Paschall, Benjamin. Record book, 1778-1784.
(1 v.)
Record book of Benjamin Paschall, Philadelphia Justice of the Peace. Includes recognizance, apprentice and service indentures, and Pennsylvania allegiance lists.

United States Custom House (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records, 1803-1873.
(247 items.)
Ship manifests.

Philadelphia (Pa.). Fire Department. Records, 1884-1913.
(21 v.)

United States. Selective Service System. Philadelphia (Pa.) Papers, 1917-1918.
(2,000 items.)
Papers of Clarence L. Harper, secretary for the Board, on the drafting of Philadelphians for World War II.

Philadelphia (Pa.) Tax books, 1803-1853.
(266 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Philadelphia Department of Records.

Progressive Literary Association of Philadelphia (Pa.) Minutes, 1860-1902.
(2 v.)
Entry cancelled; missing since 1954.

Rawle family. Papers, 1778-1921.
Correspondence and legal documents of the Rawle family of Philadelphia, lawyers. The papers include the court docket of William Rawle, 1807-1835; letterbook of William Rawle, 1848-1854; letters of William Rawle, Sr., 1778-1804; cash accounts, R. Rawle, 1821-1824; letterbook, R. Rawle, 1818-1819; contemporary copy of Penn's Frame of Government; book of surveys of Rawle properties; legal notebook, 1905-1916; maps; and engraved portraits.

Washington Righter's Sons (Columbia, Pa.) Records, 1847-1881.
(36 v.)
Washington Righter's Sons, lumber merchants of Columbia, Lancaster County, and of Philadelphia, originally operated as Righter and Sutton.

Business records including receipt books, ledgers, journals, accounts and other papers.

Rodgers family. Papers, 1791-1885.
(6 linear ft.)
Commodore John Rodgers entered the navy in 1798 as a lieutenant and in 1799 was promoted to captain. After the war he served briefly as the master of the Nelly sailing to Santo Domingo. He was arrested by the French, and his cargo was confiscated. He returned to active naval service in the Mediterranean Squadron. During the War of 1812 he was the thanking officer. In 1815 he was appointed president of the Board of Navy Commissioners.

In 1806 Rodgers married Minerva Denison, daughter of Gideon Denison, Jr., merchant of Sion Hill, near Havre de Grace, Md. Three of the Rodgers sons entered the Navy. Frederick, a midshipman, was drowned in 1828 at Norfolk. John, a surveyor and naval engineer, served in the Civil War and died as a rear admiral in 1882. Henry was lost off the California coast in 1854. Robert Smith Rodgers, the eldest, was a civil engineer; he operated the family farm at Sion Hill, and served in the Civil War as a colonel, and later was deputy collector of the port of Havre de Grace. He married Sarah Perry, daughter of Commodore Matthew C. Perry, in 1841, and two of their children, Frederick and John Augustus, also served in the navy.

Henry Denison, brother of Minerva Denison Rodgers, operated the family farm at Sion Hill before his nephew Robert and served as a U.S. Navy purser.

The bulk of the John Rodgers material relates to his various naval assignments: with the West Indies Squadron, 1799-1802, commanding the sloop of war Maryland; with the Mediterranean Squadron against the Barbary pirates, 1802-1806, commanding the sloop of war John Adams, the frigates New York and Congress, and at various times commander-in-chief of the entire squadron; commanding the New York Flotilla (of gunboats and bomb vessels) and Naval Station, 1807-1810, following the war scare occasioned by the Chesapeake-Leopard incident and, with the abandonment of the gunboat philosophy, directing his command of the brig Argus, the sloop of war Wasp and other vessels from the frigate Constitution; commanding "the northern division of ships for the protection of the American coast," 1810-1814, with the frigate President as his flagship; commanding the Delaware Flotilla and the frigate Guerriere under construction in Philadelphia, 1814; President of the Board of Navy Commissioners responsible for administering the navy material, 1815-1837, with two interludes - commanding the West Indies Squadron, 1823, aboard the schooner Shark in the relief expedition to Thompson's Island (Key West), and commanding the Mediterranean Squadron, 1825-1827, with the North Carolina as his flagship, and the Constitution, the frigate Brandywine, the sloops of war Erie, Ontario, and Warren, and the schooner Porpoise under his command.

