Connecticut claims papers, 1664 (1769-1806) 1837.
(350 items.)
Letters and legal papers of Pennsylvania officials and Wyoming Valley inhabitants, many concerning the boundary and land claims dispute with Connecticut.

United States. Continental Army. Returns, 1777-1778.
(1 v.)
List of soldiers and contributing data on casualties in the Revolutionary War.

United States. Continental Loan Office. Receipt book, 1786-1790.
(1 v.)
Receipt book of Thomas Smith, Continental Loan officer in Pennsylvania.

Caleb Cope & Company. Papers, 1716-1835.
(10 items.)
Deeds and titles to premises occupied by Caleb Cope & Company at 429 Market Street and 7 and 9 North Fifth Street.

Pennsylvania. Provincial Council. Minutes, 1706-1707.
(1 v.)
Extracts from minutes of the Pennsylvania Provincial Council on the controversy between the Council and the Assembly over the bill to establish courts and to impeach James Logan.

Full minutes published in Colonial Records, 2 (Harrisburg, 1852-1853).

Courts records, 1676-1825.
(67 v.)

Coxe, Daniel, 1640-1730. [Agreement], 1688.
(1 item.)
Agreement, February 2, 1688, made by Daniel Coxe on the behalf of the proprietors of West Jersey and Robert Barclay on the behalf of the proprietors of East Jersey, on the boundary lines between the two provinces.

Crawford County (Pa.) Daybook, 1816-1819.
(1 v.)
Daybook kept by R. Alden, Treasurer of Crawford County.

United States. Board of the Treasury. Report on the financial condition of the United States, 1781-1783.
(1 v.)
The committee of the Board of the Treasury, formed to report on the financial condition of the United States, included James Bunne, William Sharpe, and Oliver Wolcott.

Decatur, Stephen, 1779-1820. Letterbook, (1801-1805) 1820.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; see collection #165.

Deed Collection, 1300-1901.
(27 linear ft.)
Arranged chronologically. Includes deeds for land in Bristol, England; Delaware; New Jersey; and Pennsylvania.

Defense of Philadelphia. Subscription list, 1813.
(1 v.)
List of subscribers who contributed to a fund for the defense of Philadelphia during the War of 1812.

Martin, John Hill, 1823-1906. Delaware and Chester counties historical essays, 1874.
(1 v.)
Handwritten copies some by John Hill Martin.

Porter, Andrew, 1743-1813. Memoranda book, 1793-1813.
(1 v.)
Construction accounts, including payroll, and memoranda recorded by Andrew Porter, engineer for construction of the Delaware and Schuylkill Canal, 1793-1794; continued by Porter as a personal record of family lands and taxes paid in Western Pennsylvania, 1801-1813. Included, too, are a copy of the will of William Smith, ca. 1800, and a diagram of Count Rumford's Improved Chimney Fireplace, n.d.

Smith, Benjamin H. Atlas, 1915.
(1 v.)
Atlas of Delaware County and the Great Welsh tract in Pennsylvania.

Estaing, Jean Baptiste Charles Henri Hector, 1729-1794. Reports, 1778-1779.
(1 v.)
Official narrative of the actions of the French fleet in North American and West Indian waters during the Revolution under the command of Comte Charles Hector d'Estaing.

Anonymous. Travel diary, 1836.
(1 v.)
Diary of unknown travelers from Windham, Conn., to Philadelphia, August 22 to September 11, 1836.

Anonymous. Diary, 1812-1813.
(1 v.)
Diary describing the military campaign in upper New York against Canadian-English forces, 1812-1813.

Handwritten copy.

Dillworth, William. Logbooks, 1711-1717.
(2 v.)
Log kept by William Dillworth, mate on the ships: Jersey Galley, Mary, Young Mary Galley, traveling to various ports in the West Indies.

Dougherty, Daniel. Diaries, 1863-1864.
(2 v.)
Daniel Dougherty served with Company H, 63rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers.

These diaries describe Civil War campaigns in northern Virginia and Gettysburg.

