William Meredith legal papers

Collection 3302

[1659], 1770-1901 (bulk 1810-1782)
(30.8 Linear feet ; 80 boxes)

Summary Information

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Meredith, William M. (William Morris), 1799-1873.
Meredith, William, 1772-1844.
William Meredith legal papers
[1659], 1770-1901 (bulk 1810-1782)
30.8 Linear feet ; 80 boxes
This collection was rehoused and inventoried with the generous help of members of the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists.
This collection contains a vast array of papers that were kept, created, and collected by Philadelphia lawyer William Meredith (1772-1844). Likely mixed among them are papers of Meredith's son, William Morris Meredith (1799-1873), who was also a lawyer. The collection is primarily comprised of opinions and reports related to various court cases, many argued by Meredith, but bills, receipts, and many miscellaneous legal documents can be found throughout the collection, along with a smattering of personal papers. (Most non-legal correspondence rests among the third-party materials in Boxes 15A-D). The papers are very loosely arranged by type. Within the court case papers, names of plaintiffs and/or defendants are on most of the folders. Bills and receipts are roughly arranged chronologically. Third-party papers and miscellaneous documents are arranged in the order found. Many items in the collection remain unsorted and unidentified.

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Cite as: [Indicate cited item or series here], William Meredith legal papers (Collection 3302), Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Historical Society of Pennsylvania ; 2021.

1300 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107

Access restrictions

The collection is open for research.

Processing note

Two rolled items were removed from the collection for conservation. Once work on them is complete, they will be returned to the collection, and this finding aid will be updated accordingly.

One folder (Box 9, folder 13) was removed from the collection due to mold. While no other instances of mold were found in the collection, researchers with such sensitives may wish to take extra precautions when accessing the papers.

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Controlled Access Headings

Family Name(s)

  • Meredith family


  • Legal records.


  • Lawyers--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia--19th century.
  • Legal Disputes--19th century.
  • Legal Documents--19th century.
  • Legal instruments--Pennsylvania--19th century.
  • Legal instruments--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia--19th century.
  • Legal instruments--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia.
  • Legal instruments--Pennsylvania.
  • Legal issues.
  • Legal Proceedings--19th century.
  • Legal proceedings--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia--19th century.
  • Legal profession--19th century.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Folders list

Folder 1-8: Miscellaneous cases/legal miscellany

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Box 2 

Folder list

Folder 1: Deringer v. Rees

Folder 2: Peers v. Port

Folder 3: Pennock v. Dwayne

Folder 4: Myers v. Smith et al.

Folder 5: De Silver v. Commonwealth

Folder 6: Wilson v. McCrea

Folder 7: Hunt v. Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company

Folder 8: Ogden et al. v. Meredith

Folder 9: Union Canal Company v. Young

Folder 10: G. Posten v. W. Posten

Folder 11: Hunt v. Easby

Folder 12: Yerkes v. Adams

Folder 13: Dubarry v. Breden

Folder 14: Mississippi and Alabama Railroad Company v. Baker

Folder 15: Curtis v. Pritchard

Folder 16: Samson v. Morris

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Box 3 

Folder list

Folder 1: Morris Exrs v. Brown

Folder 2: Little Schuylkill Navigation, Railroad and Coal Company v. Blattenberger

Folder 3: Garcia v. Emlen

Folder 4: Bonsall v. Rees

Folder 5: Dundas v. Richards

Folder 6: Martin v. Warner

Folders 7-9: Allen v. Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company

Folders 10-12: Bank of the United States v. Biddle, Duncan, and Cowperthwaite

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Box 4 

Folder list

Folders 1-2: Barrett & Company v. Phillips (New Orleans Gas Light and Banking Company)

Folder 3: Garrett and Parrish (assigners of Jackson) v. Philadelphia Silk Company

Folder 4: Horter v. Stanley

Folder 5: Jackson v. Cook

Folder 6: Pyle v. Thomas

Folder s7-8: Thomas v. Philips and Moss

Folders 9-10: Vaughan v. Nicholson

Folder 11: Weems v. Gratz

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Box 5A 

Folder list

Folder 1: Barrett v. Phillips

Folder 2: Pierie v. Woglom

Folder 3: Fox v. Yard

Folder 4: Piper v. Odenheimer

Folder 5: Coats v. Brooks

Folder 6: Hays v. Gratz

Folder 7: Veron v. Fletcher

Folder 8: Hemphill v. Hurford, executor of William Coleman (for use of Thomas C. Rea)

Folder 9: Clemens v. Rees

Folder 10: Gills v. Phillips/Gill v. Cummings

Folder 11: Elias v. Duncan

Folder 12: Daly v. Commonwealth (fraudulent insolvency)

Folder 13: Collins v. Dull & White

Folder 14: Young v. Stoddard Folder 15: Hudson and Story v. Jones Folder 16: Farnan v. Power

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Box 5B 

Folder list

Folder 1: New Brunswick Steam Boat and Canal Transportation Company v. Delaware Coal Company

Folder 2: Townsend v. Carpenter

Folder 3: Scott v. Bevan et al.

Folder 4: King v. Richards

Folder 5: Penn-Gaskell v. Morris

Folder 6: Ship Levant v. Borie & Trott

Folders 7-8: Binney v. Seaton

Folder 9: Gowen v. Philadelphia Exchange Company

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Box 6 

Folder list

Folder 1: Porter v. Fritz

Folder 2: Arnold and Ford v. Bones

Folder 3: Smith (for the use of Johnson) v. Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company

Folder 4: Martin et al. v. McKinley

Folder 5: Jones v. Janney

Folder 6: Mitchison v. Walshaw

Folder 7: Wright v. Wotherspoon et al.

