Lexington (ship). Accounts, 1828-1830.
(1 v.)

Library Company of Philadelphia. Papers, 1746-1747.
(2 v.)
Minutes of directors' meetings, 1746; agreement between the Library Company of Philadelphia and Robert Greenway, librarian, 1747.

Pennsylvania. General Loan Office. Register of indentures, (1724-1730) 1785.
(2 v.)
Record of mortgages on property in various Pennsylvania counties held by the General Loan Office.

Local Committee in Aid of the Belgians (Haverford, Pa.) Papers, 1914-1921.
(100 items.)
The Local Committee in Aid of the Belgians was organized in October 1914, by Mary V. Lewis Sayers.

Minutes, correspondence, and clippings of the Local Committee in Aid of the Belgians.

Lochner, George W., 1841-1920. Collection, 1812 (1860-1864) 1886.
(50 items.)
Family and personal correspondence collected by George W. Lochner, an immigrant from Bavaria who served as a corporal in the 72d Pennsylvania Volunteers and had been imprisoned at Andersonville, 1864. Included are Lochner's naturalization papers, his Civil War letters to his mother, as well as correspondence from Frank M. Smythe and Harry Bell.

George W. Lochner's Civil War letters to his mother in german.

Lodge records, 1731-1903.
(36 v.)

Longstreth, Joshua. Letterbooks, 1806-1833.
(2 v.)
Joshua Longstreth was a Philadelphia merchant.

Willits, Samuel C. Papers, 1868-1885.
(2 v.)
Manuscript of Samuel C. Willits' history of Lower Dublin Academy and Holmesburg Library and biographical sketches of the trustees of these institutions, 1882-1885; Holmesburg Mill Invoice Book, 1868-1870; map of Thomas Holme's grant from William Penn, drawn in 1884.

Loxley, Benjamin, 1720-1801. Journal, 1776.
(1 v.)
Journal of Captain Benjamin Loxley of the first company of artillery of Philadelphia, containing account of the Amboy campaign, and muster roll for his company.

Lutz, William Filler. Collection, 1762-1933.
(ca. 100 items.)
Miscellaneous papers of the Lutz family and the related Filler, Holliday, and Lowry families of Bedford County, chiefly consisting of personal and business correspondence; business papers, largely on real estate in Bedford County and the Lutz Woolen Mills, one of the first of its kind in the area, established about 1805 and operated by John and Michael Lutz; Jane M. Washington diary, 1833-1836, 1848; a corrected copy of a "list of deserters for Bedford County," 1864.

Land Association of Luzerne, Lycoming, Northampton, Northumberland and Wayne Counties. Records, 1801-1806.
(1 v.)
Names of members, memorials, rules, and regulations.

MacPherson, John, Jr., 1754-1775. Notes on Law, 1771.
(1 v.)
Legal definitions, rules, and notes on the practice of law.

Mantua Academy (Philadelphia, Pa.) Rollbook, 1868-1877.
(1 v.)

Erskine, Robert. Map of the Highlands (New York, N.Y.), 1779.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to Graphics department.

Maps and plans of the Revolution, 1771-1851.
(ca. 35 items.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to Graphics department.

Martin, John Hill, 1823-1906. Legal opinions, 1856.
(1 v.)
Opinions of legal authorities on marine insurance, 1856.

Market Street Bridge (Philadelphia, Pa.) Photographs, 1886-1888.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to Graphics department.

Pemberton, Phineas, 1650-1702. Marks and brands of cattle, 1684.
(1 v.)
Sketches and descriptions by Phineas Pemberton of brands of cattle in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia (Pa.). Marriage registers, 1835-1865.
(3 v.)
Registers of marriages performed by Lewis Swift, Bucks County justice, 1835-1839; by John Dennis, Philadelphia alderman, 1846-1852; and at the mayor's office, Philadelphia, 1858-1865.

Marshall House (Alexandria, Va.) Register of guests, 1861.
(1 v.)

