Jones, Horatio Gates, 1822-1893. Early history of Roxborough and Manayunk, 1855.
(1 v.)
Facts and traditions about the early settlement of Roxborough and Manayunk.

Jones family. Papers, 1681-1861.
(2 linear ft.)
Correspondence, accounts, business papers, legal papers and miscellaneous materials pertaining to the Jones family. In particular are papers for Owen Jones, Jr., merchant, 1768-1802; Jones and Foulke, merchants; Jonathan Jones, lawyer, 1780-1830; legal papers of Jonathan and Owen Jones, and Owen Jones, lawyer and member of congress, 1820's-1861.

Justice, Jefferson, b. 1840. Papers, 1862-1865.
(200 items.)
Papers of Jefferson Justice, regimental quartermaster, 100th Regiment Infantry, Pennsylvania Volunteers, on supplies issued to the regiment.

Almanacs, 1816-1820.
(2 v.)
Benjamin and Thomas Kite's Town and Country Almanac and a partial agricultural almanac published by Solomon W. Conrad of Philadelphia. Both almanacs contain miscellaneous notes and accounts.

Keim, George May, 1805-1861. Collection, 1814-1841.
(2 v.)
Copies of the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key and of Home Sweet Home by John Howard Payne, autographed by the authors.

Leach, Josiah Granville, 1842-1922. Diaries, 1876-1920.
(39 v.)
Josiah Granville Leach was a Philadelphia lawyer, genealogist, and historian.

His diaries contain entries relating to his business affairs and to the social and political life of the period.

Lee, William Atkinson, 1778-1848. Account book, 1822-1848.
(1 v.)
Accounts kept by William A. Lee of a select Philadelphia seminary for boys and girls which he ran under various names at various location within Philadelphia.

McCarter, William. "My life in the army," 1862.
(11 v.)
Notes of William McCarter's experiences in the Civil War and accounts of the campaigns in which he participated.

Martin, John Hill, 1823-1906. Papers, 1789-1872.
(13 v.)
John Hill Martin practiced law in Philadelphia's Orphan Court and the Commonwealth's Admiralty Court from 1844 to 1881. He was the legal editor of the Philadelphia Intelligencer from 1857, a member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and an inveterate compiler of lists.

Manuscript lists of names of The Bench and Bar of Philadelphia, Chester and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania, with other lists of Public Functionaries in the State and in the United States; The Miscellaneous Legal Literature of the Philadelphia Bar, 1884; and the manuscript of the history of the town of Chester.

Miles, E. Abstracts, 1841.
(1 v.)
Extracts from Mile's historical and statistical description of the Royal Naval Service of England and data on the building and extension of the United States Navy.

Coxe, Brinton, 1833-1892. Collection, (1743-1876) 1880.
(3 v.)
Histories on New Jersey including the manuscript of The Note Maker Noted and the Observer Observed Upon ..., A Pocket Commentary of the First Settlers of New Jersey ..., and an account of the history of New Jersey, 1663-1775, written ca. 1880.

Gibon, John H. Histories,n.d.
(3 v.)
Histories of California, 1534-1850; Kansas, 1857; and of Mexico and Texas, 1845.

Parrish, Morris Longstreth, 1867-1944. Collection, 1833-1865.
(18 v.)
Scrapbooks containing clippings, engravings, business cards, and postcards; photograph albums; and letterbooks, 1833-1865 of Philadelphia merchant Richard Price about friends, family, local events and society.

Pennsylvania. Papers, 1792-1907.
(3 v.)
Records of land warrants entered in 1792, bound in a volume, Acts of the Assembly of Pennsylvania; A brief account of the Province of Pennsylvania lately granted ... to William Penn; parchment containing the printed constitution of Pennsylvania as adopted in Philadelphia in 1873, autographed by the delegates; and Samuel W. Pennypacker's manuscript of his Desecration and profanation of the Pennsylvania capital, ca. 1907.

A brief account of the Province of Pennsylvania lately granted ... to William Penn hand copied, 1882.

Pennsylvania Hospital (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, (1817-1818) 1895.
Visitor's book, Christ Healing the Sick, 1817-1818; account book of the monies received by the hospital; reports from the Board of Managers; letters to and from Benjamin West; papers on the publication of the history of Pennsylvania Hospital, 1895; and material on the controversy between Dr. William A. Armstrong and Dr. Thomas G. Morton.