Folder 8: Frazier v. Cream

Folder 9: Snyder v. Scherer

Folder 10: Bowers v. McBean

Folder 11: Steever v. Beehler

Folder 12: Browattan v. Insurance Company Folder 13: Wood v. Savage Folder 14: Newbold v. Wright

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Box 7 

Folder list

Folder 1: Stephen Morris on Brig Charleston

Folder 2: Benjamin Fells bonds and notes

Folder 3: Zacharies Endress deed, bond, mortgage

Folder 4: Jacob Cooker lease for farm

Folders 5-6: Joshua B. Bacon with Desilver, Thomas and Company

Folder 7: Justus E. Bollman mortgage, bonds of obligation, agreements, purchase of estate

Folder 8: George Wescott with Jonathan Meredith mortgage, bond of obligation

Folder 9: Isaac Titus pre-war claim (1799) [see Thomas Millidge with Bonnell]

Folder 10: Thomas Millidge, also W. Bonnell settling of pre-war debts between U. S. and Great Britain, Isaac Titus

Folder 11: W. W. Smith mortgage

Folder 12: Samuel Pancoast to Jonathan Meredith bond for performance of contract accounts for South Street house

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Box 8A 

Folder list

Folder 1: Various unsorted documents

Folder 2: Information on Hon. Thomas H. Dudley, 1893

Folder 3: Manuscript: Bio of Dr. Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere by William John Potts, undated.

Folder 4: Copy of 1659 petition to Parliament against tithes, undated.

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Box 8B 

Folder list

Folder 1: Photos of Williams John Potts, 1901

Folder 2: Volume, list of deeds, 1680-1782

Folder 3: Letter book, 1818

Folder 4: Wooden Seal with document - State of Georgia, 1794

Folder 5: Various unsorted documents

Folder 6: Information on William James Potts – genealogy, letter, 1864

Folder 7: Documents pertaining to Revolutionary war

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Box 8C 

Folder list

Folder 1: Pay to Robert Morris, 1790

Folder 2: Newspaper – Guardian, 16 April 1812

Folder 3: Unsorted genealogical documents

Folder 4: Photo. Unknown (1703?)

Folder 5: Unsorted correspondence., late 1800s

Folder 6: Advertisements, accounts, 1891

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Box 9 

Folder list

Folder 1: DuBois v. Matlack, and other cases

Folder 2: Daniel McKarracker v. John Hill

Folder 3: Caldwell v. Cramond

Folder 4: Hamilton v. Hartzell and Dechant

Folder 5: Jackson v. Dee

Folder 6: Gulick, Ward, Stockton v. The Columbia Steam Boat Company

Folder 7: Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad Company v. Fry, et al.

Folder 8: Joshua Hanna v. Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad Company

Folder 9: Kennedy v. Armstrong

Folder 10: Duffy v. Chandler

Folder 11: Mordecai Lewis v. Thomas Watson

Folder 12: Robert Ogden v. William P. Bryan

Folder 13: Mather v. Gillespie [REMOVED DUE TO MOLD]

Folder 14: Joshua B. Bond v. Lyttleton Gale

Folder 15: Judah Benoliel v. George Carter

Folder 16: May v. Foster, re: claim in the hands of J. Swann

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Box 10A 

Folder list

Folder 1: Wall and Taylor v. Royal Saxon

Folder 2: D’arcey v. Nixon

Folder 3: Clark v. Payson, 1833

Folder 4: Wind v. Reigant, 1843-1845

Folder 5: Andrew v. Solomon, 1806

Folder 6: Walker v. Spring Garden Inn, 1842-1846

Folder 7: Davis v. Bell. (Mississippi case)

Folder 8: Browne v. Reeside, 1833 -1837

Folder 9: Wharton v. Hollingsworth

Folder 10: Browne v. Lang

Folder 11: King v. Tedey, 1813-1814

Folder 12: Wild v. Tedey, 1816-1818

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Box 10B 

Folder list

Folder 1: John Kline v. John A. Dickenson, 1837

Folder 2: Charles D. Mulder v. Nath G. Grafton Company, 1830-1831

Folder 3: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Bank of Pennsylvania, 1842

Folder 4: Battini v. Delaware Coal Company, 1844

Folder 5: Pennsylvania v. Delaware Coal Company, 1841-1842

Folder 6: Moore v. Haughey

Folder 7: Wonderly v. Graff, 1834

Folder 8: Wallace v. Manley, 1843

Folder 9: Hare v. Yerkes, 1832-1833

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Box 11 

Folder list

Folder 1: Lang and Whitaker v. Sarmento

Folder 2: Jacob Fitzwater v. John C. Brown

Folder 3: Lacroix v. MacQuarry

Folder 4: Broletsky v. Scheer

Folder 5: John Holliday v. Samuel Carswell

Folder 6: Schuylkill Bank v. Thomas Watson

Folder 7: Hopkinson v. Biggs

Folder 8: Fereira v. Sayres

Folder 9: Cunningham v. White

Folder 10: Brallier v. Hipple

Folder 11-13: Bell, De Young and Company v. Moss and Samuel

Folder 14: Ellett v. Paxson

Folder 15: Coleman v. Lukens

Folder 16: Dungan v. Converse

Folder 17: Hauberger v. Root

Folder 18: Fletcher v. Baillie/Fletcher v. Foulke

Folder 19: Fletcher v. Foulke

Folder 20: Shotwell v. Commercial Rank of New Jersey

Folder 21: Wilson v. Knox

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Box 12A 

Folder list

Folder 1-3: Lang and Whitaker v. Sarmento, 1795

Folder 4: Board of Health v. Buzby and John Pearce, 1842

Folder 5: Attwood and Company v. Port Sheldon Land Company – articles of association

Folder 6: Everly v. Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company – laws of, 1834

Folder 7: University of Pennsylvania v. Almshouse, 1872

Folder 8: Day v. Elfreta, 1823

Folder 9: Day v. Butler and King

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Box 12B 

Folder list

Folder 1: John H. Barny v. John M. Prentiss and Robert E. Carter

Folder 2: Miller v. Carter

Folder 3: Syndam v. Stambaugh

Folder 4: Hart v. Mayor

Folder 5: Le Ray v. J. Coxe

Folder 6: Watmough v. Francis

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Box 13 

Folder list

Folder 1: Legal Cases - Fellows, Nathaniel

Folders 2-3: Fellows, Nathaniel

Folder 4: Ker v. Diehl

Folder 5: Justin v. Cameron

Folder 6: County of Philadelphia v. Lambert adm. of W. and J. Smith

Folder 7: County of Philadelphia v. Reiff

Folder 8: Bascom et al. v. Ashmead et al., sketch of interrogatories

Folder 9: United States v. Six cases of Mdse(?)