Buck, Hammitt, Apple, and Company. Accounts, 1846-1848.
(1 v.)
Accounts for the Doylestown and Philadelphia coach, 1846-1848.

Fackenthal, Benjamin Franklin, Jr., 1851-1941. Briefs of title, 1936.
(1 v.)
Briefs of titles to real estate in Durham and adjoining townships in Pennsylvania and the partition and allotment of the Durham Iron Company among the partners as of December 24, 1773 and its subsequent owners. Also briefs in Springfield township and Nockamixon townships in Bucks county and in Williams and Lower Saucon townships, Northampton county Pennsylvania together with other historical data.


Sheeder, Frederick. Historical sketch, 1846.
(1 v.)
Historical sketch of East Vincent Township, Chester County.

Elmer, Ebenezer, 1752-1843. Commonplace book, 1779-1781.
(1 v.)
Notes kept by Ebenezer Elmer while serving as surgeon of the 2d New Jersey Infantry include: a parody on the British crown and government; a "cursory history" of the Revolution to 1778; poems, many on love and marriage; medical notes; and some memoranda on military action.

Complete diary published in Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, 2:43-50.

English Heraldry, 1567, 1605, 1702. (3 v.)
Transferred to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

Nicola, Lewis. English Lines near Philadelphia, 1777.
(1 item.)
Manuscript map of the British forces around Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War.

Enterprise Telegraph Company. Minutes, 1865.
(1 v.)
Enterprise Telegraph Company was a juvenile, amateur telegraph company which operated in Philadelphia, 1865.

British depredations, 1777-1778.
(1 v.)
Records of appraisals by various assessors in Philadelphia and adjacent territory of the damage done by the British during the Revolutionary War.

Ewing, Henry. Accounts, 1844.
(1 v.)
Accounts, 1844, of Henry Ewing kept for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

Anonymous. History of cession of Louisiana to the Spaniards, 1765-1770.
(1 v.)
An anonymous account of events, 1765-1770, in Louisiana precipitated by the cession of that province by France to Spain, and particularly the Creole uprising against the Spanish governor, Antonio de Ulloa, 1768.

Mills, Charles K. (Charles Karsner), 1845-1931. Collection, 1900-1928.
(8 v.)
Historical sketches of the community of East Falls, or Falls of the Schuylkill, and vicinity, ca. 1650-1928: "Pictorial history of the Falls of the Schuylkill and Environment," by Charles K. Mills, 1912; "The Falls of the Schuylkill--Military History," by Mills, 1912-1914; "Historical Memoranda relating to the Falls of the Schuylkill and Vicinity," by Mills, 1922; "A History of the Falls of Schuylkill," by Bernard Emmett Dowdall, a compilation of articles from The Forecast, a weekly newspaper, 1900-1901; and newspaper clippings from the East Falls Herald and the Roxborough News, gathered by A.C. Chadwick, Jr., 1925-1928.

Fayette County (Pa.). Collection, 1764-1920.
(1 v.)
Manuscripts on inhabitants of Fayette County: New York City artist (sculptor) Rudolph O'Donovan letters, 1860-1920, to his sister and other relatives at Spring Mill Furnace; Civil War letters, 1861-1864, of James, Isaac, and William Abraham, and their cousin James Sturgis; Gaddis family papers, 1751-1879, with letters and documents, many of which concern life and land in Kansas and other frontiers; Mount Moriah Church of Christ minutes, 1784-1797; Nancy J. Kendall diary, 1847-1849; and miscellaneous letters, 1764, 1838-1867, largely to U.S. Senator Daniel Sturgeon, including 3 James Buchanan letters.

Typescript copies, ca. 1920.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (Pa.) Papers, 1914-1936.
Transferred to the Library of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Feltman, William. Papers, 1779-1782.
(2 v.)
Copy, 1779, of the final three chapters of von Steuben's Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States, first published in 1782, and a diary, 1781-1782 kept while Feltman served as lieutenant, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment, from its departure from York, to its arrival near Charleston, S.C., including the siege of Yorktown, Va.

Diary published in Pennsylvania in the Revolution, Battalion and Line, v. 2, p. 709-762.