Benjamin West letters copied.

Pennsylvania. Militia. Philadelphia Associators. Muster roll, ca. 1776.
(1 v.)
Muster roll of the Philadelphia Associators, organized mainly of merchants in order to protect Philadelphia and the city's commercial interests.

Philadelphia (Pa.). Committee on Markets. Minutes, 1829-1831.
(1 v.)

United States. Selective Service System (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1918-1919.
(1 v.)
Papers of the United States Selective Service System during World War I.

Powers, Frederick Perry, d. 1927. Papers, 1912.
(2 v.)
Manuscripts of Old Pennsylvania on the Trail of Washington, 1776- 1794, and Places of Worship, both volumes contain photographs.

Scott, John M. Court docket, 1819-1865.
(1 v.)
Court docket of John Morin Scott, lawyer and mayor of Philadelphia, with entries for Scott's son, Lewis Allaire Scott, who joined his father's law office in 1841.

Sears, John V. Essay, 1873.
(1 v.)
Essay entitled "Mound builders of the Missouri" on the terrain of the Missouri Valley, including a brief history of the Lewis and Clark expedition with biographical information on Meriwether Lewis, and a description of the various Indian tribes in the West. This essay was read before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Ships' register, 1741-1742.
(1 v.)
Register containing record of ships, where built, registered, names of owners and masters, manifests of cargoes; name of port not indicated.

Solis-Cohen, Solomon, 1857-1948. Papers, 1933-1943.
(2.5 linear ft.)
Solomon Solis-Cohen was a medical doctor, served as Chairman of the Board of Education for Philadelphia, and was active in the Zionist movement in the United States and many other philanthropic endeavors.

Correspondence, letters, petitions, invitations, broadsides, and programs relative to Solomon Solis-Cohen's activities. Much of the material deals with Philadelphia teachers' salaries, the Zionist movement in America, and World War II. The programs are generally for performances by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Anonymous. South Street brief of title, 1671-1869.
(1 v.)
Brief of title to a piece of land on the south side of South Street in Philadelphia.

Stewart, Walter, 1756-1796. Orderly book, 1780.
(1 v.)
Orderly book of Walter Stewart for the Second Pennsylvania Regiment, headquartered at Morristown, N.J., notes, regimental orders, names of officers, and incidents of the Revolutionary War.

Stratton, Joseph. Collection, 1796-1915.
(89 items.)
Miscellaneous deeds to Philadelphia properties.

Swift, John, 1720-1802. Memoranda, 1742.
(1 v.)
Memoranda, accounts, and other notes made by John Swift, an early settler of Pennsylvania kept in his copy of Rider's British Merlin almanac for 1742.

Talbot, Jeremiah. Muster roll, 1776.
(1 v.)
Jeremiah Talbot's muster roll for his division under the command of William Irvine, First Pennsylvania Regiment.

Union Canal Company. Records, 1791-1922.
(6 linear ft.)
Correspondence, 1820-1922, for William Lehman and B.B. Lehman, both of whom served as general supervisors and engineers for the Union Canal Company; miscellaneous business records, 1822-1887; letterbooks, 1852-1891; letterbook of B.B. Lehman, 1849-1877; business books, 1822-1858; annual reports, 1791-1869; maps, charts, photographs, and diagrams.

United States. Army. Order book, 1838.
(1 v.)
Order book for the 2d Brigade Army south of the Withlacoochie, Fla.

United States. Marine Corps. Aviators' flight logbooks, 1919-1939.
(10 v.)
Logbooks kept by members of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Force. Entries show number of hours flown, types of plane used.

Essays on law, crime, and punishment.
(1 v.)

United States. Army. General orders, 1813-1815.
(2 v.)
General orders from the adjutant general's office and from headquarters at Camp Marcus Hook, Philadelphia, and New York. Accounts of Army discipline, courts-martial.

Zschokke, Johann Heinrich Daniel, 1771-1848. Settlement of Maryland, 1850.
(1 v.)
A romantic and fictional narrative by Johann Heinrich Daniel Zschokke written in the form of letters to Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore.