Folder 10: Oakley v. Watson

Folder 11: Way v. Gest

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Box 14 

Folder list

Folder 1: Wistar v. DuBois

Folder 2: BuBois v. Cheesman

Folder 3: Demilder v. Grafton

Folder 4: Stout v. Campbell

Folder 5: Harvey and Worth v. Stovall

Folder 6: Jones v. Williams

Folder 7: Dobel v. Dyre

Folder 8: Ann C. Coleman v. Balthasar Dhugar; also Coleman v. Nighten

Folder 9: Bradford v. Bradford

Folder 10: Flintham v. Bradford

Folder 11: Lynch v. Conynhgam

Folders 12-13: Samuel M. Cohen, et al. v. Simon Gratz, et al.

Folder 14: Johnson v. Lobb

Folder 15: E. Wiltbank divorce case, 1847

Folder 16: Rees v. Tichenor

Folder 17: Duffee v. Kurlin and Binney

Folder 18: William Cushion v. North and Pullen

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Box 15A 

Folder list

Folders 1-2: Third party correspondence, 1815-1829

Folder 3: Third party accounting receipts and letter, 1821-1822

Folder 4: Third party financial correspondence, 1820-1822

Folder 5: Third party financial correspondence and miscellaneous receipts, 1808-1820

Folder 6: Third party orders and receipts, 1821

Folder 7: Third party correspondence, 1818-1828

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Box 15B 

Folder list

Folder 1: Third party checks and receipts, 1820-1822

Folder 2: Third party cotton receipts

Folder 3: Third party bills of lading outwards; third party correspondence relating to shipping, 1819-1822

Folder 4: Third party loans, bills of sale, checks, orders

Folder 5: Third party business correspondence, 1820s

Folder 6: Third party personal correspondence to Potts family, 1770, circa 1813-circa 1880

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Box 15C 

Folder list

Folder 1: Third party orders, bills of sale, 1814-1819

Folder 2: Third party personal correspondence to the Bilbrough family, 1860s-1870s

Folder 3: Third party personal correspondence - Pfeiffer, Grew, etc., with one personal letter, 1835, 1870s

Folder 4: Invoices - tobacco, 1821

Folders 5-6: Bilbrough orders and business correspondence, 1818-1821

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Box 15D 

Folder list

Folder 1: Third party bills of lading, invoices, 1818-1822

Folder 2: Bibliographic list, undated

Folders 3-4: S. Bilbrough business correspondence, 1820-1822

Folder 5: Miscellaneous notes, map, lists, etc.

Folder 6: Real estate papers (deeds, leases, mortgages), 1783-1784; will of Wigard Levering, 1783

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Box 16 

Folder list

Folder 1: Almond, William, Manuel Eyre

Folder 2: Anderson, Peter

Folder 3: Anthony, Joseph (Corp, Ellis & Shaw, 3rd floor)

Folders 4-5: Ash, Morgan

Folder 6: Atkinson, S. C., papers relating to

Folder 7: Atwater & Sheffield

Folder 8: Bailey and Kitchen

Folder 9: Baker and Ferrand’s estate - Meredith and Slater, assignees

Folder 10: Jacob Baker papers

Folder 11: Baker, George to Naylor

Folder 12: Consequa and Capt. Jacob Benners, George Blight suit req. promisory note

Folder 13-14: Bevan and Humphreys

Folder 15: Blanchard, John, correspondence

Folder 16: Bleeker, H.

Folder 17: Blight, Wallace and Company, re. wharf rental

Folder 18: Boggs, L. Ellmaker

Folder 19: Boker, Aaron

Folder 20: Boggs, James

Folder 21: Boyd, George I., re. settlement of note

Folder 22: Broadbent, Edward, interragatories

Folder 23: Brown, David Paul

Folder 24: Butler, Anthony

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Box 17 

Folder list

Folders 1-2: Caldwell, Andrew D.

Folder 3: Caldwell, Timothy, mortgage bond and warrant

Folder 4: John Cameron in a/c Justin and Harris

Folder 5: Cantelo, Wm. Jas., re: collection of rent

Folders 6-7: Cantelo, Wm. J.

Folder 8: Clarke, Maskline, claim against Murietta

Folder 9: Crane, George, patent for smelting iron

Folder 10: Denny manuscripts

Folder 11: DeSilver, Thomas and Company, Joshua B. Bacon

Folder 12: DeSilver and Bacon

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Box 18 

Folder list

Folder 1: Gardner, J. H., claim on Jennings and Craig

Folder 2: Reynear Gilbert to Elizabeth Peter - mortgage and bond warrant

Folder 3: Robert Gray papers

Folders 4-7: Gratz, Simon, correspondence, gun powder

Folder 8: Griffith, Morrice , Exparte Edwards and wife pedigree

Folder 9: Goddefroy and Son

Folder 10: Goddefroy

Folder 11: re. Tea, Goddefroy and Toland legal cases

Folder 12: Henry Tolands & J. C. Goddefroy correspondence

Folder 13: Untitled

Folders 14-15: Gould. F. and Company - proof of debt against John Field re: bankruptcy of Thomas Rodman

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Box 19 

Folder list

Folder 1: Diehl, Andrew, of Northern Liberties

Folder 2: Downing, John W.

