Armstrong, John, 1717-1795. Susquehanna River and Schuylkill River Island Survey, 1759-1761.
(47 items.)
Surveys of islands in the Susquehanna River and the Schuylkill River done by John Armstrong, Bartrem Galbraith, George Stevenson, and James Scull.

Tax lists, 1693-1870.
(19 v.)
Philadelphia County taxables, 1693; Philadelphia, Chestnut, Lower Delaware and Walnut Wards, 1754-1767; Berks County taxables, 1758; Lower Delaware, High Street and North Wards, 1765; tax lists for city and county of Philadelphia, 1772; assessments, Northern Liberties, 1781-1792; North Ward, 1782-1783; overseer of poor cash account, 1780-1783; miscellaneous assessments, 1788; Germantown taxables, 1790; Philadelphia County taxables, 1800; Northern Liberties, 1815; Lower Delaware and South Mulberry Wards, 1829; assessments, Walnut Ward, 1841; Blockley poor tax, 1841-1845; and Camden, N.J., South Ward taxables, 1870.

Begg, William. Journal, 1812-1815.
(1 v.)
Journal kept by William Begg while on the Tenedos under the command of Captain Hyde Parker detailing sea voyages and naval accounts of the War of 1812.

Kent, Sussex, and Newcastle (Del.) Papers, 1655-1805.
(ca. 200 items.)
Miscellaneous papers contributing material on the counties of Kent, Sussex and Newcastle in Delaware.

Anonymous. Travel diary, 1871.
(1 v.)
Travel diary entitled, "To my old armchair," 1871 of a trip from Philadelphia to California.

Great Britain. Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation memorials, 1798.
(1 v.)
Memorials addressed to the commissioners charged with carrying out the sixth article of the Jay Treaty.

Trent, William, 1715-1787? Journal, 1759-1763.
(1 v.)
Journal of William Trent's journey to Ohio to transact business with the western Indians as William Johnson's deputy.

Photostatic copy.

Original in the Cadwalader Collection, George Croghan section, Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Published in the P.M.H.B., 71 (1947): 305-444.

Trent, William, 1715-1787? Journal, 1763.
(1 v.)
Journal kept by William Trent at Fort Pitt describing frontier conditions and Indian attacks on white settlements.

Truxton, Thomas, 1755-1822. Records, 1797-1801.
(4 v.)
Muster rolls, journal, and letterbooks on Thomas Truxton's command of the U.S.S. Constellation, particularly in West Indian waters.

Townsend, Joseph, 1756-1841. Historical Sketch of Turks Head Tavern, 1800.
(1 v.)

Tyndale, Hector, 1821-1880. Diary, 1842.
(1 v.)
Hector Tyndale was captain of the National Rangers of Southwark, later known as the Artillery Corps of Cadwalader Grays.

Union Library Company of Hatborough (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records, 1755-1827.
(2 v.)
Documents of the Union Library Company of Hatborough including names of subscribers and records of meetings of the director.

United States. Army. Records, 1861-1864.
(3 v.)
Company orders, 1861-1864; company morning reports, 1863-1864; company clothing, commissary department, 1863-1864.

United States. Arsenal (Philadelphia, Pa.) Receipts, 1839-1840.
(1 v.)
David S. Brown's receipts at the United States Arsenal for blankets delivered by him to military storekeepers for inspection.

Coleman, C.C. United States in the making, 1926.
(1 v.)
Historical notes on the states.

United States (ship). Log and journal, 1784-1785.
(1 v.)
Log and journal of the ship United States on its voyage to India, China and Sumatra. Also included is Henry Kepple's arithmetic, 1761.

United States. Passport register, 1809-1825.
(1 v.)

Anonymous. Letters, 1887.
(1 v.)
Letters about William Usselinx, founder of the Dutch and Swedish West India companies.

Copies by Dr. J.F. Jameson.

In Swedish with some English translation.