Adjuvant Horse Company. Records, 1838-1924.
(2 v. and 28 items.)
The Adjuvant Horse Company was a Philadelphia company organized in 1838 to facilitate the recovery of stolen horses and the detection of thieves. It incorporated in 1865 and dissolved in 1924.

Minutes, 1838-1924; rolls, 1872-1924; and other records.

Allen, Nathaniel. Ledgers, 1710-1752.
(2 v.)
Nathaniel Allen was a Philadelphia merchant.

American Red Cross. Pennsylvania-Delaware Division. Records, 1917-1919.
(240 items.)
Divisional reports, 1917-1918; letters; bulletins, 1917-1919, describing the activities of the Pennsylvania-Delaware Division of the American Red Cross during the First World War.

Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamship Company. Records, 1844-1936.
The Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamship Company was chartered in 1844 to provide steamboat service between Baltimore and Philadelphia via the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal. The Company ceased operation in 1935.

Minutes, 1844-1934; financial records; letters; reports and contracts, 1848-1936; reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission, 1930-1935; and reports to the Maryland-Philadelphia Service Commission, 1933-1935.

Barton, George Washington. Papers, 1841-1850.
(3 items)
Manuscript of George Washington Barton include: journal of a voyage from New York, N.Y. to San Francisco, Cal. in the Elsinore, Captain Thomas S. Conden, 1850; address, Ancestral Vanity, delivered before the William Fisk Institute, 1841; and a manuscript entitled The Age in Which We Live.

Biddle, Thomas, 1776-1857. Stock certificates, 1804-1866.
(92 items.)
Stock certificates issued to Thomas Biddle. The businesses represented include canal, turnpike and bridge companies; railroads; banks; and insurance and mining companies.

Brey, J.T. Collection, 1697-1918.
(30 items.)
Deeds; marriage certificates of the Crossdale, Taylor, and Watson families; and charts of the Boker and Van Horn families.

Photostatic copies.

Brown family. Papers, 1693-1908.
(800 items.)
Letters on the education and career of Henry Armitt Brown; genealogical notes on the Armitt, Baker, Brown, Livezey, Robeson, and related families.

Edmunds, Albert Joseph, 1857-1941. Papers, 1850-1917.
(36 linear ft.)
Albert Joseph Edmunds was a noted Biblical scholar and the cataloger of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

THe collection includes: correspondence, 1867-1941, notebooks, diaries, 1874- 1929, notes on religion, cults, ballads, writings, essays, poems, bills and receipts, and spiritual lectures.

The collection also includes correspondence to Benjamin Smith Lyman on vegetarianism while Lyman was in Japan.

Fletcher, Thomas. Letters, 1806-1855.
(275 items.)
Business letters to Thomas Fletcher, Philadelphia goldsmith and jeweler, some describing the affairs of the firms of Fletcher and Gardiner, 1810-1831, and of Fletcher and Bennett, 1839.

Freas family. Papers, 1754-1889.
(75 items.)
Papers of the Freas family of Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County including: bonds, indentures, deeds, surveys, wills and papers of administration.

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Correspondence, 1926.
(600 items.)
Correspondence on the luncheon given to the crown prince and princess of Sweden by the Council of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and by the Swedish Colonial Society, June 2, 1926.

Howell family. Papers, 1688-1886.
(114 items.)
Letters and papers of the Gibbons, 1806-1834; Howell, 1811-1815; Richardson, 1834-1848; and related families. These include a letterbook of Rebecca Richardson, New York, 1688-1689.

Landon-Shattuck family. Papers, 1849-1890.
(101 items.)
Family letters, most of them written to or by Mrs. Eliza Hinckly Landon and Mrs. M.M. Shattuck.

Laux, James B. Collection, 1757-1816.
(12 items.)
Materials on the French and Indian War including George Croghan's journal to Presque Isle, 1760; letter of Croghan and of Jacob Arndt, 1757; materials of the Revolutionary War period, including letters of Croghan, 1778, of Sol Jennings, 1778, petition of James Craig, 1775, and will of George Taylor, 1781; post Revolutionary period letters include Jacob Arndt, Jr., 1804, P. Doddridge, 1816, Thomas Jefferson, 1816, and Colonel Stephen Rochenfontaine, 1795-1796.