Folder 3: Drayton, James, in account with Walter Williams

Folder 4: Duane, W. J., repurchase of Market Street property

Folder 5: Drayatt, J. B. and C. W. Estate, auditor’s report

Folder 6: Edwards, George W.

Folder 7: Ellmember, Levi, copy of guarantee agreement

Folder 8: Fox, Edward, assignee

Folder 9: Ely, John Jr.

Folder 10: Esfry, James S.

Folders 11-12: Field, John

Folder 13: Fisher, Sidney G.

Folders 14-16: Frayley, Jacob

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Box 20 

Folder list

Folder 1: Hancock, William, claim

Folder 2: Harper, Charles A.

Folder 3: Hare, Robert, Patent re. ripening  malt liquor and cider

Folder 4: Hawkes, Gen. W. and Thomas

Folder 5: H & K

Folder 6: Josiah Hermes

Folder 7: Hewes Lands

Folder 8: Hodge, John L., correspondence Hullen James B.

Folder 9: Howard Lathrop, Edmund Morris, bond and correspondence

Folder 10: Huidekoper, H. J., Meadville

Folder 11: Hullin, James B. Power as Dyudic (?)

Folder 12: Inbert, Felix, accounts

Folder 13: Irving, E. and P., accounts

Folders 14-15: Israel Israel

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Box 21 

Folder list

Folder 1: Keene, Jessi L. Carr, Admr of M. McIntosh

Folder 2: Remble, Roberts, re: lands

Folder 3: Kennedy and Maitland correspondence, re: Gen. Brown’s real estate

Folders 4-6: Knox and Boggs

Folder 7: Lassalle and Wiltberger

Folder 8: Linn, William DB Rising

Folder 9: Livingston, Anne - claim against Elisha Kane

Folder 10: Lupton, John

Folder 11: Manroe, William - Dead marriage certificate will

Folder 12: Merrick and Town

Folder 13: Maxwell, John

Folder 14: Meyer, Roseanne, will, etc.

Folder 15: Milke, Edward, agreement

Folder 16: Mifflin, James L., re: notes

Folder 17: Milne, Edmund

Folder 18: Moses, Joshua

Folder 19: Jaspur Maylaui, re: notes

Folder 20 Muller, Albert

Folder 21: Mulligan, John W. and W. Mc

Folder 22: Murray, Thomas, estate - John Keegan claim against

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Box 22 

Folder list

Folder 1: Norogong, Peter, bills and receipts for farm labor

Folder 2: McCaraher,

Folder 3: McVicker, John and Company, correspondence with Thomas Hawthorne

Folder 4, Newbigging & Hamilton, promissory note to recover

Folder 5: Norris, William Jr.

Folders 6-7: Oakely, George

Folder 8: Samuel Ogden legal papers

Folders 9-10: Ogden Lands, Northumberland and Luzerne counties

Folder 11: O’Neil and Wilkinson, in account with Groves and Fleming

Folder 12: Osborne and Frazier, contract

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Box 23 

Folder list

Folder 1: Adam Paulas to Margaret Beringer, Samuel Crockett bond

Folder 2: Plum, Christian, petition for

Folder 3: Potter, Sheldon Est., Report of Auditors

Folder 4: Pratt, James T., miscellaneous legal papers

Folders 5-6: Reeside, James

Folder 7: Richards, George W.

Folder 8: Lease memo - Charles Robb, David Weinbreuer, and William J. Cantelo

Folder 9: R. Madam Rollanday, order for laces

Folder 10: Rooker, James, papers of Germantown

Folder 11: Ross and Cook, on trial for the murder of Samuel Alwine

Folder 12: Sawyer, Abigail, petition of

Folder 13: Sheffery, Daniel, claim against Allen and Reed

Folder 14: Sloan and Morris , James S. Armory

Folder 15: Smyth and Dickson

Folder 16: Spackman, Wm. H.

Folder 17: Stewart, Ferdinand & Campbell

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Box 24 

Folder list

Folder 1: Taggert and Dwanley

Folder 2: John Taylor Jr.

Folder 3: Tyson J. R., plea of trespass

Folder 4: Waddington, John

Folder 5: Walker, Johnathan H., collection of note

Folders 6-7: Walker, Alex and William in Account with Thomas and George Hawkins

Folder 8: Walker, J. D. Invoices

Folder 9: Wilson, Benjamin, William Meredith, assignment of

Folder 10: Wilson, David E., sssignee of William Rogers, receipts for payments

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Box 25 

Folder list

Folder 1: Winder, William H.

Folder 2: Wistar, Caspar - Virginia lands near Snicker’s Gap

Folder 3: Woodworth, William, patent right for planing machine, 29 July 1830

Folder 4: Wood, Robert, creditors of

Folder 5: Woodworth, William

Folder 6: Wotherspoon, Matthew, court summons affidavit

Folder 7: Vallance, John, inventory of estate

Folder 8: Young, William Wallace, miscellaneous legal, Rockland Manufacturing Company on Brandywine Cotton Hill

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Box 26 

Folder list

Folder 1: Paper Books, Misc. Legal Papers

Folder 2: Legal

Folder 3: Protests: Misc Legal Papers

Folder 4: Power of Attorney, Miscellaneous Legal Papers

Folder 5: Creighton Trial

Folders 6-7: Miscellaneous Legal Papers

Folders 8-12: Letters re. Legal Cases

Folder 13: Miscellaneous loose papers

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Box 27A 

Folder list

Folder 1: Chancery land deed, brief Philip Williams/James Underwood, dating to 1666 [undated]

Folder 2: Harland account [FOLDER FOUND EMPTY]

Folder 3: Joshua Butters Bacon, 1834

Folder 4: Title, Richardson’s Grove, 1796

Folder 5: Title, Genoa/Iron Hill/Wheatfield/Paris/New Garden, 1792

Folder 6: Land deed – Edward Mott and William Harwood, 1797

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Box 27B 

Folder list

Folder 1: Account statement - Dr. John Harland

Folder 2: Account statement - Charles D. Harland (a minor)

Folder 3: Account statement

Folder 4: Account statement - Dr. John Harland from H.G. Williams, esq.