Martin, William, 1765-1796. Medical notes, 1785-1786.
(6 v.)
William Martin's notes on lectures by Benjamin Rush, Joseph Black, and Adam Kuhn while studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

United States. Army. List, 1863-1864.
(1 v.)
List of passes issued at Martinsburg [West] Virginia, 1863-1864.

McCall, Archibald, 1767-1843. Orders for marine insurance, 1809-1817.
(1 v.)
Photostatic copies.

McCrossin, Lawrence E. Scrapbook, 1901-1914.
(1 v.)
Papers, letters, mementos, and newspaper clippings of Lawrence E. McCrossin, relating to his activities as a Democratic party leader.

McReynolds, Benjamin F. Correspondence, 1862-1863.
(1 v.)
Correspondence of Benjamin F. McReynolds, an army commissary, relating to provisions.

McShea, Walter Ross. Genealogical records, ca. 1918-1929.
(ca. 150 items.)
Genealogical notes on the families of Samuel Davis, Rozier Levering, and Peter Wentz.

United States. Bureau of the Mint. Register of medals, 1841-1849.
(1 v.)
Register was compiled by Franklin Peale, chief coiner of the United States Mint.

Medical book collection, 1779-1896.
(500 items.)
Records of hospitals and dispensaries in Philadelphia; papers on the history of Blockley General Hospital; Dr. James Stratton's record books, 1779- 1816.

Philadelphia Gazette and Universal Daily Advertiser. Subscription list, 1797.
(1 v.)
This paper is a continuation of Federal Gazette and Philadelphia Daily Advertiser. The Philadelphia Gazette and Universal Daily Advertiser was published by Andrew Brown. As a result of a fire in his office, Andrew Brown died in 1797. The paper was succeeded by Andrew Brown, Jr., who formed a partnership with Samuel Relf under the name of Brown & Relf. In 1800 the title changed to Philadelphia Gazette and Daily Advertiser.

Each subscriber advanced five dollars to enable the conductor to buy and keep in repair a printing office for the use of the paper. In exchange, the subscribers were entitled to a reduced annual subscription rate of four dollars. In addition their advertisements were carried at half price.

Merchants Coffee House (Philadelphia, Pa.) Minutes, 1818-1853.
(1 v.)
Minutes of the subscribers to the Green Room at the Merchants Coffee House.

Merchants Exchange (Philadelphia, Pa.) Minutes, 1841-1868.
(1 v.)
Minutes of meetings of a group of Philadelphia merchants at the Merchants Exchange giving information on local and national financial matters.

Merrill, Daniel S. Notes, 1864-1868.
(250 items.)
Real estate notes giving location, size of lot, description, price, and page number as listed in Folwell's Monthly Real Estate Register.

The Meschianza, 1778.
(1 v.)
The Meschianza was a large regatta and party given upon the acceptance of the resignation of William Howe by his officers. The grand entertainment opened with a regatta down the Delaware River and a mock tournament in which seven knights of the "Blended Rose" contended with seven knights of the "Burning Mountain" for 14 damsels in Turkish garb. This followed with dancing and full banquet, ending in a huge displays of fireworks. Catalog of events that took place at the Meschianza.

Naylor, Charles, 1806-1872. List of prisoners of the American army during the Mexican War, 1848.
(1 v.)
Charles Naylor served with the 22nd Pennsylvania Regiment.

Mifflin, Benjamin. Journal, 1764.
(1 v.)
Benjamin Mifflin's journal from Philadelphia to Cedar Swamps and back.

Mifflin, Northumberland, and Bedford Counties (Pa.). Conveyances, 1795.
(1 v.)
Land transactions of members of the Gratz family, James Wilson, and others.

Milestown School (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records, 1818-1874.
(1 v.)
Minutes, bylaws, names of officers, and subscribers for the Milestown School.

United States. Army. Report, 1861.
(1 v.)
Report of the military reconnaissance of the Susquehanna River and of the country comprised within the river part of the Chesapeake shore and Delaware canal and a line drawn from Harrisburg to Philadelphia, 1861. Report made to General A.J. Pleasonton, Philadelphia. Brigadier General Pleasonton was in charge of organizing the defense of Philadelphia, 1861-1865.