The Commodore Rodgers materials include: Incoming correspondence, 1803-1835, mainly from fellow naval officers. Letterbooks (including incoming letters), official correspondence, 1799-1803, from the Maryland, John Adams, New York; 1802, from Baltimore, reporting to President Madison on Santo Domingo experience; 1814, from Philadelphia; 1823-1824, from the Shark; 1829-1830, from Navy Commissioner's Office; 1834, from Navy Board of Revision. Logs, 1812, of the President; 1824-1827, of the North Carolina. Court-martial proceedings, 1807-1808, for the bomb ketches Vesuvius and Etna; 1810-1812, for the Wasp, Argus, Constitution, sloop of war Hornet; 1826, for the Constitution. Stores books (receipts and expenditures), 1804-1805, for ship of the line Constellation, Mediterranean Squadron; 1809-1814, for the Constitution; 1819-1820, for ship of the line Columbus, built by Navy Commissioners Board; 1824-1827, for the North Carolina. Requisition books, 1814, for the Guerriere; 1825-1827 for the North Carolina, Constitution, Brandywine, Erie, Ontario, Warren, Porpoise. Survey order books, 1808-1812, for the New York Flotilla and for the Northern Division; 1825-1827, for the Mediterranean Squadron.

Account books, 1805-1806, for the Constitution and other Mediterranean vessels; 1807-1810, for the New York Flotilla, including specified gunboats, the Constitution, the schooner Revenge; 1810-1813, for the President; 1824-1827, for the North Carolina and the Mediterranean Squadron; some John Rodgers personal accounts, such as house expenses, 1815-1817, are interspersed in these volumes. General orders books, and quarter, station and other bills, 1802-1804, for the John Adams, New York, and Congress; 1807, for the New York Flotilla of Bombs and Gunboats; 1809, for the Constitution; ca. 1810, for the President; 1824-1826, for the Mediterranean Squadron. Record book of commercial vessels boarded, 1808-1809, by New York Flotilla gunboats and the Constitution. Muster roll, 1809-1811, for the Constitution. Meteorological diary, 1824-1827, for the North Carolina. Liberty books, 1826-1827, for the North Carolina. General orders and outfitting instructions for naval vessels, signal books, stores and requisition books, calculations for naval ship construction, ca. 1805, ca. 1815, 1825-1827, 1833-1834, n.d.

There is material for the sons and daughter of Commodore John and Minerva Rodgers. The material for Frederick Rodgers includes: astronomy copybook, ca. 1825; pocket station bill, 1825, for the North Carolina; black book or punishment book, 1825-1827, maintained by Frederick for the North Carolina; log, 1827, for the North Carolina.

For Henry Rodgers there are: logs, 1837-1840, aboard the sloop of war Fairfield, the brig, Dolphin, and ship of the line, Independence, 1842, aboard the brig, Somers; navigation work book, 1840-1842, aboard the sloop of war, Levant; at rear, arithmetic work book; personal logs and diaries, 1850, aboard the mail steamer Georgia, 1850-1851, aboard the mail steamer Falcon, 1852-1853, aboard unnamed steamer carrying mail, cargo, passengers; night order book, 1851, for the Falcon, continued as Robert S. Rodgers, survey notes, ca. 1850's, for the Hartford County, Md., properties.

For John Rodgers (Jr.) there are purser's accounts, 1840-1841, for the schooner Wave. Quarter, watch, and other bills, ca. 1841, for the schooner, Boxer.

For Robert Smith Rodgers there is incoming correspondence, 1835-1863, mainly family, and records for work as canal engineer, 1836-1838. Other volumes include prize agent's memorandum book, 1846-1847, for the steamer, Mississippi; diary and expense accounts, 1846-1857, at Sion Hill, with some ca. 1850's survey notes interspersed; custom house book, 1877-1885, weekly reports of collections at Havre de Grace. For Louise Rodgers there is an Arithmetic work book, 1826 and commonplace book, 1829-1836.

There are also papers for the grandsons of Commodore John and Minerva Rodgers. The material for Frederick Rodgers includes: diary, 1854, at Sion Hill; copybook, 1860, while at the Naval Academy, watch bills, (between 1855 and 1861) for the sloop Marion, 1862, for the frigate Santee, ca. 1864, for the screw steamer Grand Gulf, 1870, and for the sloop of war St. Mary's; letterbook, 1873-1876, official naval correspondence aboard the screw steamer Despatch.