Folder 5: Schedule of balances - estate of Charles Harland

Folder 6: Estate of Charles Harland (a minor)

Folder 7: Account balances, January 1829

Folder 8: Account statement, J. Harland guardian

Folder 9: Accounting notes

Folders 10-11: Notebooks

Folder 12: Notes on Circuit Court and Supreme Court, 1804

Folder 13: Committee on the Judiciary System, 1826

Folder 14: Notebook, 1827

Folder 15: Supreme Court term notebook

Folder 16: Miscellaneous William Meredith papers

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Box 28 

Folder list

Folders 1-4: Legislative acts

Folders 5-8: Miscellaneous papers of John Parish

Folder 9: John Ross v. John Parish

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Box 29A 

Folder list

Folders 1-7: Miscellaneous legal papers

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Box 29B 

Folder list

Folders 1-2: Philadelphia and Lancaster Stage Company, Tomlinson and Sleigh makers account receipts

Folders 3-4: Columbia Stage Coach, Estate of William J. Stoleston and Willaim Gulick

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Box 30 

Folder list

Folder 1: William Wilson v. William Miller

Folder 2: Smith v. Foot

Folder 3: Legal cases

Folder 4: Cooper v. Ship Louisiana

Folder 5: Roffs v. Selinger

Folder 6: Stockton and Stoker (legal case)

Folder 7: Powell and Formby v. Walker

Folder 8: Rush v. McGraw

Folder 9: McBride v. Duncan

Folder 10: Lippincott v. Thomson

Folder 11: McBride v. Duncan

Folder 12: Pleasants v. The mayor (gas company case)

Folder 13: Stanley v. Attmore

Folder 14: Brady v. Fotterall

Folder 15: Musgrove v. Hildeburn

Folder 16: Carroll v. Nixon

Folder 17: Remington v. Caldwell

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Box 31 

Folder list

Folder 1: John Love v. James Brown

Folder 2: Tatem and Twadell v. Whitaker

Folder 3: Morris et al. v. Smith

Folder 4: Barker v. Gratz

Folder 5: Halsey v. Archer

Folder 6: Sherwin v. Shannon and Poalk

Folder 7: Hewes v. Hazlehurst, re. collection of note

Folder 8: Fox v. Seeman

Folders 9-10: Legal cases

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Box 32 

Folder list

Folder 1: Court Summons

Folder 2: Citations

Folders 3-10: Court summons

Folder 11: Court summons to Philadelphia And Reading Railroad Company

Folder 12: Court summons

Folder 13: Court summons to Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company

Folder 14: Promissory notes

Folder 15: Promissory notes and orders

Folders 16-18: Protests

Folder 19: Proxy, Bank

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Box 33 

Folder list

Folders 1-6: Bonds of obligation, late 1700s-early 1800s

Folder 7: Briefs of title

Folder 8: Certificate of investment, 1839

Folder 9: Commissions

Folder 10: Contracts

Folder 11: Pardons

Folder 12: Papers pertaining to petition to Governor A. G. Curtin for appointment of additional judge of Court of Common Please

Folders 13-14: Petitions

Folder 15: Powers of attorney

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Box 34 

Folder list

Folder 1: Libel

Folder 2: Memorials

Folder 3: Opinions

Folder 4: Ordinances

Folder 5: Resolutions, including commendation for John Marshall

Folder 6: Resolutions

Folder 7: Resolutions of the Commonwealth

Folders 8-11: Trails by jury/trial lists

Folder 12: Wills

Folder 13: Will of and opinion of will of John Smith

Folders 14-15: Wills

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Box 35 

Folder list

Folder 1: Abstract of Taxes 1826-27

Folder 2: Affidavits, 1795, 1862

Folder 3: Agreements, 1796-1848

Folder 4: Agreements, 1782-1812, 1856

Folder 5: Agreements, 1802-1840

Folder 6: Appeals

Folder 7: Apprentices, indentures of 1799, 1833

Folder 8: Assignments, 1795-1835

Folder 9: Assignments of copyright, Life of Washington John Morgan, 1803

Folder 10: Bill of equity

Folder 11: Bills of exchange

Folder 12: Bills of sale

Folder 13: Declaration of intentions

Folder 14: Deed of trust

Folder 15: Depositions

Folder 16: Exemplification of judgment

Folder 17-18: Jury lists

Folder 19: Duplicates

Folders 20-21: Jury Lists

Folder 22: Ju3

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Box 36 

Folder list

Folders 1a-1b: Miscellaneous legal cases

Folders 2-3: Eastern Penitentiary, re. convicts, miscellaneous legal cases

Folder 4: Osborne v. Odenheimer

Folder 5: Melizet v. Melizet

Folder 6: Coleman v. Lukens

Folder 7: Townsend, administration of J. F. Clarke v. Jirard Company et al.