Photostatic copies.

Leach, Frank Willing, 1855-1917. Papers, 1914-1915.
(1,000 items.)
Letters and notes compiled by Frank Willing Leach when writing "Pennsylvania in the United States Senate," a series of articles that appeared in the Sunday North American, 1914; letters from descendants of the senators; genealogical notes of their families.

Leach, Frank Willing, 1855-1943. Papers, 1914.
(300 items.)
Frank Willing Leach's notes, clippings, drafts, transcripts and some correspondence for research on his series of articles on duels, Famous "Affairs of Honor" in America.

Published in the North American, January 3 to April 25, 1915.

Learned, Marion Dexter, 1857-1917. Papers, 1524-1915.
(500 items.)
Papers and notes of Dr. Marion Dexter Learned, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a leader in societies interested in the study of German culture; diaries of members of the Learned family showing conditions in Europe in 1914.

Documents from German Archives are photographic copies.

McCauley, Edward Yorke, 1827-1894. Papers, 1840-1916.
(20 items.)
Certificates of appreciation presented to Daniel Smith McCauley, United States consul at Tripoli, 1841; commissions of Edward Yorke McCauley through the grades of midshipman to rear admiral; marriage certificate of Edward Yorke McCauley and Josephine Berkeley.

McMichael, Clayton, 1844-1906. Papers, 1861-1901.
(250 items.)
Clayton McMichael was the editor and proprietor of the Philadelphia North American; City Treasurer, 1898-1901; and Postmaster, 1902-1906.

These papers include: military correspondence, 1861-1865; papers relating to the take over of the City Treasurer's Office, 1897-1898; letters written to McMichael, 1872-1901; papers on the United States Mint in Philadelphia, 1872; papers on the office of postmaster, 1901; and clippings and speeches.

Merion Cricket Club (Haverford, Pa.) Papers, 1865-1923.
(10 v.)
Scrapbooks containing letters, announcements, photographs, and clippings on the activities of the Merion Cricket Club.

Mervine, William McKinley, 1874-1914. Papers, 1688-1788.
(25 items.)
William McKinley Mervine was a Philadelphia genealogist and one of the Board of Managers of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

Records of Chesterfield Monthly Meeting, N.J., including minutes, 1685- 1687; minutes of Women's meetings, 1688-1698, 1708-1712, 1756-1760; and certificates of renewal to Chesterfield Meeting, all relating to the Forman, Kelly, Van Horn, and Davies families.

Pemberton family. Correspondence, 1740-1787.
(3 v.)
Correspondence of Israel, James, John, and Mary Pemberton.

Copies; originals of many of these letters are in the Pemberton Papers. See collection #484.

Pennsylvania. National Guard. Infantry Regiment, 1st. Records of Company D, 1861-1923.
(6 v.)
Letters, notices of musters, clippings, and other records on the Philadelphia militia regiment that took part in suppressing the labor troubles at Hazelton in 1875 and at Pittsburgh in 1877, and which saw service as the 109th Regiment during World War I.

Philadelphia Bicycle Club (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1882-1902.
(347 items and 10 v.)
Papers of the Philadelphia Bicycle Club including: minutes, 1895-1902; treasurer's accounts, dues books, 1890-1902; charter, bylaws and amendments, 1885-1895; papers on the construction and repair of the clubhouse and on the running expenses of the Club, 1886-1902.

Philadelphia Bourse (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1891-1900.
(161 items.)
The Philadelphia Bourse was a corporation formed in 1891 to protect and further the business and commercial interests of the city. The Bourse Building, was built to house exchanges, the Board of Trade, and similar groups.

These papers relate to the organization of the Bourse Corporation and to the erection of the Bourse Building. They are chiefly letters of John Frederick Lewis, attorney for the corporation.

Philadelphia Child Welfare Association. Papers, 1893-1933.
(5 v.)
Minutes of the Philadelphia Juvenile Court and Probation Association, 1903-1917; minutes of the Philadelphia Child Welfare Association, 1917-1933; constitution of the Philadelphia Juvenile Court and Probation Association; bylaws of the Philadelphia Child Welfare Association; history of the House of Detention, 1898-1923; Judge Staake remarks on the administration of the Juvenile Court, 1908; correspondence regarding cooperation of the police and the schools with the Court, 1906.