United States. Continental Army. Valley Forge court martial records, 1778.
(1 v.)
Records of the court-martial of Lieutenant McCalley and other prisoners, before Colonel Thomas Clark at Valley Forge.

Valley Forge National Historical Park (Pa.) Report to Governor William C. Sproul, 1920.
(1 v.)

Van Etten, John. Journal, 1756-1757.
(1 v.)
Account by John Van Etten of military defense at Fort Hyndshaw.

Vigilant Committee of Philadelphia (Pa.) Minute book, 1839-1844.
(1 v.)
The Vigilant Committee was set up by blacks and whites to assist runaway slaves in the years before the Civil War.

Minutes giving accounts of cases kept by Jacob C. White for the Vigilant Committee of Philadelphia.

Wallace, John William, 1815-1884. Ancient Records of Philadelphia, 1702-1770.
(60 items.)
Miscellaneous records of the city of Philadelphia.

Walmsley, William. Warrant, 1749.
(1 item.)
Warrant signed by William Callender and Evan Morgan requiring William Walmsley, constable of Byberry, to make a census of his district.

Transferred to the Society Miscellaneous Collection.

Anonymous. "War in America : Observations for the King of France," 1780-1781.
(1 v.)
Observations on the Revolutionary War made for the King of France. Gift of Clarence B. Moore, 1893.

Pennsylvania Railroad. Women's Division for War Relief. Papers, 1916-1919.
(2 v.)
Letters, accounts and miscellaneous papers reflecting the activities of the Pennsylvania Railroad Women's Division of War Relief.

Patterson, William Houston. History of the Artillery Corps of Washington Grays.
(4 v.)
The Washington Grays Artillery Corps was a volunteer militia unit from Philadelphia. It was organized in 1822 under the command of Cephas G. Childs.

Anonymous. Genealogical notes, ca. 1914-1922.
(1 v.)
Genealogical notes on the Welsh founders of Pennsylvania.

West, Moses. Treatise on marriage, 1739.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Library.

West Bradford Township (Chester County, Pa.) List of taxables, 1802.
(1 v.)
Names of taxables in West Bradford Township, showing amounts collected and paid to Evan Evans, treasurer for the poor.

Pennsylvania. National Guard. West Chester National Guards Constitution, 1846-1851.
(1 v.)
Minutes, constitution, bylaws and list of members.

Westcott, Thompson, 1820-1888. List of officers of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, 1682-1888.
(3 v.)
Also included is a manuscript index to Westcott's History of Philadelphia, 1609-1829.

United States. Army. Records, 1794.
(2 v.)
Orders issued to Generals James Chambers and Thomas Procter at Bedford by General William Irvine during the Western Insurrection, journal kept by Major Edward Spear commanding the 1st battalion of Maryland militia, muster roll and accounts of Captain Machinheimer.

Whales, Henry. Account book, 1830-1840.
(1 v.)
Henry Whales was a dancing master.

Esling, Charles H.A., 1845-1907. Essay, 1885.
(1 v.)
An essay read by Charles H.A. Esling before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, May 4, 1885, entitled: "Governor Thomas Wharton : Escape at the British occupation of Philadelphia."

University of Pennsylvania. Philomathean Society. The Whetstone Essays, 1819.
(1 v.)
Miscellaneous essays and addresses written by University of Pennsylvania students.

Wignell, William. Memoranda, 1771-1781.
(1 v.)
Memoranda of William Wignell while managing the Philadelphia Theatre.

Williamson, Peter. Records, 1861-1874.
(2 v.)
Account book of the fund for the relief of families of Philadelphia volunteers, 1861-1886; record of names of orphans maintained and educated by the Philadelphia superintending committee of soldiers' orphans, 1864-1874.

United States. Centennial Commission. Women's Centennial Executive Committee. Minutes, 1874-1876.
(2 v.)
Mrs. Elizabeth Duane Gillespie served as president for the Women's Centennial Executive Committee which was formed to raise funds in support for the Centennial within the city.