Folder 8: Parker v. Dannenberg

Folder 9: Ellitt v. Porfzam

Folder 10: Belair v. Young

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Box 37 

Folder list

Folder 1: Deeds, leases, releases

Folder 2: Deed of plot of Cold Spring Tract

Folders 3-7: Leases, deed, mortgages, releases

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Box 38 

Folder list

Folder 1: Mantua

Folder 2: Philadelphia Sanitation Malignant Fever

Folder 3: Northern Liberties public landings

Folder 4: Penington lots

Folder 5: Philadelphia Ice Company

Folder 6: Draft of lot and gardens

Folder 7: City Commissioners plans for building markets

Folder 8: City Commissioners Plans for building houses on High Street, Samuel Carles

Folder 9: Philadelphia Public Squares report of committee

Folder 10: Philadelphia

Folder 11: Philadelphia city expenses, 1821; Robert Wharton’s printed letter, re. Laws and Ordinances and Memorandum by William Meredith

Folder 12: Commerce Street

Folder 13: Noble Street

Folder 14: Tenth and Chestnut streets, property bills and receipts

Folder 15: Thomas T. Ash and Henry M. Walker’s mortgage to William Meredith for Chestnut and Tenth streets, property correspondence

Folder 16: Walnut Street property briefs of title

Folder 17: York Road lots

Folder 18: Moyamensing list of voters

Folder 19: Northern Liberties

Folder 20: West Philadelphia Township

Folder 21: Spring Garden 3rd Ward constables bond

Folder 22: Valparaiso, re: lands to be sold at auction

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Box 39 

Folder list

Folder 1: U. S. A. v. Eli K. Price

Folder 2: Mitchell v. Morris

Folder 3: McMahon and Smith, estimate of work done by

Folder 4: Bolton v. Johns

Folder 5: Carter v. Harding

Folder 6: Baker v. Thomas

Folder 7: Untitled

Folder 8: Fleming v. Schooner Julia

Folder 9: Ship Robert v. Thomas Onion

Folder 10: Vaun v. Robbins

Folder 11: Stockton and Stokes v. Burson

Folder 12: Commonwealth (for administration of Daly) v. Tryon et al.

Folder 13: Union Canal Company v. Ehrenzeller

Folder 14: Clark v. Carney and Cunningham

Folder 15: Chase v. Vaux

Folder 16: Stockton and Stokes v. Imlay

Folder 17: Biddle v. Ash

Folder 18: Haines Lessee of S. Chambers

Folder 19: Clark v. Hory and Ziegler

Folder 20: Lewis and Stroud v. Bank of Penn township

Folder 21: Solomon v. Wilson

Folder 22: U. S. v. Taylor, claims 25 cases of

Folder 23: Morris v. Nixon

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Box 40 

Folder list

Folder 1: King of Spain v. Oliver Parish

Folder 2: [Exr?] of Gifford v. Thornton

Folder 3: Rhodes and Briggs v. W. W. Smith

Folders 4-5: Stephen Girard v. Taggart

Folder 6: Green v. Alexander

Folder 7: Commissioners of the Northern Liberties v. David Meredith

Folder 8: Gratz [Adm?] v. Philips

Folder 9: Amory and Company v. Moses Carlton

Folder 10: Gratz [Adm?] v. Simons

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Box 41 

Folder list

Folder 1: Shepherd v. Pleasants

Folder 2: Caldwell v. Reeves et al., protested draft

Folder 3: Davis v. Henderson

Folder 4: Gilbert et al. v. Stanley

Folder 5: Tennant v. Richards et al.

Folder 6: Rising v. Linn

Folder 7: Potter v. Davis et al.

Folder 8: Charles Wharton v. Charles Illins

Folder 9: Central Bank v. Schuylkill Bank garnishee of Thomas P. Knight

Folder 10: Treadwell et al v. Chamberlain

Folder 11: Commonwealth of Pennasylvania, Ovid F Johnson, attorney general ex officio v. Isaac Darlington

Folder 12: Schuylkill Bank v. John Stilli

Folder 13: Commonwealth of Pennasylvania v. Sarah De Silver Estate

Folder 14: Winder v. Brooks

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Box 42 

Folder list

Folder 1-4: Settlement of Estates [?] (circa 1821)

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Box 43 

Folder list

Folder 1: Wilson v. Wallace

Folder 2: Rhodes and Briggs v. Smith; Wilson v. Smith; Rhodes and Briggs v. Knox and Company; Rhodes and Briggs v. James Crawford and Company

Folder 3: Moore v. Briggs

Folder 4: Smith v. Humphreys and Clay

Folder 5: [Clauger?] v. How

Folder 6: Stark v. Parker; Parker v. Dannenberg; Starck v. Chesapeake Insurance Company

Folder 7: Smith - Lessee of Thomas v. Newton

Folders 8-10: Woodmass v. Wilcocks

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Box 44 

Folder list

Folders 1-5: Unsorted legal papers

Folder 6: Malone v. Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company

Folder 7: Kellog v. Vanderwater

Folder 8: William L. Banning v. Philadelphia government and Norristown Railroad Company