Ministerial intrigues, 1716-1717.
(1 v.)
Private letters of Robert Walpole, Horace Walpole, Charles Townshend, James Stanhope, and Paul Methven.

Transcript by Patrick Young, ca. 1717.

Mitchell, James T. (James Tyndale), 1834-1915. Collection, 1659-1911.
(15 linear ft.)
Autograph letters and documents of distinguished jurist and other prominent persons, ca. 1659-1873; lists of grand jury indictments, 1701; Philadelphia court docket book, 1737; papers on land controversies in Maryland and New Jersey, 1753; contemporary copy of Penn's case relating to buying up of grants made to first settlers, 1769; letters reflecting events of the Revolutionary War and early national political questions, tariff, transportation, construction of turnpikes, bridges, etc, 1770-1860; Abraham van Vechten, correspondence from New York, 1780-1841; papers of Jacob Thornton's trial for conspiring to pass counterfeit banknotes, 1821; portraits of members of the bar.

James T. Mitchell's personal papers, records of his activities as a member of the bar and as chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania; papers of D.B. Canfield, publisher of the Law Register, 1852-1888; James T. Mitchell portrait collection, 1888-1907; John Hill Martin's notes on members of the bar, 1882-1889; papers of Commonwealth v. Alburger about title of Franklin Square, 1836; Manayunk tax record, 1840; Erastus Corning correspondence, 1842-1864; and Peter A. Browne papers, ca. 1857.

Montgomery, James A. Collection, 1702-1903.
(ca. 500 items.)
Papers chiefly on prominent Maryland families: Colonel Thomas White, merchant, quitrent book, 1702, letterbook, 1751-1775; Thomas and Esther White estate papers, 1749-1803; Thomas R. White, Stafford Forge records, 1752; Bishop William White, correspondence and genealogical notes, 1769-1794; genealogies of families of Daniel Dulany, Daniel Charles Heath, Philip and Richard Key, 1710-1836; Edward Hall, merchant in West Indies, correspondence, 1796; Thomas H. Montgomery, correspondence, 1879-1903; indenture of sale of Baltimore Iron Works by Daniel Dulany and Robert Carter, 1770; view of Annapolis, 1787; letters to James Wilson, 1769-1794; and notes on Wilson genealogy.

Moore, Joseph Hampton, 1864-1950. Peace Jubilee Papers, 1898.
(6 linear ft.)
The Peace Jubilee was originally intended as a local affair to celebrate the suspension of hostilities between Spain and the United States; it took on national significance. The festivities included military, naval, and civic parades.

Letters and photographs of the committee of arrangements for the Peace Jubilee celebration.

Moore, Samuel. Receipt book and commonplace book, 1765-1788.
(1 v.)
Samuel Moore was a landowner in Philadelphia and Chester County.

Moore, William, 1699-1783. Papers, 1764-1777.
(2 v.)
Papers and court docket of William Moore of Chester County.

Martin, John Hill, 1823-1906. Moravian history at Bethlehem, 1866.
(1 v.)
This history was compiled by J. Hill Martin from notes of Rufus A. Grinder, 1866.

Shreve, Richard Cox, 1808-1896. History of Mount Holly, 1882.
(1 v.)
History of Mount Holly, N.J.

Rickey, Randal Hutchinson, 1799-1855. Moyamensing surveys, 1833.
(1 v.)
Plans and drafts of Moyamensing.

Martin, John Hill, 1823-1906. Music at Bethlehem, 1870.
(1 v.)
his historical sketch of the music at Bethlehem for the period of 1742-1870 was compiled by J. Hill Martin from notes of Rufus A. Grider, 1870.

Collection of music books, 1800-1865.
(6 v.)

Music manuscripts, ca. 1800.
(2 v.)
Manuscripts of sacred music.