The material for John Augustus Rodgers includes: diary, 1867, of summer cruise aboard the sloop of war Macedonian and Paris visit and notes on navigation, 1869, aboard the steam sloop Pensacola.

Papers for Minerva (Denison) Rodgers' father, brother, and brothers-in-law include: Gideon Denison letterbook, 1792-1794, business letters concerning trade matters; Ezra Denison letterbook, 1799, from Natchez, continued, Henry Denison, 1800-1801, from Natchez, New Orleans and Havre de Grace; Henry Denison letterbooks, 1808-1809, on settlement of father's estate; 1815-1821, official correspondence on his purser's accounts and assignments. Sion Hill account books, 1804-1807, estate accounts; 1816-1819, same, and at back, purser's accounts, 1816-1817, for the Congress; 1818-1819, personal house expenses. Incoming correspondence and accounts as purser, 1807-1821, including especially accounts while prisoner in England following August 1813 capture of the Argus, paying and supplying American naval prisoners at Chatham, Plymouth, Dartmoor. John D. Henley: Enlistment receipts, 1813, as recruiting officer at Baltimore for the schooner Asp. Correspondence, 1817-1818, official exchanges aboard the John Adams with General Louis de Aury on the surrender of Amelia Island to Rodgers. Log, 1819-1821, of the Congress on cruise to China from Norfolk and return, first American naval vessel to visit a Chinese port. Alexander S. Wadsworth: Log and regulations, 1829-1831, as captain of the Constellation.

The Commodore Matthew C. Perry materials include: correspondence, incoming and outgoing, 1825-1852; letterbooks, official correspondence, 1830-1832, as commander of the sloop of war Concord carrying John Randolph of Roanoke to Russia, continued 1833-1837, as second officer of the New York Navy Yard; 1842-1843, as commandant of the New York Navy Yard; 1846, from New York on the propriety of an increase of naval steamships, continued, 1847, aboard the Mississippi, commanding the Home Squadron at Vera Cruz, continued, 1848-1849, on special duty at New York superintending construction of ocean mail steamers; 1847, commanding the Home Squadron aboard the Mississippi at Vera Cruz, Tuxpan, Tabasco; 1848, commanding Home Squadron aboard the frigate Cumberland; log, 1832, of the Concord; record book, 1843-1844, containing minutes of conferences with native chiefs and of proceeding of councils of naval officers, as commander of the Africa Squadron; also notes of events at Cape Palmas involving difficulties between American settlers and native tribes; essay on the Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color and settlements established by the Society; letters, private, involving either colonization or aspects of the cruise.

A small collection of printed general orders, 1863-1865, Admiral John A. Dahlgren to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, is also included in this collection of Rodgers Family Papers.

Order of United American Mechanics. Fredonia Council, No. 52 (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records, 1850-1857.
(1 v.)
The Order of United American Mechanics was founded in 1845 for the protection and encouragement of workmen and the providing of relief funds.

Records of the Fredonia Council, located in West Philadelphia, of the Order of United American Mechanics.

Stackhouse, William. Diaries, 1863-1865.
(3 v.)
Diaries kept by William Stackhouse during his period of service with Company B, 119th Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1863-1865.

Thompson, Sarah, b. 1764. Commonplace book, 1782-1849.
(1 v.)
Commonplace book of Sarah Thompson, 1782-1785; notes by Rebecca Robinson; and miscellaneous genealogical notes on the Thompson, Robinson and Dunn families, 1784-1841.

Union Burial Ground Society (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1827-1889.
(3 v.)
Records of owners of lots and of internments in the Union Burial Ground.

United States. Marine Corps. Flight logbooks, 1919-1939.
(10 v.)

United States. Marine Corps. Papers, 1811-1848.
(51 items.)
Payrolls and size rolls of the Marine Corps.

Vollmer, Charles. Ledger, 1860-1864.
(1 v.)
Charles Vollmer was a Philadelphia cabinetmaker.

Business and personal accounts with description of a trip to Paris.

Wheeler, George. Papers, 1900-1940.
(6 linear ft.)
Notes on Pine Grove and Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania canals and railroads, and Indian Wars.

Young Republican Club of the Twenty-Second Ward (Philadelphia, Pa.) Minute book, 1892-1912.
(1 v.)
Minute book including correspondence, lists of members, bylaws, rules for Board of Governors, and miscellaneous accounts for the Young Republican Club of the Twenty-Second Ward located in Germantown.

