, 1794; bankbooks in account with Harrisburg banks, 1812-1815, 1815-1816, 1821-1823; bankbooks in account with Lancaster banks, 1803-1808, 1808-1812; newspaper clippings, 1824; James Trimble in account with John Foster, 1834-1835; insurance policies; powers of attorney, real estate agreements, leases, and other items of official and personal character.

Trites, Anna Pyewell. Family papers, 1739-1859.
(25 items.)
Transferred to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

Truxtun, Thomas, 1755-1822. Papers, 1798-1801.
(3 v.)
Letterbook of Thomas Truxtun aboard the U.S.S. Constellation, 1798-1799; his journal, aboard the same ship, 1798-1800; his letterbook aboard the U.S.S. President, 1800-1801.

Turner, Charles Henry Black, b. 1852. Papers, 1687-1875.
(ca. 1,500 items.)
This collection pertains chiefly to the early history of Sussex County, Del. Included are: "Minute Book C," a copy of the minutes of the commissioners for the proprietors of Pennsylvania, on surveys and grants of land to the first settlers in Sussex County, 1687-1732; returns and surveys of lands, with plats, giving names of settlers, 1725-1807; the Rev. William Becket's "Notices and Letters concerning incidents at Lewes Town," with observations on religious, social, and educational matters, 1727-1735; Thomas Rodney commonplace book, containing data on elections, names of candidates, and laws of George Town, Sussex County, 1791-1827; official records of bonds, deeds, and petitions, recorded in Sussex County; Susan Marriner accounts, with data on tailoring and prices of wearing apparel, 1784-1801; list of taxables, Sussex County, 1874-1875.

Tyndale, Mary. Briefs of title, 1684-1867.
(1 v.)
Transcript of the title of land from Front Street to Second Street, Philadelphia, granted by William Penn to Thomas Wynne, 1684.

United States Bank. Papers, 1797-1850.
(ca. 2,200 items.)
Collection of miscellaneous papers from various sources, on the business of the Bank of the United States: letters, 1797-1859; financial reports, some signed by Nicholas Biddle, powers of attorney, bank notes, bills of exchange, loan and stock certificates, pension vouchers, 1799-1839; papers of Paschall Hollingsworth on settlement of Bank accounts after its discontinuance, 1843-1850; report of a committee of citizens of Philadelphia to present a memorial to Congress and to President Jackson for return of government deposits to the United States Bank, 1834; checks, subscribers' lists, agreements, of the Bank of Pennsylvania, 1797-1849.

Constitutional Centennial Commission. Papers, 1886-1887.
(3 linear ft.)
The Constitutional Centennial Commission was organized in December of 1886. Its purpose was to provide for a celebration of the "Centennial Anniversary of the Framing and Promulgation of the Constitution of the United States."

The formal celebration involved plans for: a commemorative oration and poem, a military display, an industrial processional display, and creation of a memorial within the city of Philadelphia reflecting the progress of the Nation since the signing of the Constitution. Invitations to participate in the celebration were extended to the President and his cabinet, the Federal Judiciary, Congress and all national Government agents, members of civic organizations across the country, descendants of the Signers of the Constitution, and all individuals of local prominence.

John A. Kasson was appointed Chairman of the Centennial Commission with Hampton L. Carson serving as Secretary. Commissioners were designated by the governors of the states and territories. Each commissioner was responsible for securing a list of individuals from within their respective geographical zones to whom invitations were to be sent. Committees and subcommittees were formed within the commission.

Records of the commission: list of names of guests invited, letters of acceptance, letters of refusal, and miscellaneous letters, 1887; official programs, broadsides, pamphlets, memorial to the Senate and House of Representatives, songs, tickets, 1887; correspondence of Colonel A. Loudon Snowden, marshal of Philadelphia, 1887; letterbook, guests' register book, account book of expenditures, letter copy book, acceptance book, magazines, 1886-1887.

United States manuscript, 1733-1799.
(12 items.)
These miscellaneous items include: order in council on title of lands in Maine, 1733; letter of John Peagrum, 1737; letters on the defense of the colonies against the French, 1754; James Hamilton to General Monckton, 1760; observations on the relations of Great Britain with the United States, ca. 1785; and other items.

United States. Navy. Papers, 1831-1877.
(ca. 150 items.)
Letters, general orders, court-martial records, regulations, addressed to officials at the Navy Yard, Philadelphia. Among the commanders mentioned are James Barron, Captain George C. Read, Charles Stewart, and others. Some of the letters and documents bear the signature of George Bancroft, John Boyle, Mahlon Dickerson, A.P. Upshur, and Levi Woodbury.