Muster rolls, 1776-1865.
(26 v.)
Lancaster County, 1776; Captain David Greer's Company at York, 1776; Bucks County, 1776-1802; Philadelphia County, 1777-1789; Billingsport, 1778; Captain John Davis' company, North Pennsylvania regiment at West Point, N.Y., 1778-1780; French army in America, 1778-1783; 1st and 2nd battalions of Philadelphia Militia, 1778-1789; Captain Cox, 1781; 7th Company, 5th battalion, Philadelphia Militia, commanded by Lt. Col. John Shee, 1782; rolls of the six battalions of the city of Philadelphia, 1784; 1st battalion of Lancaster County, Captain John Wudhy, 1786; Pennsylvania troops commanded by Lt. Col. Josiah Harmar, headquarters at Vincennes, 1787; 69th regiment dragoons, Berks County, 1807; 7th Company, 84th regiment, Philadelphia militia, Capt. Francis Asbury Dickins commanding, 1824; 1st brigade District of Columbia Militia, 1828; Berks County, 1861-1865; and Company C 118th Regiment of Infantry, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1862-1865.

Myers, A. Diary, 1851.
(1 v.)
Diary of A. Meyers describes a trip to the Siskowit mine and other copper mines near Lake Superior.

The Early history of the Human Freedom League...
(1 v.)
his history contains special reference to National Ensigns upon a white field : Being a collection of papers and publications relating to the H. F. League flags; their origin, early history, and presentation at peace conferences, patriotic assemblies, in public localities, upon national holidays...

Originally owned by Henry Pettit.

Rodney, George Brydges, Baron, 1719-1792. Instruction to the captains of the British Navy, 1780-1781.
(1 v.)
Naval signals.

Hunter, William M. Navigation treatise, 1808.
(1 v.)
General discourse on navigation by William M. Hunter, Hamilton Academy.

Patterson, Samuel D. Navy agency records, 1845-1849.
(2 v.)
Samuel D. Patterson was the naval agent in Philadelphia.

Letterbook, 1845-1847, and ledger, 1845-1849.

New Jersey Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery. Laws of New Jersey respecting Negroes and Mulatto slaves from 1682 to 1788, 1795. (1 v.)
These laws were compiled by Joseph Bloomfield for the New Jersey Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, 1795.

New Hampshire Constitutional Convention. Proceedings, 1791.
(1 v.)
These proceedings were attested to by John Calfe who served as secretary for the New Hampshire Constitutional Convention.

New York subscription book, 1790.
(1 v.)
Autographs of subscribers to a literary publication, [possibly The Miscellaneous Works of David Humphreys (New York, 1790).]

Philadelphia. Committee of Observation. Cargo manifests, 1774.
(4 v.)
Manifests of imported merchandize conveyed to the Committee of observation of Philadelphia, Northern Liberties, and Southwark.

Non-Importation Resolution, 1765.
(1 v.)
Declaration of non-importation made by the citizens of Philadelphia.

Norris, George W. (George Washington), 1808-1875. Collection, 1695-1835.
(50 items.)
Chiefly miscellaneous papers of Isaac Norris.

North, Frederick, Earl of Guilford, 1766-1827. Arabic and Turkish tables of conjugation, 1825.
(1 v.)

Land company records, 1792-1816.
(1 v.)
Contains accounts, names of purchasers and shareholders, plans of association, and agreements for the North American Land Company, Pennsylvania Population Company, Asylum Company, and Pennsylvania Land Company.

Northern District of Kingsessing Meadows. Ordinances, 1761-1809.
(1 v.)
Records of the local government including managers' minutes, laws, resolutions and regulations.

Northern Liberties. Board of Commissioners. Ordinances, 1838-1854.
(1 v.)

Northumberland. Committee of Safety. Minutes, 1776-1777.
(1 v.)

Norwich and Callowhill Markets (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records, 1784-1845.
(1 v.)
Minutes of managers' meetings and miscellaneous records of Philadelphia markets.

Battle of Lexington report, 1775.
(1 v.)
Report of the battle, April 19, 1775, sent per Express from town to town, certified by the committees of correspondence at each stop.

Directions for raising nurseries, planting orchards, 1772.
(1 v.)