Atlanta (ship). Invoice book, 1809.
(1 v.)

The first part of this volume contains invoices of goods shipped on an unidentified schooner, records of sales. The second part lists the wares shipped on board the schooner Atlanta, with notes on the sale of the goods, and of purchases made in Puerto Rico. Both ships sailed from the Port of Philadelphia.

Atkinson, William B. (William Biddle), 1832-1909. Notes on lectures, 1850.
(3 v.)
Three small notebooks containing notes on British literature, religion and Italian.

Bailey, Gilbert Swartzlander, b. 1897. Collection, 1897-1940.
(4 linear ft.)
School notebooks, 1897-1940, of Gilbert S. Bailey while attending A.D. Bache School, Central High School, School of Pedagogy, Wharton School, Crozer Seminary and Temple University. Correspondence while in the Army, 1918, as well as minutes for the Junior Baptist Young Peoples Union (of Trinity Church), 1913, the Fifth Baptist Church, 1925, and the State Sabbath School Convention complete the collection. Also included is a series of baseball cards.

Bedford, Isaac. Papers, 1827-1846.
(ca. 300 items.)
Miscellaneous real estate papers, bills, and receipts, giving information on income from and improvements on properties owned by Isaac Bedford; some papers of Andrew McBride are also included documenting the building of a factory in Morrisville.

Bell, Richard, 1780-1866. Diary, 1818-1827.
(1 v.)
Diary of Richard Bell kept on his voyage to America and during his residence in Delaware.


Bentley, David. Receipt book, 1822-1857.
(1 v.)
David Bentley was a Philadelphia coppersmith and regulator of weights and measures.

St. Andrews Episcopal Church. Berean Society (Philadelphia, Pa.) Minutes, 1823-1828.
(1 v.)
The Berean Society managed a Sunday School for boys under the direction of St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

Decree of the Estate of Voisin of Argillieres, 1574.
(1 v.)

Bogert, Judith. Memoranda book, 1842-1847.
(1 v.)
Small notebook recording the expenses and income of Miss Bogert.

Brayton, Annie Hare Powel. Collection, 1681-1799.
(124 items.)
Deeds, 1681-1789, surveys and maps, 1683-1799, of the Philadelphia area.

Brissot de Warville, J.-P. (Jacques-Pierre), 1754-1793. Constitution de la republique de Pensylvanie, 1776.
(1 v.)
History of the constitution of Pennsylvania adopted in 1776.

One section of the volume contains a translation of these essays into Italian.

These essays were published in Brissot de Warville' Bibliotheque de Philosophie du Legislateur (Berlin, 1782).

Britannia (ship). Mustering book, 1773.
(1 v.)
This record book was kept by Captain James Peters and contains a list of passengers brought by him on the Britannia from Rotterdam to Philadelphia. Accounts of the freight and head charges, and signatures of the passengers, most of whom were German, are included.

Brown, Beulah. Book of verse, 1811.
(1 v.)

Brown family. Papers, 1742-1810.
(15 v.)
Commonplace books of Elijah and Mary Brown containing articles and poems, chiefly from contemporary newspapers. A few letters and some material directly relate to Charles Brockden Brown are included.

Brown, John. Memorandum book, 1762-1763.
(1 v.)
Accounts of prize money paid, records of privateering enterprises, costs of shipping, of provisions.

Browning Society of Philadelphia (Pa.) Records, 1903-1925.
(100 items.)
The Browning Society was formed in 1887 to promote the reading and study of the works of Robert Browning. It disbanded in 1922.

Minutes, cashbooks and clippings, 1903-1925.

Butler, Samuel Worcester. Record book, 1849-1858.
(1 v.)
Medical records of births attended by Dr. Samuel Worcester Butler, a physician practicing in Burlington, N.J.

Butler, Thomas, 1812-1870. Memorandum book, 1844.
(1 v.)
Thomas Butler was a Philadelphia tinsmith.

Cadwalader, John, 1805-1879. Account book, 1826-1840.
(1 v.)
Account book of John Cadwalader on legal matters.

Carr, Josephine. Invitation and address book, 1888-1893.
(1 v.)
Notes on invitations received and a list of the names of prominent Philadelphia debutantes.