Young Men's Christian Associations (Philadelphia, Pa.) Civil War casualty records, 1861-1865.
(3 v.)
Records of sick and wounded soldiers and hospital care and other aid rendered by the association.

Young Republicans of Philadelphia (Pa.) Minutes, 1903-1919.
(1 v.)
Minutes, bylaws, resolutions and names of members.

Young, Sgt. Journal, 1776-1777.
(1 v.)
Sgt. Young served under Captain Thomas Fitzsimmons' Philadelphia infantry company.

Ashmore, Edith Bancroft. Collection, 1744-1821.
(105 items.)
Letters and documents about Dr. Edward Bancroft, including some of his correspondence, 1779-1789; letters to Bancroft, 1777-1819; information on Two Books of Epigrams and Epitaphs by Thomas Bancroft; and portraits, notes, letters and genealogical material relating to the Bancroft family.

Some of Dr. Edward Bancroft's correspondence is photostatic copies.

Birmingham Mills (Burlington, N.J.) Account book, 1860-1867.
(1 v.)
Account book of Birmingham flour and feed mills.

Betty (ship). Logbook, 1789.
(1 v.)
Logbook of the Betty, commanded by Captain Edward Rice, from Philadelphia to Port au Prince, and of the Charleston, S.C. from Newfoundland to New York.

Brodhead, Daniel, 1736-1809. Letterbook, 1780-1785.
(1 v.)
Letterbook of Daniel Brodhead written while commander at Fort Pitt. Material relates to the condition of the army and the forts depending on Fort Pitt, the Indian troubles, events leading up to General Brodhead's court martial, and a few business letters from Brodhead written in 1785.

Brown, Mary Stockton. Collection, 1764-1860.
(93 items.)
Letters to Samuel Cooper and others, 1819-1837, some relating to Cooper's Western expedition; papers from the estate of Mary Graham, Bordentown, N.J., 1817-1830, including the accounts of Newberry Smith, executor; papers of John Harrison, including his will, 1826; marriage certificate of Thomas Harrison and Sarah Richards, 1764; papers of M.G. Taylor & Co., 1854-1860.

Business account books, 1845-1876.
(6 v.)
Journal of William Pollock, lumber merchant, 1851-1870; account book of William Pollock, 1845-1853; ledger for a lumber and coal merchant, 1853-1869; account book for a Pottsville coal merchant, 1872-1875; account book for a coal merchant, 1872-1876; and account book, 1870-1872.

Chambers, Gordon. Collection, 1792-1823.
(44 items.)
Papers and correspondence of the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Navigation Company and the Union Canal Company. Records of payments, receipts, stock certificates; patent rights for swinging gates to increase the depth of water; contracts and laws governing lotteries; protests against abolition of lotteries; protests against the proposed union of the canal companies. Among the names mentioned are: Henry Drinker, James C. Fisher, Peter S. DuPonceau, William M. Meredith, Charles Ingersoll, William Milnor, Samuel Mifflin, Samuel Breck, Ebenezer Hazard, Thomas McKean, Simon Snyder, and others.

Civil War papers, 1861-1865.
(533 items.)
Entry cancelled.

Day, Alfred. Letterbook, 1855.
(1 v.)
Alfred Day was a Philadelphia naval agent.

Felton family. Papers, 1839-1889, 1916-1920.
(ca. 500 items.)
The Felton papers consist of correspondence, memoranda, reports, of Samuel Morse Felton and his son Samuel Morse Felton, both civil engineers who became prominent railroad executives.