United States Sanitary Commission and Fair. Papers, 1861-1873.
(3,500 items.)
Material on humanitarian efforts made during the Civil War by the Philadelphia Association of the United States Sanitary Commission: correspondence of Mrs. Thomas P. James, on the sale of autographs during the Fair; minute book of the commission, 1861-1873, containing names of officials and members; bills, vouchers, reports, bank and check books and other items.

Universalist Church (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1810-1934.
(9 linear ft.)
Among the records of the First Universalist Church, are: minutes of the vestry, 1810-1893; miscellaneous documents, 1812-1844; pew books, 1819-1825, 1893; ledgers, 1833-1896; accounts, 1866-1875; Sunday School Association records, 1866-1874; treasury books, 1854-1868; correspondence with Pennsylvania Universalist Convention, 1893, 1909; Fernwood Cemetery Papers, 1890-1934; Missionary Society material. Records of the Third Universalist Church, Philadelphia, 1840-1855, include: minutes, accounts, ledgers, constitution. There are also Sunday School attendance books of the First Universalist Church, 1874-1877.

Vali, Louis du Pui. Collection, 1703-1861.
(ca. 300 items.)
Collection of deeds, 1703-1814, papers and correspondence, both legal and personal, 1795-1861, chiefly from the estates of Judge John Hollowell and Judge George M. Strand of Harrisburg.

Van der Kemp, Francis Adrian, 1752-1829. Autobiography, 1817.
(1 v.)
The autobiography of Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, Dutch patriot, intellectual, and friend of the early American government. It contains accounts of war in the Netherlands, Van der Kemp's arrival and sojourn in America, and his friendship with many political and social leaders, such as John Adams, DeWitt Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and others.

Varick, Margarita van, d. ca. 1695/6. Inventory, 1695-1696.
(1 v.)
Inventory of the estate of Margarita Van Varick, widow of Rudolphus Van Varick, of Flatbush, Long Island, N.Y. Included is a list of names of debtors to the estate, which contributes data on early Dutch families settled in Long Island and adjacent territory.

Photostatic copy made by the New York State Library, 1930. Court of Appeals; Albany, New York.

Vaux family. Papers, 1686-1893.
(9 linear ft.)
The correspondence pertains to social and political reform, penology, the regulation of hospitals, and problems of general welfare. There are also letters of a domestic character and some pertain to local and national political events during Richard Vaux's term as mayor of Philadelphia, 1856-1857. Also included are: Richard Vaux diaries, 1779-1780, 1781-1782; typewritten copy of a journal, 1781; his account book, Bank of America, 1789; poetry and prose, 1762-1814; acts of assembly; notes on the Insane Hospital, ordinances, resolutions, receipts and accounts; autograph letters from officers in the French army, 1686-1789; minutes of the stockholders of the Bank of Northern Liberties, 1811; Richard Vaux docket book, 1856; his expense account and checkbook, 1848-1852; scrapbook, 1831-1880; visiting cards, invitations, and printed notices of social and cultural events, 1779-1878.

Wallace James W. Collection, 1794-1862.
(9 linear ft.)
This collection contains the papers of Joseph Wallace, merchant, lawyer, and deputy secretary/treasurer of Pennsylvania. These papers cover Joseph Wallace's partnership with Joshua Elder and give information on trade (prices and commodities) between Philadelphia and Harrisburg in the early nineteenth century. Legal clients of Joseph Wallace include: his son-in-law Dr. William C. McPherson, James Emerson, several Elders, John Rhoads, James Wilson (absconding debtor), Mary Kelso, and others. A small amount of papers for Joseph Wallace relate to his business as secretary/treasurer of Pennsylvania. Personal papers finish out the remainder of the collection.

Wallace, John William, 1815-1884. Collection, 1725-1854.
(3 linear ft.)
Letters from George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Charles C. Pinckney, Benjamin Tilghman, Daniel Webster, Benjamin Rush, Duke of Wellington, and others are in this collection. They are scattered through the volumes of William Bradford, United States Attorney General, 1772-1796, and the volume of letters and documents of the Rev. Robert Blackwell, chaplain at Valley Forge, and of Thomas Willing, financier, 1771-1854. The bulk of the collection consists of family papers: letters of John Maddox, the Rev. W. Wallace, J. Wallace, and Joshua Maddox Wallace, 1725-1801; letters to Joshua Maddox Wallace, 1784-1819; letters to John B. Wallace and his wife, Susan Wallace, 1805-1848.