Fernberger, Samuel Weiller, 1887-1956. Collection, 1796-1819.
(750 items.)
Miscellaneous legal documents, mainly of Portland, Maine; applications for the release of debtors, 1796-1805; writs of attachment, 1798-1816; bail bonds, 1797-1804; liberty bonds (for liberty of jail), 1798-1805; writs of executions of judgments, 1799-1819; other legal materials, 1801-1813; commitments, 1802-1805. The collection also includes Amos Partridge personal correspondence, 1799-1817; daybook, 1809.

Fête Champêtre. Proceedings, 1850.
(1 v.)
Minutes of the Board of Managers of the Fête Champêtre, Winthrop Sargent, secretary.

Field, Mrs. Cookery recipes, ca. 1880.
(1 v.)

Fire Companies, ca. 1890.
(1 v.)
Transcripts of articles on the history of fire companies, published in the Germantown Independent.

Fire companies of Philadelphia record books, 1742-1871.
(14 v.)
Minutes, constitutions, expense accounts, and other records pertaining to the history of fire companies.

Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia County (Pa.) Record books, 1832-1841.
(2 v.)
Ledger, 1832-1839, and cashbook, 1833-1841, kept by Jacob F. Holckley, treasurer.

Byers, William Vincent. Collection, 1913-1914.
(1 v.)
Data on the first American movement west, 1750-1850, including the Ohio Company of Virginia, the Indiana Company, the Illinois Company, the Mississippi Company, the Grand Ohio Company and the Vandalia Company, Thomas Cresap, William Franklin, Christopher Gist, Solomon Henry, William Trent, Alexander Lowry, Joseph Simon, William Henry Harrison, George Morgan, and Edward Ward.

Typewritten transcripts.

Greenwich (Cumberland County, N.J.). Vital Statistics, 1817-1886.
(4 items.)
Birth and death records of the township of Greenwich, compiled by Enoch Fithian.

Fitzgerald, Thomas. Plays, 1868.
(3 v.)
Manuscript copies of two plays by Fitzgerald: "Who Shall Win" and "Light at Last."

Hazard, Samuel, 1784-1870. Forts of Pennsylvania, 1754-1783.
(1 v.)
An extra-illustrated edition of Samuel Hazard's "Notes of the Forts" published in Pennsylvania Archives, 1st series, v. 12, as an appendix. Contains letters, notes, and maps on the history of Pennsylvania forts. Several forts are included that are not mentioned in the published edition.

Eastern Penitentiary. Minute book, 1846-1858.
(1 v.)
Records of and notes on prisoners in Eastern Penitentiary by William Parker Foulke.

Franklin (ship). Logbook, 1817-1819.
(1 v.)
The Franklin was commanded by Henry N. Ballard, 1817-1818, and by John Gallagher, 1818-1819.

Herbst, John. Prayer for Franklin College, 1787.
(1 v.)
Prayer delivered by John Herbst, minister of the United Brethren Congregation, at Lancaster on the day of dedication of Franklin College, June 6, 1787.

Free Military School (Philadelphia, Pa.) Register, 1863-1864.
(1 v.)
Record of admissions to the free military school of the "Philadelphia Supervisory Committee for recruiting colored regiments."

Cappelis, de, Major. Account, 1781.
(1 v.)
Account of supplies purchased from Breck and Green for the French squadron. Breck and Green were Boston merchants and agents for the French squadron in Newport, R.I.

Buck, William J., b. 1825. Letters, 1870-1873.
(50 items.)
Letters written by William J. Buck to John Jordan containing biographical sketches of Friends in Pennsylvania and adjacent territories.

Fugger family. Genealogy, 1700.
(1 v.)
Transferred to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

Committee of Defense. Minutes, 1814-1815.
(3 v.)
Entry cancelled.

German heraldry books, ca. 1700.
(3 v.)
Transferred the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

Anonymous. Recipes, ca. 1750.
(1 v.)
Magical formulas for obtaining supernatural power and warding off evil spirits.

Germantown and Cresheim lots, 1824.
(2 v.)
General plan of the lands and lots of Germantown and Cresheim townships.