Folder 9: Jacob Walton v. John Gould

Folder 10: Charles S. Coxe v. Franklin Fire Insurance Company

Folder 11: Breed and Brown v. Franklin Fire Insurance Company

Folder 12: Stagers v. Stagers

Folder 13: Greenough v. Greenough

Folder 14: Atwood v. Carpenter

Folder 15: Legal papers of Melizet

Folder 16: Taylor and Broadbent, re: seizures & tariff customs

Folder 17: Morris Canal and Banking Company v. James Reerside

Folder 18: Morris Canal and Banking Company v. Jackson

Folder 19: Morris Canal and Banking Company v. Brady

Folder 20: Bayard v. McLane

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Box 45 

Folder list

Folder 1: Ferguson and Day v. Phoenix Insurance Company

Folder 2: Brandt v. Pennsylvania and Reading Railroad Company

Folder 3: Wichelhausen v. Sperry and Kintzing

Folder 4: Tryon v. Miller

Folder 5: Kuhn v. Bank of the United States

Folder 6: Jewell v. David Meredith

Folder 7: Bacon v. Desilver Thomas and Company

Folder 8: Oakey v. Billbrough

Folder 9: Martin v. Pierson

Folder 10: Rhodes v. Lawson

Folder 11: Ellmaker and Ferguson v. Smith

Folder 12: Haydock v. Gratz

Folder 13: Bacon et. al. v. Munns

Folder 14: Medford v. Dorsey

Folder 15: Baker v. Barnhurst

Folder 16: Cumming et. al. v. Borden

Folder 17: Nevins v. Ralston

Folder 18: Paleske v. Tilly

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Box 46 

Folder list

Folder 1: Israel Moses and Sons v. William P. Israel

Folder 2: Booth and Waters v. Leuffer and Spense

Folder 3: Snyder v. Norman

Folder 4: Durfor v. Rohrer

Folders 5-6: Andrews et al v. Solomon

Folder 7: Caldwell v. Wilson

Folder 8: Frank’s Exr v. Schell

Folder 9: Hawthorn v. Smyth

Folder 10: Sweeny v. Meany

Folder 11: Ketland v. Smith

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Box 47 

Folder list

Folder 1: Knox and Boggs v. Okie

Folder 2: Knox and Boggs v. Steadman and Benji Robbins

Folder 3: Horton and Ross v. Farley

Folder 4: Holy and Suckley v. Nicholas Hopkins

Folder 5: Samuel Pancost v. Executors of Simpson Crosby

Folder 6: George S. Watkins v. George Simpson

Folder 7: Francis C. Sarmiento v. Anthony Morzon

Folder 8: Sullivan v. Blight

Folder 9: John and Jacob Fitzwater v. The inspectors of the new prison

Folder 10: Price v. Atkinson, notes of trial

Folder 11: - this Folder is unlabeled -

Folder 12: Thomas H. Carter v. Tristan B. Freeman

Folder 13: Willis and Wright v. Thomas Graham

Folder 14: Rex v. Rex

Folder 15: Peter Kenison v. Nathaniel Sylvester

Folder 16: Cantelo v. Pritchett

Folder 17: Humphreys v. Anderson

Folder 18: De Jirardi et al v. Phillips Tasitt v. Phillips

Folder 19: Meredith v. Thomas Shewell

Folder 20: George W. Prevast v. Simon Gratz et al.

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Box 48 

Folder list

Folders 1-2: Seebring, lessee of v. Ward

Folder 3: Jackson v. Turner

Folder 4: Jaudon v. David C. Wood

Folder 5: Archer v. Dunn

Folder 6: Mary P. Fisher v. Samuel B. Morris

Folder 7: Dent v. Blight

Folder 8: Alfred Brooks (partner of John Humphreys) v. Samuel Comly, et al.

Folders 9-10: Stockton v. Anderson

Folder 11: Dodge v. Israel

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Box 49 

Folder list

Folder 1: Topping v. Brig Boston

Folder 2: Rickets Newton and Company v. Crammond, Lovel et al. v. Allen

Folder 3: Wakeman v. Phillips

Folder 4: Hall for use of Maxwell v. Eastburn

Folder 5: Toland et al. v. Bedford et al.

Folder 6: Helmuth v. Smith

Folder 7: Wilson v. Wallace

Folder 8: Bladen v. Brown et al.

Folder 9: Taylor et al. v. Orr and Tebbs

Folder 10: Morris v. Sheppard

Folder 11: Tod v. Clifford

Folder 12: Schuylkill Bank v. Bank of St. Louis

Folder 13: Cross v. Bryant

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Box 50 

Folder list

Folder 1: Pier v. March

Folder 2: Edwards v. Weed

Folder 3: Richards v. Lippincott

Folder 4: Thompson v. J. Ash

Folder 5: Burt v. Smith

Folder 6: John Brown, for the use of Darnell M. Fraunces v. Johanna Long

Folder 7: James C. Thompson v. Elizabeth Sheridan, administration of Bernard Sheridan

Folder 8: William Nott and Company v. Scotts and Allison

Folder 9: Wharton v. U. S. Insurance Company

Folder 10: Wallace v. Ware

Folder 11: Davidson v. Boggs

Folder 12: Spickenagel (cabinetmaker, 7th and Chestnut streets) v. Blackwell

Folder 13: Heard et al. v. Gillies et al.

Folder 14: Burk v. Robert, claim for nonfulfillment of contract

Folder 15: Hothart v. Carlies

Folder 16: Halliday and Sons v. Thomas Roses

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Box 51 

Folder list

Folder 1: Foster v. Flower

Folder 2: Ely v..Goldsmit

Folder 3: Taylor v. Cammann, Hosack, and Bohler

Folder 4: Freeman v. Evans

Folder 5: Meredith v. Winder

Folder 6: Riggs v. Holden

Folder 7: Bank of the U. S. v. Handy

Folder 8: Mosher v. Morris

Folder 9: Streeper v. Eckert and Freeston

Folder 10: Tichener v. Strembeck

Folders 11-12: Coxe v. Lippincott

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Box 52 

Folder list

Folders 1-9: Unsorted legal papers

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Box 53 

Folder list

Folders 1-4: Unsorted legal papers

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Box 54 

Folder list

Folder 1: Allen v. Patterson

Folder 2: Meeker v. Aitken

Folder 3: Coleman v. Alter, searches, etc.

Folder 4: Second African Church v. County of Philadelphia

Folder 5: Vaughn v. Barclay

Folder 6: Swift v. Tryon

Folders 7-8: Aycinena v. Peries

Folder 9: Bevan and Humphreys

Folder 10: Bevan and Humphreys v. Marine Insurance Company, Ship Liberty

Folder 11: Bevan and Humphreys v. Marine Insurance Company, Ship Girard

Folder 12: Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company v. Flynn and Malone

Folders 13-14: Fairfield v. Merrick and Towne

Folder 15: Okie v. Wilson et al.