Centennial Exhibition. Women's Centennial Committee. Register of Visitors.
(1 v.)
Register of visitors to the Women's Pavilion of the Centennial Exhibition held in Philadelphia, 1876.

Chambers, James. Notebook, 1834-1841.
(1 v.)
Notebook containing essays, poems and puzzles of James Chambers of Philadelphia.

Chandler, Mary Ann. Notebooks, 1857-1858.
(3 v.)
School notes, poetry, essays and a list of pupils with their attendance recorded by Mary Ann Chandler.

Chester County (Pa.) Deed book, 1716-1730.
(1 v.)

Cheyney, Thomas, b. 1731. Docket book, 1779-1805.
(1 v.)
Docket of Thomas Cheyney, Chester County justice of the peace, includes records of cases brought before Thomas Cheyney and of the marriages performed by him.

Chinese characters, 1825 and watercolors, 1891.
(2 v.)
Manuscript depicting the art of writing the Chinese language with the English equivalents, and a collection of watercolors illustrating Chinese system of justice and the customs of the country.

United States Customs House (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1882-1883.
(1 v.)
Records of arrival of passenger vessels in the Port of Philadelphia, lists of dutiable goods imported with amounts of duty paid.

United States. Army. Commissariat. Account book, 1863-1865.
(1 v.)
Commissary account book showing the purchase of provisions, clothing.

Clark, Adele C. Autograph book, 1888.
(1 v.)

United States Constitution Sesqui-Centennial Celebration. Papers, 1937.
(3 linear ft.)
Invitations; tickets; programs; text of radio address delivered by Mayors S. Davis Wilson and Fiorella H. La Guardia; essay on Pelatiah Webster by George W. Mingus; and similar items issued by the Pennsylvania Constitution Commemorative Committee.

Cottrell, J.F. Receipt book, 1842-1848.
(1 v.)
J.F. Cottrell was a Lancaster County ironmaster.

Coxe, Robert D. Legal Philadelphia, 1908.
(1 v.)

Original manuscript of Robert D. Coxe's Legal Philadelphia (Philadelphia, 1908).

Craft, James. Diary, 1796-1808.
(2 v.)
Diary of James Craft of Burlington, N.J., chiefly recording weather conditions. There are some notes on current happenings.

Curtin family. Clippings, 1894. 300 items.
Largely clippings on the death of Andrew Gregg Curtin; miscellaneous clippings collected by Dr. Robert G. Curtin.

Curtis, Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar, 1850-1933. Papers, 1912-1938.
(667 items.)
Personal letters to and from Cyrus H.K. Curtis, Philadelphia publisher. Many relate to the affairs of the Curtis Publishing Company and to the Public Ledger.

Daix, Augustus F. Papers, 1889-1914.
(11 v.)
Letterbooks, 1893, 1898-1914; order book, 1903; and real estate ledger, 1889-1896, pertaining to property in Philadelphia.

Dallas, George Mifflin, 1792-1864. "Twelfth Night Ball," 1813.
(1 v.)
Verse entitled "Twelfth Night Ball, dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willing.

Darain, M. Essay, 1762.
(1 v.)
Essay entitled "Idée générale de tous les gouvernemens de l'Europe."

Daughters of the Founders and Patriots of America. Pennsylvania Chapter. History, 1902-1939.
(1 v.)
History of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Daughter of the Founders and Patriots of America.

Davis, Charles H. Metallic money, 1890.
(1 v.)
Treatise on the principles of banking and other monetary transactions.

Cuesta, Josefa Espinosa de. Correspondence, 1826-1842.
(400 items.)
Letters addressed to Josefa Espinosa de Cuesta, a resident of Philadelphia, from relatives in Europe and South America.

Philadelphia and Camden Bridge and Terminal Company (Pa.) Delaware River Bridge Survey, 1916.
(1 v.)
A preliminary report on the feasibility of bridging the Delaware River with drawings of proposed bridge and road map of the area.

Dobler, Daniel, b. 1803. Journal, 1819-1844.
(1 v.)
Daniel Dobler was an itinerant German Lutheran evangelist who travelled throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Journal kept while travelling mentioning anecdotes of the men met and manners of the Pennsylvania Dutch at the time.

In German.