Copies; copied from Mathias Zimmerman's 1746 original and Christian Lehman's 1766 drafts.

Germantown and Perkiomen Turnpike Company. Papers, 1764-1808.
(26 items.)
Correspondence, documents, and records of surveys relating to the construction of the Germantown and Perkiomen Pike, the Egypt or Norristown Road, and the Chestnut Hill and Spring House Turnpike Road.

Germantown Home Guard. Minutes, 1861-1863.
(1 v.)

Gibson, James. Journals, 1786-1787.
(2 v.)
James Gibson journal, 1786, discusses college life at Princeton; his journal (by Leander), 1786-1787, describes social life in Philadelphia.

Gilbert, George. Wood engravings, ca. 1818-1839.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled.

Philadelphia (Pa.). Common Council. Testimonial to E.B. Gleason on his retirement.
(1 v.)
Illuminated testimonial of the Common Council of Philadelphia to E.B. Gleason on his retirement.

Gloucester County, (N.J.). Docket books, 1754 (1782-1783).
(2 v.)
General docket book, 1754, for Gloucester County, N.J., and a docket book for John Little, justice of the peace in Gloucester, N.J., 1782-1783.

Goshen (Chester County, Pa.) Town book, 1718-1870.
(1 v.)
Chester County audits of overseers accounts; also a list of servants, 1736-1751, 1772, and officer list, 1844-1870.


Pennsylvania Governors correspondence, 1778-1904.
(200 items.)
Correspondence to and from governors of Pennsylvania, 1778-1904 including: James Beaver, William Bigler, Andrew Gregg Curtin, John W. Geary, John F. Hartranft, Joseph Heister, Henry Martin Hoyt, William F. Johnston, Thomas Mifflin, William F. Packer, Robert E. Pattison, Samuel W. Pennypacker, James Pollock, David R. Porter, Joseph Ritner, John A. Schulze, Francis R. Shunk, Simon Snyder, William A. Stone, and George Wolf. Included are a small group of "crank" letters addressed to Beaver, 1888- 1890, as well as several signed documents, addresses to the legislature, portraits, clippings, and obituaries.

Graham, Archibald Hunter, d. 1943. Papers, 1927-1928.
(150 items.)
Archibald Hunter Graham was a Philadelphia physician and amateur sportsman.

The papers include a part of Graham's History of Cricket in Philadelphia, intended as a publication of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, as well as copies of correspondence dealing with its compilation, editing, and the difficulties in securing money for publication.

Grafly, Daniel W. Memior, 1897.
(1 v.)
Daniel W. Grafly served as an engineering officer in the Navy from 1862 to 1873 and later was a paint manufacturer in Philadelphia.

These memoirs, A years experience on the Keystone State, deal with his blockade duty off Charleston, S.C. in 1862.

Great Central Fair of the United States Sanitary Commission (1864 : Philadelphia, Pa.) Newspaper committee. Minutes, 1864.
(1 v.)
The Great Central Fair of the United States Sanitary Commission was held in Logan Square, from June 7 to June 28, 1864. During the fair Charles G. Leland edited a daily paper called Our Daily Fair.

Greene, Nathanael, 1742-1786. Letters, 1780-1782.
(52 items.)
Nathanael Greene's letters to Henry Lee discuss the Continental Army and military operations during the Revolution.

Typescript copies.

Greenewalt, Mary Elizabeth Hallock, 1871-1950. Papers, 1897-1936.
(18 linear ft.)
Correspondence about Mary Hallock Greenewalt's invention of the color organ, which enabled changing colored lights to accompany the various moods of a piece of music; notes on, and plans and blueprints of, the color organ and related inventions; correspondence and notes on obtaining patents; patent certificates; copy of testimony of Greenewalt v. Musical Arts Association, 1935, in which she won the right to patent the color organ; notes on music and light; pamphlets on the theatre, light control, and other related subjects; personal correspondence largely about her family and career as a piano soloist; Hallock family biographical notes and photographs; and several rolls of film and gramophone records.