Samuel Morse Felton, Sr., was appointed president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad in 1851, and his letterpress book, 1857-1859, concerns his management of the railroad. The P.W. & B. was an important transportation route during the Civil War, and Felton's loose papers relate primarily to the foiling of an assassination plot against Lincoln in February, 1861, the transportation of Union troops and supplies (much of this material consists of cipher dispatches and telegrams), and the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel in Massachusetts, for which Felton served as commissioner, 1862- 1865. After the War, Felton became president of Pennsylvania Steel, but his interest in railroading remained strong. A letterpress book, 1868-1874, contains his letters as president of the Delaware Railroad and other positions he continued to hold in the industry. Felton's correspondents include Craig Biddle, John B. Brooks, Simon Cameron, Samuel F. du Pont, John M. Forbes, Alexander Holmes, Benjamin H. Latrobe, Jr., Benson J. Lossing, Allan Pinkerton, Fitz John Porter, Enoch Pratt, E.S. Sanford, Nathaniel Thayer, David Yulee, P.H. Hare, John Bingham, George McClellan, George Stearns, Thomas Blackwell, Robert Beale, and George E. Bent.

Samuel Morse Felton, Jr., also served as president and chairman of several railroad companies and industry associations. These papers relate in part to Felton's position as advisor to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1916 and illustrate preparations made by the Corps for war with Mexico. Most of the material is on Felton's activities as Director General of Military Railroads, 1917-1918. Correspondents include Wallace Atterbury, Maj. Gen. William Black, Col. W.C. Langrift, William G. McAdoo, and William B. Parsons. There is also a typescript of an official report compiled by Felton, History of Director General of Military Railways.

Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1771-1982.
(75 items.)
The Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick was founded in 1771 as a social organization for men of Irish heritage. The original organization was dissolved by 1798. In 1792, the Hibernian Society for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland was incorporated, with much of its membership overlapping with the Friendly Sons. In 1898 the Hibernian Society changed its name to the Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland.

Rules and minutebook, 1771-1797; minutebooks, 1813-1910, 1935-1956, 1960-1982; record of fees for membership, dinners and scholarship fund, 1954-1960; annual toasts, 1853-1880; portraits of early members; constitution and by-laws, 1941, 1945, 1951, 1971; membership lists, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1971; addresses presented to the society; dinner programs, 1939-1980; and other ephemera.

Harvey, Isaac, Jr. Papers, 1788-1856.
(15 v.)
Diary, 1820-1856, of Isaac Harvey, a Philadelphia merchant, recording events in Philadelphia, the weather; letterbook, 1788-1795 of Isaac Harvey, Sr., on the West Indian trade.

Satterthwaite family. Papers, 1752-1845.
(10 items.)
Papers on the Satterthwaite family including the will of Ann Satterthwaite, 1830; marriage certificates of Joshua Satterthwaite and Ann Middleton, 1785, Richard Satterthwaite and Elizabeth Wright, 1752, Richard Satterthwaite and Jemima K. Redman, 1831, Joseph Schofield and Lydia Satterthwaite, 1821; Lydia Satterthwaite's autograph book and book of poetry, 1817, and 1818; Richard Satterthwaite's book of poetry, 1852; four maps drawn at school by Lydia Satterthwaite.

Jackson, Joseph, 1867-1946. Collection, 1798-1941.
(3 linear ft.)
Letters, correspondence and miscellaneous items including letters from Fanny Kemble; S. Weir Mitchell, 1912; Samuel W. Pennypacker, 1912; Agnes Repplier, 1916; Rudolph Blankenburg, 1912; and others. Cartoon "Congressional Pugilists," 1798; play bills; broadsides; material relating to Charles G. Leland, 1853-1893; list of subscribers to Philadelphia directory, 1820; W.W. Lamb's theatrical record, 1857; and miscellaneous material relating to Jackson's literary career.

King and Wilson (Washington, D.C.) Letterbook, 1837-1838.
(1 v.)
King and Wilson was a firm in Washington, D.C., interested in the buying and selling of public lands.

Lawrence, Thomas, 1689-1754. Papers, 1684-1759.
(100 items.)
Papers of Thomas Lawrence including correspondence, business letters, receipts, legal papers, accounts with Samuel Bronson, 1742-1748, and letterbook, 1746-1754.

