Perkins, Samuel C. Naval general court martial docket, 1864.
(1 v.)
Samuel C. Perkins was a judge advocate.

Permanent Bridge (Philadelphia, Pa.) Account book, 1800-1809.
(1 v.)
Account of dividends received and signed for by stockholders in the company for erecting a permanent bridge over the Schuylkill River.

Philadelphia (Pa.). Petitions, 1780-1831.
(200 items.)
Petitions to the Council of Philadelphia on the opening of new roads, paving and repairing of streets; included is an account of the estate of Benjamin Franklin.

Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road. Papers, 1806.
(2 v.)
Surveys, sketches, notes, and photographs by Robert Brooke for the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road.

Pennsylvania. Philadelphia emergency campaign, 1868.
(1 v.)
The Philadelphia emergency campaign was the result of a plea from Governor Andrew G. Curtin to the banks and private corporations of Philadelphia to front $700,000 in payments to the Pennsylvania militia until such time that the state and national legislature could appropriate the needed funds.

These papers give an account of the money raised and the disbursement of funds to the militia.

Philadelphia to Bethlehem journal, 1773.(1 v.)
Description of a tour from Philadelphia through Bethlehem, Easton, Allentown, and Reading.

Catalogue of books of the City of Philadelphia (Pa.)
(1 v.)
List of books, letters, and miscellaneous communications housed in the various municipal departments of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia (Pa.). Catalogue of citizens, 1859.
(1 v.)
List of citizens living within the city giving addresses only with no further information.

Philadelphia (Pa.) Poor relief catalogue, 1766.
(1 v.)
Catalogue of contributors, to the relief and employ of the poor of the City of Philadelphia, District of Southwark, Township of Moyamensing, Passyunk, and the Northern Liberties, 1766.

Centre Square Water Works (Philadelphia, Pa.) List of subscribers, 1801-1806.
(1 v.)

Pennsylvania. Commission on Lots in Philadelphia. Report, 1700.
(1 v.)
Report of commissioners containing the names of owners of properties, location, and acreage in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Committee of Public Safety (Pa.) Minutes, 1861.
(1 v.)
The Philadelphia Committee of Public Safety was formed in order to protect the city during the Civil War. The committee called for ten regiments containing ten companies; each company composed of 80 men. The minutes give information on money raised, supplies purchased, and precautionary measures taken to protect the city.

Philadelphia (Pa.) Common Council. Committee of Inspection and Observation. Minutes, 1774.
(1 v.)

Philadelphia County Board (Pa.) Record book, 1835-1845.
(1 v.)
The County Board was composed of members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the state legislature for the city and county of Philadelphia and was responsible for miscellaneous public improvements through taxation.

Minutes and reports.

Philadelphia County (Pa.) Papers, 1671-1855.
(600 items.)
Miscellaneous papers, documents, correspondence, and surveys of land.

Philadelphia Assembly. Records, 1749-1916.
(100 items.)
The Philadelphia Assembly, sometimes know as the Philadelphia Dancing Assembly, was a social event in Philadelphia held among the most ancient and honored in Philadelphia. Being a subscriber to the dances was regarded as a mark of social distinction.

Treasurer's book, 1828-1831; subscriber and board lists; invitation cards; and miscellaneous items.

Pryor, Norton. Memorandum book, 1791-1851.
(2 v.)
Entered by Norton Pryor, 1791-1815; Richard Loxely, 1815-1851; also Norton Pryor's weather records, 1786-1790.

The Philadelphia directory and annual register. Subscription list, 1821.
(1 v.)
Autographs of subscribers to the proposal for publishing The Philadelphia Directory and Annual Register.

Philadelphia dissected : or the metropolis of America. Subscription list, 1800.
(1 v.)
Philadelphia Dissected, or the Metropolis of America was to consist of 25 to 30 prints principal buildings and views of Philadelphia.

Also included is a list of subscribers to William Birch's Views of Philadelphia, second edition.

Philadelphia Insurance Company. Records, 1814-1845.
(1 v.)
Philadelphia Insurance Company handled both marine and fire insurance.

Minutes, accounts, names of officers, and records of general transactions.

Penn, Thomas, 1702-1755. Memorandum, 1734.
(1 v.)
List of names of the inhabitants in the county of Philadelphia with notations of land held by each compiled by Jonathan Hyatt by order of Thomas Penn.