Philadelphia public building papers, 1860-1881.
(19 items.)
Ordinances and papers on the location of City Hall; reports of committees; and manuscript and corrected proofs of a history of City Hall.

Pennsylvania. Philadelphia County Board of Assistance. Papers, 1941.
(2 linear ft.)
Testimony before the Reviewing Board of the Philadelphia County Board of Assistance on the appeals of 50 employees discharged for alleged communist affiliation, 1941.

Typewritten transcripts.

United States. Selective Service System (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records, 1917.
(50 items.)
Lists of men registered in the 51 local draft boards of Philadelphia, July, 1917.

Philadelphia lawyers collection, 1847-1939.
(300 items.)
Miscellaneous collection of letters, most of them addressed to members of the law firm of [John F.] Lewis, [Francis] Adler and [Francis] Laws; letters addressed to the Poor Richard Club on conventions held in Philadelphia, 1926; and a folder of letters to L.C. Siner, Philadelphia gunsmith and sporting goods dealer.

Philadelphia legal papers, 1702-1744.
(75 items.)
Pleas before the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County; and decisions of the Court and of the Supreme Court of the Province of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia War History Committee. Papers, 1917-1919.
(1 v.)
The Philadelphia War History Committee was appointed by the Mayor of Philadelphia to gather facts about the city in World War I.

These papers include: notes on Base Hospital No. 20; a history of the 19th Grand Division Transportation Corps; list of personnel, 108th Field Artillery; brief history of the 79th Division, by Major General Joseph E. Kuhn; history of the 103rd Trench Mortar Battery, by James J.D. Spillan; personnel, Tank Corps, by Harold N. Hill; notes on Philadelphia casualties, recruiting, draft boards.

This material was gathered preparatory to the publication of Philadelphia in the World War, 1914-1918 (New York, 1922).

Pile family. Papers, 1793-1836.
(129 items.)
Letters to Captain Samuel Pile of Philadelphia and to other members of the Pile family, include personal news and considerable information on Philadelphia, New York, and New Orleans.

Powers, Frederick Perry, d. 1927. Papers.
(600 items.)
Lectures by Frederick Perry Powers on Songs of the Revolution and War Songs, and the notes on which these lectures were based.


Robins, Edward, 1862-1943. Papers, 1939-1942.
(43 items.)
Manuscripts and clippings of articles and addresses by Edward Robins dealing with literary and historical matters, and personal letters to Robins.

Sayres, Edward Stalker, 1850-1923. Papers, 1866-1923.
(650 items.)
Papers of Edward S. Sayres on his activity in the Civil Service Reform Association and in the First World War; clippings, letters and notes relating to the Society of the War of 1812, the Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States; the Colonial Society of Pennsylvania, and the Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in all of which Mr. Sayres held office.

Lewis, Henry Carvill, 1853-1888. Papers, 1874-1929.
(200 items.)
Henry Carvill Lewis was a geologist with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in 1873 and 1876.

Papers of Henry Carvill Lewis consist primarily of correspondence of proposed members with Henry Carvill Lewis, secretary of the Science and Art Club of Germantown, 1874-1884; letters, articles and clippings showing some of the scientific ideas current, 1874-1879; and printed reports of the Club, 1884-1929.

Lewis, Henry Carvill, 1853-1888. Papers, 1861-1890.
(350 items.)
Letters, notes, programs, clippings, obituaries, and some photographs of his schooling, lectures, travels, and the clubs and organizations with which he was involved.

Scioto Land Company. Papers, 1789-1792.
(76 items.)
The Scioto Land Company, organized in 1787, had options on approximately 5,000,000 acres of land in Ohio. The French land company failed in 1792.

The collection contains letters and papers of the Scioto Land Company.

Sheafer, Peter Wenrick, b. 1819. Papers, 1873-1875.
(150 items.)
Peter W. Sheafer, a geologist and mining engineer, compiled the Historical Map of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, 1875).

Letters on and corrected proofs of the Map.

Shower family. Collection, n.d.
(1 v.)
Entry cancelled; transferred to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

Shunk family. Collection, 1760-1923.
(400 items and 6 v.)
Drafts of letters, mainly personal, written by Francis Rawn Shunk; and letters of the Shunk family.