Conway, William Wright. Collection, 1894-1895.
(2 v.)
Typescripts of articles appearing in Philadelphia and New York City newspapers, 1745-1749, prepared for William Wright Conway on the activities of a privateer captain, Richard Jeffries, particularly the engagement between the U.S. Greyhound commanded by Jeffries, and the French privateer La Fleury. Included, to, is A Draught of and Engagement ... between the Brig Greyhound ... and La Fleury ... engraved by Henry Dawkins after a painting by J. Haviland, 1747, as well as acknowledgements from several historical societies for receipt of Gutekunst photograph of the Dawkins engraving.

Hamilton, James, 1710-1783. Docket book, 1745.
(1 v.)

Hamilton family. Letterbook, 1781-1790.
(1 v.)
The letters are chiefly in the handwriting of Jasper Yeates and relate to the estates of James Hamilton and William Hamilton in Lancaster.

Harper, B. Frank. Abstracts of title, 1680-1872.
(1 v.)
Abstracts of title to three tracts of land in Northern Liberties, belonging to Robert Harper.

Typescript copy.

Society of Union Army. Records, 1863-1865.
(3 v.)
General and special orders, 1863; provost marshall's records, kept by James W. Brady and others, detailing military service and physical descriptions of captured Confederate prisoners and actions taken against Union deserters; "Ration Book of Soldiers Rest," Harper's Ferry, 1864-1865.

Hering, Constantine, 1800-1880. Collection, 1840-1860.
(100 items.)
Collection of portraits and biographical notes on prominent men in Europe and America.

Hesselius, Andreas, 1677-1733. Diary, 1711-1724.
(1 v.)
The diary of Andreas Hesselius, a Swedish Lutheran minister, reports on his journey to America, his ministry at Christiana, Del., and travels in other colonies.

Original located at the Royal Library at Stockholm.

English translations, 1889.

Hessian, Waldeck, and British prisoners records, 1776-1779.
(1 v.)
List of prisoners of war received at Lancaster.

United States. Selective Service System. Philadelphia (Pa.) History of Local Board No. 7, 1917-1919.
(1 v.)
The history of a local draft board, covering the ninth and tenth ward of Philadelphia with a list of registrants.

Wurts, Maurice, 1783-1855. Land records.
(1 v.)
Copies of title papers and other records on the purchase of a half-interest in tracts of land in western Pennsylvania, once known as Holland Land Company lands, by the Wurts brothers, Philadelphia merchants, subsequently assigned to John B. Wallace, also of Philadelphia.

Huidekoper, Alfred. Lectures, 1872, 1876.
(1 v.)
Alfred Huidekoper's lectures on the Holland Land Company, 1876, and the Pennsylvania Population Company, 1872.


Howell, Anna Hazen, d. 1936. Collection, 1838 (1860-1910) 1930.
(ca. 500 items.)
Estate papers of Elizabeth Hacker, Isaiah Hacker, Lloyd Mifflin Hacker, Mary B. Hacker, Rebecca H. Howell, and William H. Howell, 1891-1907; diaries of Isaiah Hacker, 1838-1866; diaries of Anna H. Howell of trips to Europe and western United States; diary of Edward I.H. Howell of trip to England, n.d.; cashbooks, 1898-1930, of Anna H. Howell; Edward I.H. Howell business correspondence and papers, 1879-1907; Hacker and Howell family papers, scrapbooks, photograph album, memorabilia, 1865-1909; Anna H. Howell minutes of the Botany Club of Germantown, 1884-1889; John Howell and His Descendants by Frank Willing Leach, 1912, Instances of Slavery by Rowland Green, 1859.

Humphreys, A.A. (Andrew Atkinson), 1810-1883. Biographical notes, 1865-1884.
(1 v.)
Collection of miscellaneous sketches and biographical notes on the life of General Andrew A. Humphreys who served during the Civil War.

Illinois and Wabash Land Company. Minutes, 1778-1812.
(1 v.)
Lists of names of original purchasers and proprietors of lands in the Illinois country, minutes of company transactions, resolutions, and other data about lands purchased from Indians.

Immigrant lists, 1772-1775.
(7 v.)
Photostatic copies.