Canby, Thomas. Daybook, 1770-1788.
(1 v.)
Thomas Canby was a Philadelphia flour merchant.

Philadelphia (Pa.) Ordinances, 1722.
(1 v.)
Ordinances made and passed in Philadelphia by the mayor, recorder, alderman, and common council, October 15, 1722.

Ffoulkes, Charles. Philadelphia pageant : sketches of military uniforms from contemporary sources,1912.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Graphics department.

Philadelphia (Pa.). Memorials, 1827.
(1 v.)
Memorials addressed to the Philadelphia select and common councils relating to the cutting of High (now Market) and Broad Streets through Penn's or Centre Square.

Philadelphia Sugar Refining Company (Pa.) Records, 1816.
(1 v.)
Articles of association, list of stockholders, constitution, bylaws, and other data on the Philadelphia Sugar Refining Company.

James, Abel. Correspondence, 1773-1778.
(1 v.)
Correspondence of Abel James and Henry Drinker on severance of trade with Great Britain as a result of the tea party.

Typewritten copies made by Francis R. Taylor for an article, 1910.

Philadelphia tea shipment papers, 1769-1773.
(1 v.)
Papers relating to popular agitation in the colonies against the importation of tea and other commodities from England.

Marine insurance records, 1804-1805.
(1 v.)
Philadelphia marine insurance records listing vessels insured, names of clients and captains.

Warrington, Immanuel H. Diaries, 1899-1902.
(2 v.)
Immanuel H. Warrington was a soldier in the United States infantry during the Philippine War.

Philmore, J. Account, ca. 1765.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled.

Pittsburgh (Pa.) Minutes, 1794-1803.
(1 v.)
Minute book of the burgesses of Pittsburgh, containing rules and ordinances.

Plans, ca.1685-1777.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Graphics department.

Pomroy, Benjamin. Journal, 1758-1763.
(1 v.)
Benjamin Pomroy was chaplain in one of the British regiments in upper New York state and Canada.

Lightfoot, Benjamin, 1726-1777. Survey notes, 1759.
(1 v.)
Benjamin Lightfoot was deputy surveyor of Berks County. These surveys notes covered the areas of Pottsville to Shamokin.

Powell, Joseph. Account of philanthropy, 1755-1756.
(1 v.)
Account of the benefactions received and his distribution thereof amongst the poor distressed back inhabitants who took their refuge to the United Brethren in their several settlements at Bethlehem, Nazareth, Friedensthal, Christian's Brun, and Gnadenthal and the Rose. This account was included in a letter of Joseph Spangenberg, 1757.

Bradford, Thomas, 1745-1838. Records, 1778-1782.
(2 v.)
Letters of Thomas Bradford, commissioner of prisoners, on the exchange and parole of prisoners of war; and records of provisions drawn for prisoners.

Prophecy and dream, ca. 1757.
(1 v.)
Mystical religious sentiments.

Pennsylvania. Act for regulating and establishing fees, 1711.
(1 v.)
This act was passed in order to prevent extortion and undue exaction of fees of several officers and practitioners of law. Contains a list of permissible fees for specific legal tasks.

Pennsylvania. Provincial Conference. Minutes, 1776.
(1 v.)
Provincial conference of committees of the Province of Pennsylvania, 1776.

Pennsylvania. Provincial Council. Papers, 1684 (1714-1823).
(150 items.)
Miscellaneous letters and documents from early proprietary government officials largely on the sale of lands, and political and economic affairs.

Pennsylvania. Provincial Council. Letters, 1754-1829.
(ca. 600 items.)
Letters of men who served as provincial delegates: Benjamin Franklin, written in London, 1762-1776; John Dickinson, 1754-1774; Anthony Wayne, 1776-1796; Thomas Fitzsimons, 1776-1783; James Irvine, 1760; John Cadwalader; Thomas McKean; Jacob Morgan; Robert Morris; Jacob Rush; Charles Thompson; Thomas Wharton; David Rittenhouse; Owen Biddle; P. Muhlenberg; Thomas Willing; Samuel Hunter; and others.