Waln, Robert, 1794-1825. Papers, 1792-1823.
(ca. 500 items.)
Most of these papers relate to the commercial transactions of Robert Waln in the East India and China trade and include some of his personal correspondence, 1799-1819; miscellaneous papers, passports, accounts, and bills, 1792-1823; insurance policies, 1810-1817; protest of loss and claim to indemnity for the ship Emila, wrecked 1811. There are papers of some literary interest, among which are the manuscripts of Robert Waln: "Horace in Philadelphia," 1813; "The Hermit in Philadelphia," 1818-1820; "Return of Regulars to Rome," 1811; notes on religion, temples, superstitions; and a list of books in the Waln house in Frankford, 1818-1819.

Walsh, Robert, 1784-1859. Papers, 1806 (1830-1845) 1904.
(35 items.)
This very miscellaneous collection contains: personal letters, 1819-1845, to Robert Walsh, Philadelphia journalist and litterateur, who settled in Paris, from Chateaubriand, Baron Dupin, Alexander von Humboldt, Sir Robert Peel, Sismondi, and others, primarily on Walsh's writings; other autograph letters and documents of noted Americans; Walsh family genealogical material; "The Fire Fly," 1842, a juvenile manuscript newspaper issued in Nantucket, Mass., by [Samuel H. Jenks, Jr.]; and memorabilia.

Walter, Thomas U. Genealogical sketches, 1871.
(1 v.)
Transferred to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

War Service Committee. Papers, 1918-1919.
(ca. 100 items.)
Entry cancelled; see collection # 1561.

Ward, Christopher L. 1807-1870. Diaries, 1841-1869.
(2 v.)
Christopher L. Ward was a Towanda lawyer, land speculator, and businessman who was active in local, state, and national Democratic politics.

His business diary, 1841-1869, and personal diary, 1863, relate to legal affairs, business and land transactions, state politics in Harrisburg, and financial memoranda, primarily about lands.

Warder, Ann Head, 1758-1829. Diaries, 1786-1789.
(14 v.)
Ann Warder was the British-born wife of John Warder, a Philadelphia shipping merchant who lived in London from 1776-1786. In 1786, she accompanied her husband to Philadelphia, where they settled.

The diaries she kept from 1786 to 1789, addressed to her sister Elizabeth Head, detail the social, domestic, and religious life of Friends in and near Philadelphia, with some comparisons with her native England. Ann Warder comments on her social circle, primarily members of the related Warder, Head, Emlen, Parker, Vaux, Morris, Fry, Capper, and Hootten families, and of the Foulke, Waln, Fisher, and Townsend families; her domestic affairs, including sewing, mending, washing, and ironing; observations on clothing styles and cuisine; Quaker meetings; and trips in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Volume 1, 11, 12 are devoted to detailed descriptions of ship voyages between England and the United States.

Warder, John, 1751-1828. Letterbooks, 1776-1778.
(3 v.)
John Warder was the junior partner in the Philadelphia shipping merchant firm of Jeremiah Warder and Sons, the business of which was chiefly with London. In 1776, he was sent to England to protect the interests of the house.

These letters, written while in England are primarily to other merchant houses and to his parents. He mentions business hazards of commerce, speculation in grain and other staple commodities, news of and British opinion on the progress of the Revolution, and the commercial climate in England and America.

Warder and related families papers, 1747 (1810-1860) 1903.
(ca. 300 items.)
For three generations, the Warders were engaged in a family shipping merchant firm whose trade was primarily with England. The third generation, Warder and Brothers, were general commission shipping merchants from ca. 1813-1837, after which some of the business was carried on by partner John H. Warder until his death in 1843.

This is an artificial collection of the Warder and related Hoskins and Pearsall families of Philadelphia. Business papers in this collection include: Warder & Brothers account books, 1819-1837, one of which is continued as John H. Warder accounts current, 1837-1840, and as John H. Warder business letterbook, 1837-1840; business letterbook, 1834-1836, continued by John H. Warder, 1837, mentioning investments and the banking and commercial situation in Philadelphia; John H. Warder journal, 1836-1843; cash books, 1836-1865 (continued after his death); and business letterbook, 1841-1843; brother William S. Warder, Philadelphia merchant, ledger, 1829-1831; cash book, 1829-1831; and letterbook, 1830, largely on land speculation and other real estate; and notes, 1805-1834 primarily to Warder and Brothers.