Originals in Pennsylvania State Library. Box 1026; Harrisburg, Pa. 17120.

Jackson, David, 1747-1801. Recipes, 1783-1800.
(1 v.)
David Jackson was a Philadelphia physician, apothecary, and member of the Continental Congress.

Jackson, Joseph, 1867-1946. Papers, ca. 1798-1916.
(50 items.)
Entry cancelled; see collection #314.

Jacobs family. Account books, 1751-1818.
(5 v.)
Entry cancelled; see collection #316.

885 James,
Thomas Potts, 1803-1882. Letterbooks, 1851-1863.
(5 v.)
Thomas P. James was a Philadelphia druggist.

Japanese and Chinese War drawings, 1904-1905.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to Graphics Department.

Jenning, John, ca. 1738-1802. Papers, 1757 (1766-1767).
(2 v.)
An account of John Jenning's trip from Fort Pitt to Fort Chartres and New Orleans, 1766; account book of the sale of provisions and general merchandize at Fort Chartres in the Illinois country.

Jones, John, 1796-1843/4. Papers, 1814-1864.
(ca. 60 items.)
Personal and official papers of Colonel John Jones, brigadier inspector of the Pennsylvania militia; included are letters from George Bryan, auditor general, and a tax collector's book of Shamokin Township, Northumberland County, 1825.

Jones, Lewis. Papers, 1787-1876.
(ca. 140 items.)
Family and business papers of Lewis Jones of Gwynedd. Included are records of Clow and Company, 1787-1798; Franklin Foulke estate papers, 1839-1847; Charles Livezy letters, 1855-1876; Sarah Tyson estate papers, 1850-1859.

Jones, Paul. Cartoons, 1778-1788, ca. 1830-1837.
(1 v.)
Cartoons of Jones Company, 1830-1837, and accounts of Paul Jones's naval exploits from the Gazetteer and New Daily Advertisers and the London Chronicle, 1778- 1788.

Coates, Joseph Saunders. Letters, 1805-1806.
(1 v.)
Letters, mainly written to his father Samuel Coates, describing hardships while at sea including the loss of the brig Kaderbox off Java.

Handwritten copy made by Joseph Hartshorne (cousin of Joseph S. Coates).

Allaire, Alexander. Indenture, 1765.
(1 item.)
Printed indenture, July 26, 1765, for a public burying ground, granted by Alexander Allaire, and others to Emanuel Eyre and others in Kensington, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.

Photostatic copy.

Kreitzer, John. Journal, 1846-1848.
(1 v.)
John Kreitzer's account of the Mexican War as a private in Company C of the Pennsylvania Volunteers.

Marquis de Lafayette Reception Committee. Papers, 1824.
(300 items.)
Papers of the committee of arrangements for a Philadelphia reception for Marquis de Lafayette; invitation lists; letters of Richard Peters, Joseph Lewis, Rembrandt Peale, and Peter S. Du Ponceau.

Laws of Pennsylvania, 1693-1700 : Under the administration of Governors Fletcher and Markham.
(1 v.)
Photostatic copy.

Original in American Philosophical Society. 105 South Fifth Street; Philadelphia, Pa. 19106. Original copy gift of J. Francis Fisher, 1835 to the American Philosophical Society.

Pemberton, Phineas, 1650-1702. Laws, 1682.
(1 v.)
Phineas Pemberton's record of laws made at Chester, 1682.

Photostatic copy.

Lehigh Valley Railroad. Record books, 1858-1896.
(9 linear ft.)

Levick, James J. Collection, (1674-1782) 1888.
(40 items.)
An artificial collection of manuscripts of early Welsh Quakers in both Wales and Pennsylvania, chiefly about the Jones, Lewis, Roberts, Thomas, and Wynne families: deeds, surveys, letters, certificates of removal, as well as several items on Quaker education.

Some letters in Welsh.

Anonymous. Lewes (Del.) Collection, (1812-1813) (1926-1936).
(2 v.)
Notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs, 1926- 1936, on the history of Lewes, Del.; Sarah Marriner daybook of an inn at Lewes, 1812-1813.