Morhouse, Abraham. Estate records, 1808-1832.
(1 v.)
Record of sale of the land from the estates of Abraham Morhouse and Andrew Y. Morhouse in Quachita, La.

Pennsylvania. Qualification book, 1720-1759.
(1 v.)
Oaths of allegiance to the British crown by persons taking office in departments of the government of the Province of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia (Pa.) Qualification books, 1747-1765.
(2 v.)
Oaths of allegiance to the British crown by persons taking office in the city of Philadelphia.

Anonymous. Diary, 1863-1866.
(1 v.)
Diary of a British soldier, Queens redoubt, giving an accounts of the British military campaign in the Maori War in New Zealand.

Radbill, Samuel X., 1894-1956. Collection, 1855-1856, 1899-1900.
(300 items.)
Letters received by Lindsay and Blackiston, Philadelphia bookdealers and publishers, relating to the sale of books; cancelled checks of Jud I. McGuigan, 1899-1900.

Read, George C., 1733-1798. Naval Orders, 1836-1847.
(7 v.)
Journals and correspondence of Captain George C. Read, U.S. Navy, commander of the U.S. frigate Columbia; there are also colored drawings of flags and signals.

Custom House (London, England). Redemptioners registry, 1774-1775.
(1 v.)

Redemptioners registry, 1785-1831.
(2 v.)
Register of German redemptioners indentured as servants in Philadelphia.

Broom, Jacob. Region of the Brandywine, 1777.
(1 item.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Graphics department.

Port of Philadelphia (Pa.) Registry, 1682-1686.
(1 v.)
Partial list of names of arrivals in Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania. Revenue board of commissioners. Records, 1845.
(1 v.)
Accounts kept by Eli Kirk Price, commissioner of revenue, appointed to investigate the state of taxable property in various parts of Pennsylvania, and especially Philadelphia.

McNachtane, John. Logbook, 1769-1781.
(1 v.)
Logbook kept by Commander John McNachtane, on his various vessels Sally, Neptune, and the brigantines Robert and Hannah during his service in the Revolution

United States. Continental Army. Quartermaster. List, 1776-1783.
(1 v.)
Names of artificers, prisoners, enlisted men, and officers killed in battle.

Ridley Meadow Company. Cashbook, 1787-1793.
(1 v.)
Treasurer's accounts, names of officers, record of taxes paid by the Ridley Meadow Company.

Rittenhouse Bicentenary Celebration. Papers, 1932.
(1 v.)
Photographs, newspaper clippings, articles, and astronomical calculations on the birth of David Rittenhouse.

Ritter, Abraham, 1792-1860. "A Hundred years ago," n.d.
(2 v.)
Traditional historical and reminiscent sketch of the villas of Bethlehem and Nazareth with portraits, sketches of characters. Copy by William H. Jordon from the original manuscripts.

Roach, Isaac, 1786-1848. Diary, 1812-1847.
(1 v.)
Account of Isaac Roach's participation in the War of 1812 and the military campaign against Canada; also included is a brief genealogical introduction.

Robbins, John F. Memoranda, 1862.
(2 v.)
Notes and memorandum kept by John F. Robbins, March 12-April 25 and April 25-May 3, 1862.

Anonymous. Diary, 1836.
(1 v.)
Diary kept by a young physician in Saint Louis, Mo., describing social conditions, illnesses, and mob violence against free Afro-Americans known to have committed crimes.

Sandy Bank Cemetery (Media, Pa.) List of persons buried, 1801-1855.
(1 v.)
Sandy Bank Cemetery consisted of approximately one acre of ground owned by the Society of Friends and had been used for burial since ca. 1750. Isaac Smedley, who owned and operated the farm at Sandy Bank, was responsible for burials in the cemetery. Escaped slaves and free blacks, as well as Friends were interred there.

Typescript by Edgar T. Miller, 1901.

Great Central Fair for the United States Sanitary Commission. Records, 1864.
(2 v.)
Minutes, memoranda, and correspondence of the Wholesale Dry Goods Department, Children's Department, and Ladies Central Committee for the Great Central Fair of the United States Sanitary Commission which was held in Philadelphia, 1864.

Sargent, Winthrop, 1825-1870. Commonplace book, 1845-1846.
(1 v.)
Commonplace book of Winthrop Sargent containing extracts from various sources on the history of Pennsylvania and the Penn family.