Smith family. Papers, 1728-1846.
(600 items.)
Family papers containing letters, bills, receipts of Lamar, Hill, Bisset and Company, wine merchants of Madeira, 1762-1802; business papers of Joseph Wharton, 1728-1771, pertaining chiefly to land in Philadelphia County; letters of John Ely, Controller of New York, to Miers and Samuel Fisher, regarding lands in Otsego and Montgomery Counties, N.Y., 1800-1829; letters to Charles Wharton from Calcutta, Lisbon, and Leghorn, 1783-1809; business letters to James Moffat from Europe, 1794-1813; miscellaneous deeds, letters, and broadsides.

Smith, Franklin R. Papers, 1848-1858.
(217 items.)
Letters to Franklin R. Smith, physician living in Bellefonte, primarily from his brothers, Pemberton Smith and Charles Smith, on business conditions in Pennsylvania. There are also accounts of Dr. Smith with Pemberton Smith.

Smith, Persifor Frazer, 1798-1858. Papers, 1770-1873.
(300 items.)
Persifor Frazer Smith, an officer in the U.S. Army, served in the Seminole War, 1836-1838, in the Mexican War, 1846-1848, and commanded the Pacific Division, the Department of Texas, 1850-1856, the Western Department, 1856-1858, and the Department of Utah, 1858.

The Smith papers include letters and a letter book relating to the war with Mexico, 1847-1848; military letters to General Smith, 1838, 1850-1858; miscellaneous legal papers, 1770-1873; daybook, Springton Forge, 1803-1804, 1833-1842; accounts of Matthew Stanley, 1815-1841; and legal notes.

Smith, Uselma Clarke, 1841-1902. Collection, 1688-1899.
(1,000 items.)
Uselma Clarke Smith was a Philadelphia lawyer and collector of deeds, wills, commissions, estate papers, family letters, genealogies, and other materials. Smith was particularly interested in his great-uncle William Jones, an army and naval officer during the Revolution, about whom Smith planned to write a biography.

William Jones, was both an army and a navy officer during the Revolution and great-uncle of Uselma Clarke Smith. In 1795 Jones returned from South Carolina to Philadelphia. He served in Congress, as a Democrat, 1801-1803, and was appointed secretary of the Navy from 1813 to February 1814. He returned to private business in order to save himself from bankruptcy and was elected first president of the Second Bank of the United States in 1816. After two and a half years he resigned under charges of incompetence and fraud. He joined Joshua and Samuel Humphreys in a company to build steamships and served as collector for the Port of Philadelphia.

These papers reflect Jones's activities, his descendants, and other related families.

Smith, Uselma Clarke, 1841-1902. Collection, 1691 (1768-1828) 1899.
(185 items.)
Jones family letters, 1784-1828; Lloyd Jones letters and documents, 1813-1815, on his assignment as commander of the U.S.S. Neptune during its mission as transport for the United States peace negotiators to St. Petersburg, Fla. and Ghent; and deeds, commissions, and estate papers of the Jones, Loxley, and Lownes families.

Smith, Uselma Clarke, 1841-1902. Collection, 1740-1900.
(200 items.)
Benjamin Loxley memorandum book, 1767-1771, 1787, with notes and accounts of the Carpenters' Company, particularly for the construction of Carpenters' Hall; William Jones miscellaneous including an examination of difficulties and solutions to winter navigation on the Delaware River; estate papers of William Jones involving protracted French spoliation claims, 1886-1900; estate papers of Jane Loxley Clarke; and estate papers of Elizabeth Loxley Jones.

Smith, Uselma Clarke, 1841-1902. Collection, 1791-1888.
(600 items.)
This collection includes additional William Jones material, incoming correspondence, 1791-1827, mainly addressed to Jones in his capacities as secretary of the navy, acting secretary of the treasury, and Second Bank of the United States president. It includes a small group of letters, 1813, mostly from Judge Joseph H. Nicholson of Baltimore, concerning Joshua Barney's duel with Lemuel Taylor. There are a few letters from family or merchants including Joshua and Samuel Humphreys.