Dobson, James. Collection, 1890-1920.
(2 v. and 70 items.)
Letterpress copies of the letters of James Dobson, a Philadelphia carpet and plush manufacturer, and other correspondence on his business, investments, and personal affairs.

Drayton, William Henry, 1742-1779. The Confederation of the United States, [1776].
(1 v.)
Manuscript copy.

Ebeling, Christopher Daniel, 1741-1817. Histories, 1840, 1883.
(2 v.)
Manuscripts of History of Delaware 1799 and History of Pennsylvania by Christopher Daniel Ebeling.

Transcript made by John Eberle, ca. 1840, and Carl Ernst Bohen, 1883.

Ellis, Joseph. Notebook, 1837.
(1 v.)
Notebook used for problems in arithmetic.

Emerson, Daniel H. Journal, 1837-1868.
(1 v.)
Journal of Daniel H. Emerson, includes lists of marriages, 1836-1853, of baptisms, 1837-1852, and of funerals, 1842-1852 while serving as a Congregational and Presbyterian minister in Northborough, Mass., 1836-1840; East Whiteland, Chester County, 1841-1845; York, 1846-1855; and St. George's, Del., 1855-1861.

Esher family. Collection, 1794-1884.
(10 items.)
Deeds of property belonging to the Esher family of Philadelphia and commissions to John Dunlap.

Etting, Gratz. Notes, 1818.
(1 v.)
Notes taken by Gratz Etting on Charles Smith's legal opinions on the land laws of Pennsylvania, citing numerous cases.

Evans, Lewis, 1700?-1756. "A Brief account of Pennsylvania," 1753.
(1 v.)
Lewis Evans, in a letter to Richard Peters, gives an account of Pennsylvania in answer to some queries of a gentleman in Europe, 1753.

Photostatic copy also available.

Everett, Edward, 1794-1865. Speech, 1864.
(1 v.)
Patriotic speech to the Committee on Naval Affairs of the House of Representatives, March 12, 1864.

Fahnestock family. Papers, 1849-1873.
(11 v.)
Papers of the Fahnestock family comprise: George W. Fahnestock, diary, 1863- 1867; Mrs. Anna M. Fahnestock diary, 1869-1873; newspaper clippings on the burning of the steamboat United States, 1868; executors' account of the estate of George W. Fahnestock, 1868; notes on the Fahnestock and the Wolff families.

Faris, John Thomson, 1871-1949. Papers, n.d.
(2 v.)
Two unpublished books written by John Thomson Faris : He Financed the War : a Life of Robert Morris and Steamboat Coming, a history of the steamboat in the United States.

Episcopal Female Tract Society of Philadelphia (Pa.) Minutes, 1816-1834.
(1 v.)
Minutes of an organization of Episcopal women dedicated to publishing and distributing religious tracts.

Fitzsimons, Thomas, 1741-1811. Papers, 1793-1800.
(2 v.)
Miscellaneous business papers and letters addressed to Thomas Fitzsimons. Roll of a militia company commanded by him and a book of receipts for money paid by Fitzsimons when he was commissioner for settling the claims of British subjects against the United States.

Foulke, John. Papers, 1769-1798.
(3 v.)
Receipt book of Judah and Mary Foulke, 1769-1798; receipt book, 1787-1796, of John Foulke, physician; manuscript of an oration on longevity delivered by John Foulke before the American Philosophical Society, n.d.

United States. Bureau of the Mint. George M. Fox Memorial volume, 1889.
(1 v.)
Memorial volume presented to George M. Fox on the occasion of his retirement from the Mint.

Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790. Le Science du bonhomme Richard, 1778
(1 v.)
Includes excerpts from Franklin's interrogations before the House of Commons, 1776; the constitution of Pennsylvania, 1776; and extracts from the treaty between France and the United States.

Translated and copied from the Morin edition (Paris, 1778).

Franks, Rebecca. Letter, 1781 Aug. 10.
(1 v.)
Letter of Rebecca Franks describing New York society.

Free Society of Traders. Obligation to Nicholas More, 1685.
(1 v.)
The Free Society of Traders was the first stock company to operate in Philadelphia. Although it was not a monopoly, the company was given extensive trade privileges in Pennsylvania. Nicholas More, a medical doctor of London, was one of the incorporators.

Anonymous. Notes, 1688-1754.
(2 v.)
Notes on the Friends' School consisting of extracts from Friends' records and biographical notes from Robert Proud's History of Pennsylvania.