Obituary notices, 1909-1924.
(100 items.)
Collection of newspaper clippings, genealogical notes, and correspondence on prominent Philadelphians.

Duffield, Charles H. "The Old Swedes Mill."
(1 v.)
Historical sketch of Old Swedes Mill, later known as Duffield's Mill, including its water rights and surrounding industries.

Bertolet, Peter G. "Fragments of the past."
(1 v.)
Historical sketches of Olney and vicinity.

Order-books, 1775-1861.
(42 v.)
Collection of orderly books for: General William Smallwood, Smallwood's Brigade, 1778-1779; Colonel Daniel Morgan, 11th Virginia Regiment, 1777; Col. Christian Febiger, 2nd Virginia Regiment (kept by Francis Cowherd), 1778; Col. Christian Febiger, 1st Virginia Battalion of 1781; Col. William Thompson, Pennsylvania Rifle Battalion, 1775; Col. John Cadwalader, 3rd Battalion of Philadelphia Association (kept by Capt. Sharp Delancy), 1776; Lt. Col. Thomas Bull, 4th Battalion Chester County Associators (kept by William Armstrong), 1776; Col. John Bull and Col. Walter Stuart, Pennsylvania State Regiment, 1777; Col. Anthony Wayne, 4th Pennsylvania Battalion, 1776; Brig. Gen. Anthony Wayne (kept by Benjamin Fishbourne), 1778-1782, 1792-1794; Col. Henry Bicker, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment, 1778; an unidentified Regiment at Whitemarsh, 1777; Col. Nicholas Haussegger, Lt. Col. George Stricker, and Col. Baron de Arent, Continental German Battalion, (kept by Capt. Charles Baltzel) ;1776-1778, 1780; an unidentified Regiment at Valley Forge, 1778; Col. Moses Hazen, 2nd Canadian Regiment, 1778-1779; Col. Henry Bicker and Col. Walter Stuart, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment, 1778-1779; Maj. Nicholas Dietrich Baron de Ottendorf (kept by Capt. Anthony Selin), 1777; Col. Daniel Brodhead, 8th Pennsylvania Regiment, 1778-1780; and Lt. Col. Calvin Smith, 6th Massachusetts Regiment, 1782.

Col. James Chambers, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment, 1778-1780; Gen. Alexander McDougal, 1780; an unidentified unit [Militia], 1780; an unidentified [North Carolina] Regiment, 1777; Col. Elias Dayton, 3rd New Jersey Regiment, 1780; John Ross, Brig. Gen. and Inspector of New Jersey Brigade, 1780; Elisha Williams, Adjutant to George Washington, 1776; 1st Regiment of Artillery, 1794-1809; Thomas Cadwalader and S. Anderson of Camp Dupont, 1814; 2nd Elite Corps, Virginia Militia, 1814; and Gen. Robert Patterson, 1861.

Great Britain. Army. Order-books, 1758 (1778-1780).
(5 v.)
Sergeant Alexander Ross, at Camp Great Falls, Lake George, Fort Edward, and other points in New York, 1758; orderly books kept during occupation of Philadelphia, 1778; Captain R. Clayton, 17th regiment, headquarters at New York, 1777-1779; Lord Stirling's guards headquarters at Totoway, 1780.

German Order-books, 1779-1780.
(2 v.)
Lieutenant Colonel Hubley, commanding German regiment at Wyoming, 1779; Captain Charles Baltzel, commanding company of German infantry, headquarters at West Point, N. Y., 1780.

Pannebecker, Henry. Surveys of roads and townships.
(1 v.)
Survey of roads and townships in Philadelphia, now Montgomery County, 1722-1742.

Photostatic copy, 1885.

Penllyn (Wales). Probate records, 1571-1700.
(1 v.)
Copies made by Thomas Alan Glenn, 1914, for genealogical data on Welsh settlers in Pennsylvania.

Delaware Indians. Deed, 1682.
(1 leaf)
Deed, July 15, 1682, to William Penn for land between the Delaware River and Neshaminy Creek.