Scattergood, Mary R. Genealogical records, 1872-1885.
([300 p.])
Genealogical records for the families of Arthur William Starr, William Cooper, and James S. Lippincott, of Pennsylvania.

Schaffer, Charles. Meteorological observations, 1854-1930.
(4 v.)

Schoolbook collection, 1667-1872.
(40 v.)
Miscellaneous school notebooks and texts, mainly mathematics, bookkeeping, surveying, French lessons.

John (ship). Logbook, 1799.
([12] p. and 2 loose leaves)
Log of voyage from Philadelphia to Surinam.

Schuylkill Arsenal (Philadelphia, Pa.) Photographs, ca. 1890.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Graphics department.

Schuylkill Bank (Philadelphia, Pa.) Minutes, 1840-1843.
(1 v.)
Minutes relate chiefly to the liquidation of the financial affairs of Hosea J. Levis with the Schuylkill Bank by Eli Kirk Price, John R. Vogdes, and Charles Thomas Jones, assignees.

Pennypacker, Isaac A., 1812-1856. The History of Schuylkill Township, n.d.
(1 v.)
History of Schuylkill Township containing an account of the Indians, settlements, fisheries, and hunting of agriculture, horticulture, manufacturers, and mechanics of geology, mineralogy, and botany of wars, churches, school houses, and public improvements.

Pennsylvania scrapbook, 1802-1890.
(1 v.)
Newspaper clippings on politics, commerce, shipping, and Indians in Pennsylvania.

Sackville, George Germain, Viscount, 1716-1785. Secret orders, 1776.
(1 v.)
Lord Germain's secret orders issued to Admiral Richard Howe and General William Howe.

Handwritten copy by B.F. Stevens for Sydney G. Fisher, 1908.

Originals in the British Records Office.

Seeley family. Genealogical records, 1934-1939.
(1 v.)

Hamilton, James, 1710-1783. Servants and apprentices records, 1745-1773.
(2 v.)
Records of James Hamilton, mayor of Philadelphia, containing certification of indentures of servants and apprentices, 1745-1746; list of servants belonging to inhabitants of Pennsylvania, taken into British service without compensation to their masters, 1757; record of servants and apprentices bound and assigned before John Gibson, mayor of Philadelphia, December 5, 1772, to May 21, 1773.

Shearman, S.H., Mrs. Collection, 1678-1785.
(75 items.)

Shelton, Frederick H. Papers, 1915-1922.
(5 v.)
Correspondence and photographs on Frederick H. Shelton's Milestones of the Philadelphia District in Pennsylvania.

Shoemaker, Franklin. Diary, 1862-1867.
(2 v.)
Civil War diary of Franklin Shoemaker.

Dussault, Chevalier. Journal, 1780.
(1 v.)
Journal giving an account of the siege of Charleston.

In French.

Siege of Quebec Journal, 1775.
(1 v.)
Copy, 1856.

George Chalmers purchased original in England.

Skippack township (Montgomery County, Pa.) Records of death, 1793-1844.
(1 v.)

Mends, Robert, Sir, 1767-1823. Report, 1822.
(1 v.)
Report of Sir Robert Mends of H.M.S. Iphigenia, at Sierra Leone, to the British admiralty on slave trade on the western coast of Africa; also genealogical list of the Mends family.

Smith, Charles Morton, d. 1914. Collection, 1681-1848.
(400 items.)
Letters and legal documents of Charles Morton Smith on land in the early frontier counties of Pennsylvania, 1720-1848. The correspondence includes letters of Hugh Roberts, prominent early Philadelphia Quaker, George Roberts, and other members of the Roberts family.

Smith, Samuel, 1720-1776. "The History of the Province of Pennsylvania," 1760.
(1 v.)

George (ship). Logbook, 1805-1806.
(1 v.)
The ship, George, was a trafficker of slaves and was confiscated by the British at Kingston.

Diary and log of George on a voyage from Philadelphia to Cork, Iceland and to St. Thomas.

Society for Improvement of Roads and Inland Navigation (Philadelphia, Pa.) Journal, 1791-1793.
(1 v.)
The Society for Improvement of Roads and Inland Navigation was organized in Philadelphia with the intention of improving trade by building and extending roads westward and northward.