Du Roy l'Engagement (frigate). Journal, 1781-1782.
(1 v.)
Journal of the frigate, Du Roy l'Engagement, which fought in the West Indies and Hudson Bay, 1781-1782, during the Revolutionary War.

Gettysburg National Military Park (Pa.) Papers, 1893-1913.
(1 v.)
Letters mainly addressed to Colonel John P. Nicholson on the attempt to force the Gettysburg Commission to change the name of United States Avenue to Hunt Avenue.

Some letters are photostatic copies.

Gibbons family. Papers, 1760-1837.
(27 items.)
Papers of a Chester County family: diary of James Gibbons, 1760 1769; school account books, 1781-1783; medical account book, 1836-1837.

Gilpin, Thomas, 1776-1853. Papers, 1840.
(3 v.)
Autobiographical account of Thomas Gilpin, 1728-1778, and Memorial and reminiscences in private life by Hannah Logan Smith with additions made by Thomas Gilpin in 1840.

Gist, Thomas, b. 1744. Journal, 1758-1759.
(1 v.)
Thomas Gist was taken prisoner in 1758 by the Wyandot tribe and escaped after a year of captivity.

The journal contains details of Indian life and treatment of captives.

Photostatic copy.

Gorham family. Genealogical records, 1550-1856.
(1 v.)
Genealogy of the descendants of James Gorham and Agnes Bernington Gorham.

Gottschall, Jacob. Medical notebook, 1825-1839.
(1 v.)

Gould, Walter G., 1829-1893. Autograph book, 1851-1852.
(1 v.)
Autographs of Officers of the Hungarian Army captured in Turkey, including Lajos Kossuth.

Signatures in Hungarian and English.

Gregg, Lizzie R. Notebook, 1883.
(1 v.)
English grammar and composition notebook of Lizzie R. Gregg, a schoolgirl from Cressona.

Verlenden family. Collection, 1703-1863.
Papers on the Serrill, Pearson and Verlenden families.

Hamilton, Abigail Francis, 1744/5-1798. Domestic receipts, 1784-1798.
(1 v.)
Abigail Francis Hamilton at this time was the widow of Andrew Hamilton.

Phillips, John. Land book, 1784-1795.
(1 v.)
Land book of John Phillips and William Harrison giving information on sales, taxes, and improvements on lands in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Hartshorne, Joseph, 1779-1850. Malay-French dictionary, 1807.
(1 v.)

Herrick, Cheesman Abiah, 1866-1956. Papers, 1933-1942.
(3 v.)
Program and letters about a dinner given in honor of Dr. Charles A. Herrick, 1933; address William Penn High School for Girls, Some Early Beginnings, and letters commenting thereon; and author's copy of White Servitude in Pennsylvania, and letters relating to the book.

Hight, William. Letterbook, 1795-1796.
(1 v.)
William Hight was a Philadelphia merchant.

Crispin, M. Jackson, 1875-1953. Holme memorial, 1624-1695.
(1 v.)
Commemorating the tercentenary, 1624-1924, of the birth of Captain Thomas Holme, collected and arranged by Thomas Butler at the request of M. Jackson Crispin.

Kimber & Conrad and Johnson & Warner. Subscription book, 1762.
(1 v.)
List of subscribers to the proposal of Kimber & Conrad and Johnson & Warner for publishing A Large Map of Pennsylvania by Reading Howell, 1762.

Independence Hall (Philadelphia, Pa.) Deposit book, 1873-1896.
(1 v.)
Deposit book stubs provide a list of donations, 1873-1896.

Indian treaties and deeds, 1683-1756.
(2 v.)
Treaties and deeds for Pennsylvania.

Contemporary copies.

Jennison, William, b. 1757. Diary, 1776-1780.
(1 v.)
William Jennison was a lieutenant of the Marines, 1776, served with the Army later in the same year, and with the Navy, 1777-1780.

Diary kept while serving on board the ship Boston, giving brief description of his earlier service.

Johnson, Jesse. Diary, 1861-1864.
(1 v.)
Jesse Johnson's Civil War diary kept while serving with Company L, 2nd Regiment of the West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry. Johnson fought at Lewisburg, Sinking Creek, Wytheville, and Princeton, Va. Captured, but subsequently exchanged, he served in Washington, D.C. until mustered out.