Among other William Jones papers are: a logbook, 1805-1806, kept by Jones as master of the ship Ploughboy; copies of U.S. Navy estimates for dimensions and equipment of ships of war; estate papers; newspaper clippings; and Smith's biographical notes.

The collection includes other miscellaneous letters and genealogies of Smith's family. Clarke, Jones, Loxley and related lines are represented. There is a logbook kept by Lloyd Jones, 1797-1798, of two voyages made by the brig Benjamin Franklin between Philadelphia and Bordeaux.

Uselma Clarke Smith's own papers are few: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice George Sharswood letters, 1864-1871, concerning property settlement; letters and documents, 1868-1888, relative to the schooling of his son Robert M. Smith at Bordentown Military Institute; estate papers, 1863-1899, of Jane Loxley Clarke, Charlotte Jones Smith Goodrich, Catherine Loxley Jones, Mary P. Loxley, and others; law school notes; and miscellany.

Spofford, Ernest. Papers, 1929.
(1 v.)
Corrected proofs of Ernest Spofford's book, Armorial Families of America.

Strayer, Francis M. Collection, 1781-1822.
(100 items.)
Papers on tax collections in Chester County, 1781-1822, including a few tax lists.

Suydam, Mary Francis Ludwig. Collection, 1475-1904.
(100 items.)
Letters from minor German princes, 1475-1811; and letters, signatures, and autographs of prominent Americans including Henry Ward Beecher, William Cullen Bryant, Millard Fillmore, John Hay, and William Dean Howells.

Trigg, Ernest T., 1877-1957. Papers, 1910-1917.
(1 v.)
Ernest T. Trigg was a Philadelphia paint manufacturer and president of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

The papers include a scrapbook of clippings, letters, and invitations relating to Ernest T. Trigg's activity in the Chamber of Commerce; Trigg's report as regional advisor to War Industrial Board, 1918; letters, forms, on the work done to organize Philadelphia for war.

Union League of Philadelphia (Pa.) Papers, 1896-1909.
(300 items.)
Notices, lists of candidates for membership, appeals for support, and form letters showing the League's activities.

Union Library Catalog of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Inauguration reception papers, 1935.
(217 items.)
Acceptances and regrets from Philadelphians invited to a reception to inaugurate the newly organized Union Catalog.

Warren, M.I. Collection, 1786-1919.
(100 items.)
Holograph sermons by Erza Stiles, 1794, and by Cyrus Gildersleeve, 1797; notes from Mr. Webster's lectures on the English language, 1786; manuscript of Professor Pearson of Harvard on prosody, ca. 1893; and notes on the history of English literature, based on material in the British Museum and the Bibliothèque Nationale.

Woodhouse, Samuel Washington, b. 1875. Collection, 1743-1858.
(3 linear ft.)
Bills, receipts, canceled bank checks, and other business papers of the Meredith family, 1743-1858; shipping papers, 1776-1803; and accounts of the Commissioners of Naval Stores for outfitting ships of the Continental Navy, 1776.

Worrall family. Papers, 1724-1892.
(8 v. and 108 items.)
Papers of the Worrall family of Philadelphia and Delaware County. They include: deeds, wills, marriage certificates, and other legal papers of the Crosby, Paul, and Worrall families; contracts for materials for the Delaware Bay Breakwater, 1831, and for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1872; justice of the peace docket book, 1835-1862, 1886; account books of Israel Thomas, 1813-1828, and of William and Edward Lane, 1745-1813; other Philadelphia merchants' business papers and miscellaneous family papers.

Ziegler, John Williamson, 1868-1938. Papers, 1911-1917.
(4 linear ft.)
John Williamson Ziegler took active interest in the General Alumni Association of the University of Pennsylvania and the bulk of his papers are on this Association. There is material on independent political action in Delaware County, on Sabbath Schools, and on the attempts to secure local option in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania. Court of Admiralty. Records, 1770-1804.
(3 linear ft.)
Records of the Admiralty Court, 1770-1797; papers of Blair McClenachan, merchant, banker, and financial supporter of the American forces, in account with Matthew Clarkson, 1777-1801; log of ship Imperial, 1803-1804; and miscellaneous papers on other ships.

Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania. Papers, 1840-1855.
(6 linear ft.)
Papers of John Bacon, Alexander Symington, and Thomas Robins, trustees, on the liquidation of the Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania after its suspension in 1841. Deed of trust, June 7, 1841; records of sales of property in various parts of the United States, 1840-1855; stock transactions, 1844-1853; bills and receipts, 1843-1854; and reports of bank agencies, 1840-1841.

Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania. Trusteeship papers, 1828-1865.
(275 items.)
A small collection documenting efforts of bank trustees to conclude the affairs of the second Bank of the United States, by paying the debts of the corporation and compensate its stockholders. Also included are: agency accounts for Erie, 1841-1842; Cincinnati, Ohio, 1844; inventories of real estate and other assets; correspondence to James Dundas, Edwin M. Lewis, and Charles S. Folwell, all bank trustees.

Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania. Papers, 1814 (1841-1853) 1866.
(8 linear ft.)
These records concern the overall transactions of the trusteeship for the second Bank of the United States (of Pennsylvania) and of specific agencies. Much of the material relates to the liquidation of real estate assets. The general series contains trustees minutebook, 1841-1855; Pittsburgh, Washington and other agency letters; trustees accounts filed with the court; records for Buffalo, Cincinnati, Erie, Mobile, Pittsburgh, and Washington consist of accounts of varying detail and series of letters from Cincinnati, 1845, Erie, 1843-1845, and Mobile, 1841-1853. There are also some early records of the United States Bank: ledger, 1814-1816, and checkbook stubs, 1818-1822.

Boggs, Benjamin Randolph. Papers, n.d.
(2 linear ft.)
Clippings, photographs, and typescripts of articles on old Philadelphia and the inns and taverns of the city.

Lobdell Car Wheel Company. Papers, 1817-1929.
(30 linear ft.)
Papers of Lobdell Car Wheel Company of Wilmington, Del., firm that specialized in railroad equipment. Most of the papers are letters received by the company from their agents and customers and include interesting material on the development of the railroads.

Clover Club (Philadelphia, Pa.) Papers, 1918-1921.
(186 items.)
The Clover Club was a dancing club founded in 1881. It was famous for its distinguished guests and for its lack of seriousness in entertaining them.

The papers of the Clover Club are those kept by James McCartney, secretary of the Club.

Doran family. Papers, 1797-1880.
(20 v.)
Michael Doran's journal of domestic accounts, 1797-1823; receipt book, 1815-1825; ledger, 1797-1816; receipt book,1828-1834 for money received for shipments made by Doran; day book, 1829-1832; expense book, 1848-1859; Michael Keppele's docket, 1806-1807; bills of lading, Port of Philadelphia, 1820-1826; Lydia C. Warner's music book; Joshua Longstreth's letter book, 1822-1827; J. Warner Irwin's diary, 1854, and sketch book; Mrs. Joseph M. Doran's diary and memo book, 1871; and H.C. Borden's diary, 1880.

Davis, E.M., Mrs. Elfreth's Alley papers.
(3 v. and 55 items.)
Typed history, scrapbook, and genealogical notes on the people and the houses of Elfreth's Alley.

Emlen family. Papers, 1715-1885.
(115 items.)
Letters and correspondence of various members of the Emlen family and related families including: commonplace book of Ann Emlen Mifflin and her religious meditations, 1775-1800; notebooks of Ann Emlen Mifflin and of Samuel E. Mifflin, 1779.

Fothergill, Samuel. Journal, 1806-1808.
(1 v.)
Journal by Samuel Fothergill of a trip from Philadelphia to the settlements in Luzerne County, 1806; and another briefer journal of a similar trip in 1808. Recorded are descriptions of events, places, opinions of people, conditions of roads, and inns.

Hazard family. Papers, 1770-1818.
(190 items.)
Journals of Ebenezer Hazard, 1770-1771, 1772-1773, 1777-1778; journals of Samuel Hazard, 1806-1813; medical recipe book of Samuel Hazard, 1818; correspondence of Samuel Hazard, including letters of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington; and the history of the Philadelphia Hose Company.

Hubbard, C. Evans. Collection, 1780-1801.
(300 items.)
Bills and receipts for goods, mostly rum, shipped from the West Indies to Philadelphia; accounts of Walter Stewart, surveyor of the Port of Philadelphia, 1794-1795.