Leisler Rebellion Papers, 1689-1691.
(ca. 225 items.)
When word reached to colonies that William had landed in England as a result of the Glorious Revolution, there was reaction throughout America. In New York the lieutenant-governor was deposed by a group led by Jacob Leisler. Leisler assumed the office of governor until further word from England. An ambiguous letter from King William authorized continuation of the Leisler government. In 1691 a new governor was appointed. Leisler hesitated to relinquish the office. As a result, he was charged with treason and hanged. In 1695 Parliament exonerated Leisler from all charges.

These papers are accounts of the events leading up to the conviction of Jacob Leisler and arguing for his exoneration.


Mary Anna Longstreth School. Alumnae Association (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1829-1939.
(ca. 225 items.)
Business papers and correspondence of the Mary Anna Longstreth Alumnae Association, 1829-1939, including cancelled checks; bank statements, 1828-1835; list of members, 1925-1938; correspondence 1912-1939; bills, receipts, treasurer's reports, 1929-1936; newspaper clippings, pamphlets; school account books, 1829-1890; association account books, 1899-1901, 1901-1915, 1916-1931; officers' books, 1899-1907, 1907-1930; minute books; and memoirs.

Marchand, Lizzie. Journal, 1864.
(1 v.)
Journal of Lizzie Marchand kept while attending Mrs. Cary's school in Philadelphia.

Young Men's Christian Associations. Philadelphia (Pa.) History of the Fifth Street Methodist Episcopal Church.
(1 v.)
Manuscript apparently assembled for the fiftieth anniversary in 1882. Includes photographs and prints.

Montgomery, William Woodrow, 1845-1921. Papers, 1847-1922.
(4 linear ft.)
Papers of W.W. Montgomery, attorney, including letters, legal papers, agreements, indentures, land warrants, drafts, deeds, articles of search, bonds, mortgages, judgements, tax bills, receipts, estate papers.

Morgan, George, 1743-1810. Letterbook, 1767-1768.
(1 v.)
Letterbook of George Morgan, Indian trader and speculator in western lands. The letterbook contains Morgan's correspondence addressed to Baynton and Wharton from Fort Charles and Kaskaskia giving many details of the Indian trade. There are also journals of the journey from Philadelphia to the Mengo town on the Ohio and a voyage down the Mississippi River from Kaskaskia to the Iberville River.

Johnston, Benjamin S. Logbook, 1856-1860.
(1 v.)
Record of voyages in the ship, Morning Light, from Philadelphia to San Francisco; in the schooner, Flying Duck, from San Francisco to Honolulu; in the barque, Francis Palmer, from San Francisco to Honolulu; in the barque, Godfrey, from San Francisco to New York; in the barque, Julia Castner, from Philadelphia to San Francisco; and in the ship, Old Colony, from San Francisco to Callao and then to Leith.

Neave, Samuel, d. 1774. Accounts, 1737-1738.
(1 v.)
The accounts of Samuel Neave, Philadelphia furrier, kept in his copy of Bradford's almanac for 1738.

Penn family. Lands records, 1683-1746.
(1 v.)
A record from the surveyor general's office showing Penn lands, warrants, surveys, returns of the manors and other tracts.

Sergeant, Thomas, 1782-1860. Papers, 1781-1853.
(115 items.)
Correspondence and legal papers for Thomas Sergeant, a Philadelphia jurist, including letters on the Philadelphia Post Office (1883); papers relating to the capital stock of the Albany Gas Light Company; reports on decisions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania; and similar matters. Correspondents include John Binns, William Davidson, William Findlay, John B. Trevor, George Wolf and John Wurtz.

Rittenhouse Boys Grammar School (Philadelphia, Pa.) Examination results, 1866-1887.
(2 v.)