Penn Guarantee Association. Minute book, 1878-1886.
(1 v.)
The Penn Guarantee Association was formed for the purchase, sale, and improvement of real estate and the purchase, sale, and exchange of securities related to real estate.

Penn family. List, n.d.
(1 v.)
List of Penn relics at Penn's castle, Isle of Portland, near Weymouth Dorsetshire England belonging to J. Merrick Head, Esq.

Penn Township (Philadelphia, Pa.) Supervisors accounts, 1820-1870.
(1 v.)
Accounts kept for the collection of taxes and payments for highway improvements and other township needs.

Carter, Lucius. Penn tracts of land in Northampton County, 1764-1776.
(1 v.)
List and draughts of Penn lands located in Northampton County as surveyed by James Scull.

Bank of the United States, (1791-1811). Pennsylvania pension papers, 1790-1792.
(150 items.)
Chiefly powers of attorney of pensioners authorizing other persons to draw their pensions awarded for service during the Revolution.

Pennsylvania Assembly. Minutes, 1724-1725.
(1 v.)
Minutes of representatives from Philadelphia, Bucks, and Chester counties.

Pennsylvania Assembly. Records, 1682-1783.
(300 items.)
Miscellaneous papers reflecting activities of the assembly under the proprietary government: drafts of minutes and acts of assembly, 1701, 1706-1707, 1711-1712, 1715, 1717, 1720; attorney general's report on legislation, 1700, 1701; several items on Benjamin Franklin's anti-British activities.

Petitions against the slave trade, 1780.
(16 items.)
Petitions to the Pennsylvania Assembly from citizens of Philadelphia against the slave trade.

Porter, Andrew, 1743-1813. Papers, 1785-1787.
(4 v.)
Journals and memoranda of Andrew Porter on his surveys of the Pennsylvania boundary line.

Campbell, John H. Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention minutes, 1872-1873.
(1 v.)
John H. Campbell's minutes of the committee on suffrage, elections, and representation of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention.

Malin, William J. Sketch of the history of the Medical Library of the Pennsylvania Hospital, n.d.
(1 v.)
History of the Medical Library of the Pennsylvania Hospital with a brief notice of the medical museum formerly belonging to that institution.

Pennsylvania. Militia. Enlistments, 1781-1808.
(2 v.)
Records of enlistments in the Pennsylvania line, 1781, certified by Plunket Fleeson; artillery regiment muster rolls, 1781-1808.

Pennsylvania. Militia. Infantry Regiment, 98th. Returns, 1827-1825.
(1 v.)
Return of absentees of the 4th Company, 2d Battalion, 98th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, commanded by John Early.

Richards, Joseph T., 1845-1915. Memoranda relating to the Pennsylvania Railroad.
(2 v.)
Joseph T. Richards served as Assistant, Chief, and Consulting Engineer, 1893- 1915 for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Pennsylvania Railroad. Papers, 1889.
(1 v.)
General manager's report to the president and board of directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1889, photographs and miscellaneous papers of the Johnstown flood.

Pennsylvania Salt Works. Waste book, 1776-1779.
(1 v.)

Pennsylvania. Treasury. Accounts, 1795-1797.
(1 v.)
These accounts list income from land sales and taxes and payments for salaries, pensions, improvements, militia, and general expenses.

Pennsylvania. Valuation Commission. Minutes, 1799.
(1 v.)
The Valuation Commission was established in 1799 in order to determine valuation for lands and dwellings and the enumeration of slaves.

Smith, Benjamin H. Patent book, n.d.
(1 v.)
Patent book for lands in Delaware County.

Anonymous. Death records, 1812-1928.
(1 v.)
Record of deaths and interments of soldiers of the War of 1812 and the Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-1928.

Pennypacker, Samuel W. (Samuel Whitaker), 1843-1916. Pennypacker's Mill in story and song, 1902.
(1 v.)
Historical sketches of the early settlement and development of the Perkiomen Creek region including the settlement, the French and Indian War, and the encampment of Washington's army, Sept. 26th, to October 8th 1777, before and after the Battle of Germantown.