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Francis Hilary Conroy, a Professor Emeritus of history at the University of Pennsylvania, has written extensively on Asian American history, with a focus on Asian immigration to the United States. The collection contains materials from Conroy's teaching and research files, and includes correspondence, essay papers, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous printed materials from various Asian American and historical associations.

Background note
Francis Hillary Conroy was born in Bloomington, Illinois, in 1919. He began his formal education at Northwestern University, earning a B.S. in 1941, and continued at the University of California, where he earned an M.A. in 1942 and a Ph.D. in 1949. After completing his dissertation he began an extensive teaching career, first as a Lecturer of Far Eastern History at the University of California, and two years later as a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He continued at Penn. until his retirement in 1990, whereupon he was elected Professor Emeritus.

Conroy has written extensively Asian American history. His publications include; The Japanese Frontier in Hawaii, 1868-1898 (1953), The Japanese Seizure of Korea, 1868-1910: A Study of Realism and Idealism in International Relations (1960), China and Japan: A Search for Balance Since World War II (1978), and America Views China: American Images of China Then and Now (1991).

Scope and content
The papers of F. Hilary Conroy consist of sundry material from his teaching and research files, including but not limited to correspondence (1972-1985), newspaper clippings (1972-1988), and various publications from Asian American associations, such as the Asian American Council of Greater Philadelphia, the Association for Asian Studies, the Interagency Task Force on Indochina Refugees, and the Center for Migration Studies.

There are also numerous essays written by students of Conroy while he was a Professor at Penn. His correspondence reveals that these essays were of particular interest to Conroy and were filed for his future reference. The essays are written on various topics in Asian History, such as, Chinese Influence in Indonesia, 1964-1965, The Asian-American Quandary: Combating Discrimination, Curbing Organized Crime, and Citizen Participation in New York's Chinatown With a Focus on the Housing and Healthcare Issues. Drafts of essays written by Conroy can be found in the second box of the collection and include book reviews and papers pertaining to the Asian American experience. There is also roll of microfilm containing records in the collections of the Archives of Hawaii concerning Japanese immigration in the late nineteenth century.

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19th Century Japanese Immigration, Archives of Hawaii.

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Chen, Kaiyi, Guide to the F. Hilary Conroy, (1919- ) Papers. 1945-1989. University Archives and Records Center, University of Pennsylvania.

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    F. Hilary Conroy, Papers

    Hilary Conroy, Correspondence
    53 items
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    Asian Immigration, Newspaper Clippings (1 of 2)
    31 items
    Box 1: 2

    Asian Immigration, Newspaper Clippings (2 of 2)
    12 items
    Box 1: 3

    Booklet, The Historical Experiment as a Research Strategy in the Study of World Politics
    Feb. 1974
    1 items
    Box 1: 4

    Weightman, Inc. , Letter to Members of THE JAPAN GROUP
    Dec. 1974
    3 items
    Box 1: 5

    Asian American Council of Greater Philadelphia, Board Minutes
    5 items
    Box 1: 6

    Sundry Asian American Associations, Brochures, Pamphlets and Correspondence
    11 items
    Box 1: 7

    Booklet, Suggestions for Working to Understand China and America Better
    Sept. 1977
    1 items
    Box 1: 8

    Students of Hilary Conroy, Essays (1 of 2)
    6 items
    Box 1: 9

    Students of Hilary Conroy, Essays (2 of 2)
    5 items
    Box 1: 10

    Asian American Film Festival, Brochures
    6 items
    Box 1: 11

    Irwin, Yukiko (Descendent of Benjamin Franklin) , Biographical Information
    2 items
    Box 1: 12

    Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, Miscellaneous material pertaining to Asian American Studies
    21 items
    Box 1: 13

    Essays on Asian American Studies
    10 items
    Box 1: 14

    Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies
    3 items
    Box 2: 1

    Booklet(2 copies) , "Asian American Studies Center, UCLA
    2 items
    Box 2: 2

    Doctoral Dissertation (Introduction and Chapter 24) - Korean Immigration
    1 items
    Box 2: 3

    Hilary Conroy, Essay Drafts - Asian American Topics
    5 items
    Box 2: 4

    Legislation and Court Decisions on Asian Immigration (reproductions)
    1 items
    Box 2: 5

    Hilary Conroy, Miscellaneous File of Notes, Business Papers, and Photographs
    15 items
    Box 26

    Hilary Conroy, Personal Notes
    4 items
    Box 27

    Propaganda - Recruitment, Safety, Patriotism, etc Posters from World War II (reproductions from book)
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