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. Letters, 1732-1779.
(1 v.)
Letters of missionaries and ministers of the Church of England relating to the activities of the society in Pennsylvania, especially the Radnor and Lancaster meetings.


Jenkins, Francis. Somerset County, Maryland land warrant book, 1670-1682.
(1 v.)
Francis Jenkins was deputy surveyor for Somerset County, Md.

South Carolina photographs, ca. 1880.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Graphics department.

Seymour, William. Journal, 1780.
(1 v.)
Journal of William Seymour, sergeant major in the Delaware regiment, Maryland division, under the command of DeKalb on the march from Morristown, N.J. to Charleston, S.C.

Southern Whale Fishery. Records, 1775-1790.
(1 v.)
Account of the whaling vessels from the port of London.

Southwark (Philadelphia, Pa.) Map, 1789.
(1 item.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Graphics department.

Philadelphia (Pa.). Watering Committee of Spring Garden. Register of water permits, 1844.
(1 v.)

State Guards of 1814. List of names, 1829.
(1 v.)
List of names of surviving Philadelphia members of the volunteer company of state guards who served in the campaign of 1814 at Camp Brandywine and Camp Dupont.

Hawkins, John H. Memoranda, 1780.
(1 v.)
Entries of state stores drawn for the non-commissioned officers and privates, Pennsylvanians in Col. Hazen's Regiment, 1780.

Stauffer, David McNeely, 1845-1913. Collection, ca. 1644-1884.
(20 linear ft.)
David McNeely Stauffer was an eminent civil engineer, author, and antiquarian. From 1893 to 1913 he devoted much of his time to the extra-illustration of "Westcott's History of Philadelphia, 1609-1829" as printed in the Sunday Dispatch.

The total collection amounted to 32 folio volumes and contained portraits of people mentioned in the text, signed letters, manuscripts relating to the city, maps, plans, prints and drawings. The volumes have since been disbound.

Letters of Queen Kristina of Sweden, 1644; John Printz, 1644; Peter Stuyvesant, 1653; Sir William Penn, 1655; William Penn to the Indians in Pennsylvania, 1681; James Harrison and William Turner to William Penn, 1686, 1690, 1697; William Markham and James Pemberton letters relating to lands and surveys, 1693, 1694; petitions for licenses for public houses, grand jury lists, mortgages, bonds, shipping bills, receipts, marriage and court records, 1709-1767; miscellaneous documents relating to extension of the frontier toward the Susquehanna River, whale boats on the Oswago, Indian affairs, Fort Augusta, Fort Allen, Fort Pitt, treaty of Easton, French and Indian War, embargoes, smallpox epidemics, 1701-1763.

Letters of Jaspar Yeates, Sir William Johnson, Edward Penington, Sir William Keith, Jacob Arndt, John Bayard, William Parsons, Phineas Pemberton, Thomas Leach, Edmund Physick, Jacob Duché, Springett Penn, Nicholas Scull, Anne Caesar de la Luzerne, Isaac Norris, Thomas Bradford, George Washington, William Shippen, Dr. Caspar Wistar, Rembrandt Peale, Mary Masters Penn, Franklin Bache, Thomas McKean, Clement Biddle, and Joseph Watson; petitions of Mennonites and Quakers relating to the oath of allegiance, 1778; Revolutionary War items relating to confiscation of property, raising of troops, medical supplies, finance, distress on the frontiers, pensions to families of soldiers, armaments, enlistment, 1775-1783; portraits of eminent Americans and Europeans; views of colonial Philadelphia churches, inns, mills, bridges, and homes; miscellaneous maps, facsimiles, sketches, drawings, and broadsides.

Cowper, James Hamilton. Account of the loss of the steam packet Pulaski.
(1 v.)
Eyewitness account of shipwreck by James Hamilton Cowper of Hopeton, Ga.

Anonymous. Survey, 1817.
(1 v.)
Survey of land from Stoddartsville to Allentown.

Sullivan, Thomas. Journal, 1775-1778.
(1 v.)

Thomas Sullivan was a Sergeant of the British Army.

Susquehanna Permanent Bridge Company. Account book, 1811.
(1 v.)
The Susquehanna Permanent Bridge Company erected the bridge over the Susquehanna River at McCall's Ferry.