Roberts, Thomas. Account book, 1767-1810.
(1 v.)
The accounts of Thomas Roberts, III, of Bristol Township, including his farm accounts, 1767-1810; rents received from a house in Southwark, 1786-1796; and accounts as administrator of an estate in Germantown, 1768-1771, 1776-1782.

Schulling, S. Diary, 1824-1825.
(1 v.)
Diary of S. Schulling of summer trips through Pennsylvania, New York and New England.

Scott, John Morin, 1789-1858. Papers, 1782-1869.
(6 linear ft.)
Legal papers and correspondence of John M. Scott including: John M. Scott case book, 1822-1845, letterbooks, 1813-1860, correspondence, 1782-1869; Sarah Hopkinson estate account book, 1858-1869, receipt book, 1857-1865, account book, 1857-1864, memorandum books; and Meredith estate accounts.

Shaler, William, 1778?-1833. Papers, 1794-1832.
(ca. 700 items.)
Miscellaneous papers of William Shaler, U.S. Consul at Algiers: correspondence, 1799-1832; business papers, 1794-1829; notes on the Turkish language; and journal of the U.S. consulate at Algiers, 1827-1828.

United Rifle Corps (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1844-1861.
(3 linear ft.)
In 1844 the National Rifle Corps was formed as a volunteer corps. Its name was changed in 1846 to the United Rifle Corps.

Miscellaneous papers and minute book of the United Rifle Corps: notices, accounts, orderly sergeants' reports, receipts, 1849-1861; minutes, 1844-1849, 1850-1861; orders on the treasurer, 1858-1860; ledger, 1853-1857; account books of dues, 1844-1848.

Walker, Juliet C. Collection, 1788-1895.
(2 linear ft.)
Business papers, correspondence and legal papers of the Walker family of Pottsville, primarily the papers of Thomas H. Walker, lawyer, and Lewis S. Walker, physician. Papers on the Burd, Hubley, Shippen and Walker families, 1788-1895; Lewis Walker's medical lectures; and Lewis Walker's journal, 1848-1864.

Wicacoa and Moyamensing Meadows Company. Papers, 1762-1900.
(2 v. and 1 item.)
Blueprint of land embraced within the charters, 1761-1765, 1828-1830; copy of assessments, 1899; return of names of landowners, 1762; and minute books, 1762-1824, 1825-1900.

R. D. Wood and Company. Papers, 1858-1905.
(15 linear ft.)
Business records of a foundry in Cumberland County, N.J., which made iron castings and pipe. These records include account books, 1871-1879, 1892-1895, 1896-1899; records of pipe made, 1860-1899; casting books, 1868-1898; and daybooks, 1873-1876, 1883-1886.

Young, William, 1755-1829. Correspondence, 1792-1827.
(ca. 1050 items.)
Correspondence of William Young, bookseller and printer of Philadelphia. Among the correspondents of Young were: Darton and Harvey, London; Dunlap and Claypoole; William Gilbert, Dublin; Joshua Gilpin; Richard Folwell; Benjamin F. Garrigues; Ross and Simpson; John Matthews; John Stockton and Son; William Warner and Company; and others.

Philadelphia (Pa.). General Hospital. Papers.
(3 linear ft.)
Data on all the physicians who have been connected with Philadelphia General Hospital from its founding in 1731 as Blockley Alms House to 1939.

Brisbane, John, 1730-1822. Ledger, 1776-1779.
(1 v.)
Revolutionary War ledger of accounts of Capt. John Brisbane with other soldiers recording money paid and supplies purchased.

Carson, Hampton L. (Hampton Lawrence), 1852-1929. Papers, 1874-1927.
(11 linear ft.)
Papers on the American Bar Association, of which Hampton L. Carson was president; testimonials to Mr. Carson; correspondence, 1875-1926; papers of the Commission on Revision of the Constitution of Pennsylvania, 1910-1920; Carson's speeches; docket books, 1874-1883, 1879-1890, 1890-1893.