The collection also contains deeds, 1747-1886, and other legal documents, 1781-1903, drafts of land, including divisions of squares in Washington, D.C., 1792-1795; letters, 1799, 1810-1830, 1903, primarily to Jeremiah Warder of Warder & Brothers, on speculative lands in Indiana; receipts and receipted household bills, 1803-1871; manuscript sermon, 1852, n.d. : "The Lord bless thee & keep thee," Numbers 6:24-6; estate papers of Ann, John H., William G., and William S. Warder, and of Henrietta Hoskins, John Hoskins, and Eleanor H. Pearsall; Warder family record book; and other miscellaneous items.

Washington Benevolent Society of Pennsylvania. Papers, 1814-1829.
(ca. 350 items.)
A collection of papers on the activities and financial affairs of the Society. Among the items are lists of names of stockholders, legal papers, and items relating to the transfer of Penn properties.

Washington family. Papers, 1675 (1770-1799) 1833.
(85 items.)
This artificial collection contains miscellaneous documents on the Washington family, 1675-1831, including legal papers, surveys, correspondence, loose accounts; George Washington letters, 1770-1799; Washington pocket diary, Jan. 1 - June 21, 1796, primarily weather records; Washington household journal, 1793-1797, while in Philadelphia; Martha Washington's "A Booke of Cookery" and "A Booke of Sweetmeats," a fair 17th century copy of an earlier manuscript; and subscription book to aid William A. Washington, Owensboro, Ky., grand-nephew of George Washington, 1883.

Pocket diary, 1796 published in P.M.H.B., 37 (1913): 230-239 and in The Diaries of George Washington edited by Donald Jackson and Dorothy Twohig.

Household journal published in the P.M.H.B., 29 (1905): 385-406; 30 (1906): 30-56, 159-186, 309-331, 459-478; 31 (1907): 53-82, 176-194, 320-350.

"A Booke of Cookery" and "A Booke of Sweatmeats" published in Martha Washington's Book of Cookery, edited and annotated by Karen Hess.

Watson, John Fanning, 1779-1860. Collection, 1693-1855.
(10 v.)
These papers of a Philadelphia historian contain information on the cultural, social, and economic development of Pennsylvania. Included are autograph letters, sketches, pictures of historic landmarks, drafts, portraits of eminent men, newspaper clippings: Mason and Dixon Line material, 1750; Lucy Watson's account of new settlers, 1762; account of John F. Watson's visit to Valley Forge, 1820, to Chester, 1827, to Delaware and Chesapeake Canal, 1829; French exercises, by John F. Watson, 1803; account of the first settlement of the townships of Buckingham and Solebury, Bucks County, by Dr. John Watson, 1804; John F. Watson correspondence, 1823-1828. Notes for Watson's works: "Annals of Philadelphia," 1829; "Annals of Philadelphia, Supplement," 1846; "Visit to Tinicum," "The Workings of Covetousness," 1853; notes on Germantown, Roxborough and Valley Forge, 1855; "Visit to Graeme Park, Horsham," 1855; "Historical Notes and Maps," 1855; notes and maps of counties in Pennsylvania, n.d.; "Philadelphia Views," n.d.

Watson, William. Journal, 1684-1827.
(1 v.)
The book includes: account of William Watson's voyage with his family from Nottingham, England, to Philadelphia, 1684, and to Burlington, West Jersey, where he settled; records of business transactions; medical recipes; and diary notes.

Wayne, Anthony, 1745-1796. Papers, 1765-1890.
(15 linear ft.)
Papers on Anthony Wayne's activities in the Revolutionary War and later, his campaign against the Indians, and the peace treaties concluded with them: Wayne's correspondence with other army officers, with the secretary of war, and with other men active in colonial affairs, 1765-1779; records of courts-martial, 1776-1796; military documents, monthly returns, muster rolls, and department returns, 1777-1794; orderly books, 1781, 1792-1796; note of the itinerary of the Pennsylvania Line, 1781; journals of proceedings at treaty councils held with Indians, 1778-1795; "Instructions to Major General Anthony Wayne to be employed on the Western Frontier," 1792; copy of "Treaty of Greenville," 1795. Wayne family papers include: Chester County survey by Anthony Wayne, 1771; the Wayne farm book, 1784-1820; miscellaneous manuscripts of Isaac Wayne, 1842-1890.