Champion, Joseph. Papers, 1774-1844.
(42 items.)
Forms of precepts for justices of the peace, 1797; and miscellaneous manuscripts.

Cope family. Papers, 1692-1891.
(1 v.)
Letters, many to Caleb Cope, coats of arms, newspaper clippings and genealogical data relating to the Cope and allied families.

Dreer Collection : Additional manuscripts, 1741-1812.
(ca. 170 items.)
Entry cancelled; see collection #175.

DuBois, Henry C. Papers, 1774-1890.
(31 items.)
Letters and papers on the DuBois, Ewing and Patterson families; letters of Robert Patterson, James Madison and Oliver Wolcott.

Fahnestock, Anna Maria, 1803-1890. Diaries, 1863-1867, 1869-1873.
(7 v.)
Diaries of Anna Maria and George Wolff Fahnestock. In addition to the diaries there is a volume of clippings on the burning of the steamboat United States, December 4, 1868.

Fair American (ship). Papers, 1793-1794.
(9 items.)
Letters of Andrew Clow, Robert Cumming, and William Crammond, merchants on the voyages of the ship Fair American.

United States. Army Commissariat. Invoices, 1863.
(1 v.)
Invoice book of ordinance and stores of the Frankford Arsenal, sent of Captain Prince R. Stetson at Harrisburg, 1863.

Franklin Reformatory Home for Inebriates (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1872-1906.
(19 v.)
The Franklin Reformatory Home for Inebriates was incorporated in 1872 and located at 915 Locust Street. Its mission was to provide a home and support for individuals without economic means desirous of overcoming alcohol abuse. Samuel P. Godwin acted as the president. All present and previous patients of the home became members of the Godwin Association which contributed a large sum of money for operating costs each year.

Minute books, registers, constitution and bylaws, and a journal of daily events, 1880-1890.

Gilmore's Auditorium (Philadelphia, Pa.) Programs, 1895-1901.
(3 v.)
Programs of entertainments given in Gilmore's Auditorium, Walnut Street above Eighth.

Graff family. Papers, 1727-1929.
(87 items and 6 v.)
Graff family Bible records, 1727-1908; letters of Frederick Graff, 1806-1829; letters of Charles Graff, 1819-1833; family correspondence, 1819-1833; autograph albums; diary, 1880; and a book of verse.

Greene, James M., d. 1871. Letters, 1825-1835.
(24 items.)
Dr. James M. Greene was a medical officer in the United States Navy.

Jackson, Joseph, 1867-1946. Papers, 1926-1927.
(100 items.)
Joseph Jackson's correspondence with Dr. Robert B. Ludy on the book Historic Hotels of the World, and manuscript of this book.

Jones, John, Jr. Daybook, 1746-1765.
(1 v.)
John Jones, Jr. was a Philadelphia shoemaker.

Jordan, Ewing, b. 1847. Papers, 1846-1877.
(15 v.)
Diary, 1846-1877 of Francis Jordan; schoolbooks of Ewing Jordan, 1853-1861, used at Nazareth Hall; scrapbook kept by Ewing Jordan while at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lippincott, Joseph W. Papers.
(125 items.)

Papers on the early history of New Jersey; notes on the Lippincott and Roberts family.

Mary Anna Longstreth School. Alumnae Association. Papers, 1898-1942.
(80 items.)
Minute books and memoirs of the alumnae association.

Lyons, Edward. Diaries, 1830-1856.
(2 v.)
Edward Lyons' diaries discuss his membership in William Metcalfe's Philadelphia Bible-Christian Church, a fundamentalist sect believing in vegetarianism.

Nelson, Thomas Forsythe. Papers, [19--].
(4,000 items.)
Personal papers, bank drafts, and financial papers of Thomas Nelson.

Stoddard, J.K. Collection, 1872-1926.
(3 linear ft.)
Primarily correspondence of the Newhall family.