Folder 16: Mayland v. Bauersachs

Folder 17-18: Lewis and Stroud v. Bank of Pennsylvania

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Box 55 

Folder list

Folder 1: Capt. Hill v. Johnston and Castles

Folder 2: Dubarry v. George

Folder 3: Stevens v. Ogden; Cutting v. Ogden

Folder 4: Taylor v. Wood

Folders 5-6: Nevins v. Simkins

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Box 56 

Folder list

Folders 1-10: Unsorted legal papers

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Box 57 

Folder list

Folders 1-4: Unsorted legal papers

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Box 58 

Folder list

Folders 1-6 Unsorted legal papers

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Box 59 

Folder list

Folder 1: Abercrombie v. Jones

Folder 2: Negus and Rea v. Maxwell

Folder 3: Eyre and Massey v. Marine Insurance Company

Folder 4: Hazard v. Thompson

Folder 5: Hilborn v. Dickson

Folder 6: Krichmar v. Barclay

Folders 7-8: Fox v. Johnson

Folders 9-10: Morse v. O’Rielly The Telegraphic System

Folder 11: Commonwealth v. Sex et al.

Folder 12: Morton et al., v. Clark

Folder 13: George v. Powell

Folder 14: Ashton v. Clerist Church Hospital

Folders 15-16: Etting v. Curtin

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Box 60 

Folder list

Folders 1-8: Unsorted legal papers

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Box 61 

Folder list

Folders 1-3: Gamperts v. Union Insurance Company, re: Ship Andromeda

Folder 4: Lewis v. Bines

Folder 5: Hunt v. Dorsey

Folder 6: Finken v. Stouffer

Folder 7: Shinn v. Underwriters

Folder 8: Moss v. Andrews

Folder 9: Campbell v. Old

Folder 10: Newbold v. Wright & Shelton, Schooner Sally & Polly to St. Iago, sequestration of vessels

Folder 11: Snyder et al. v. Worrell

Folder 12: City v. Dorsey

Folder 13: Shaw v. Duncan

Folder 14: Fisk v. G. L.Chandleer

Folder 15: Hart v. North

Folder 16: Schuykill Bank v. Richard Bache

Folder 17: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. New Castle Manufacturing Company

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Box 62 

Folder list

Folder 1: Jackson v. Boyd and Stuart, 1829

Folder 2: Badger v. Phillipps, 1835

Folder 3: Jones v. Janney

Folder 4: Stockton and Stokes v. Philadelphia, Germantown, and Norristown Railroad

Folder 5: Southern Life Insurance Company v. Comly

Folder 6: Stockton and Stokes v. Philadelphia Germantown, and Norristown Railroad, 1832-1834

Folder 7: Boker v. Nathans, 1819

Folder 8: Evans v. McAlfin, 1832

Folder 9: Miles v. Herber

Folder 10: Richardson v. King, copy of testimony, etc.

Folder 11: Weiner, trustee of Elliot v. Farnum

Folder 12: Smith, lessee of Cox v. Letchworth

Folder 13: Smith v. Longstretch

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Box 63 

Folder list

Folder 1: Barker v. Cooke, Perkins v. Cooke

Folder 2: Belair et al. v. Young

Folder 3: Coates v. Ellmaker

Folder 4: Crafts, Stevens, and Tucker v. Brown

Folder 5: Craig v. Smith

Folder 6: Harrison v. Riddle

Folder 7: Greiner v. Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company

Folder 8: Hart v. Myers

Folder 9: McBride v. Duncan et al.

Folder 10: Macferran v. Swindell

Folder 11: Metcalf v. Etting

Folders 12-13: Mifflin v. Comly, Comly v. Levis

Folder 14: Smith's Admr. v. Nicholson's Admr

Folder 15: White v. garnishee of W. L. Mattock

Folder 16: Wilson's estate v. Smith

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Box 64 

Folder list

Folder 1: Cumming v. Meeker

Folder 2: Commonwealth v. Smith

Folder 3: Toland v. Godeffray

Folder 4: Godeffray v. Smith

Folder 5: Manufacturing and Mechanics Bank v. Pennock

Folder 6: Eyre v.. Marine Insurance Company

Folder 7: Warder v. Bevan

Folder 8: Brown v. Boyd

Folder 9: Boorman v. Montgomery

Folder 10: Baker v. Clark

Folder 11: Ottinger v. Jacoby

Folder 12: Laussat v. Smith

Folder 13: Ried v. Richards

Folder 14: Schlatter v. Tousey

Folder 15: Adams v. Norris

Folder 16: Kinsman v. Rynen, Michael Kinsman his assignee

Folder 17: Waln v. Hodgden

Folder 18: Varney v. Schenck

Folder 19: Otis v. Clark, re: lumber

Folder 20: Kingston v. Wilson

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Box 65 

Folder list

Folder 1: Toland v. Godefray, John Caesar

Folder 2: Riston v. Abercrombie

Folder 3: Blight v. Curtis

Folder 4: Britton v. Stanley

Folder 5: Bevan and Humphreys v. Joseph W. Scott

Folder 6: Downing v. Kugler

Folder 7: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the suggestion of James Tod, J. R. Neff et al. v. Green et al.

Folder 8: Patton v. Ripka

Folder 9: Thomas v. Edgar

Folder 10: Daniels v. Ball, schedule of real estate of Joseph Ball

Folder 11: Abercrombie v. Boyle

Folder 12: Fletcher v. Foulke

Folder 13: Folwell v. Frost

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Box 66A 

Folder list

Folder 1: Stone v. Jones

Folder 2: Tremmells v. Nottingham

Folder 3: The United States v. Assignees of Bradford and Inskeep

Folder 4: Peters v. Sixte

Folder 5: Lloyd, et al. v. Worthington

Folder 6: Peacan v. Blight

Folder 7: White-Wright v. Wilson

Folder 8: Hoqua v. Bryant

Folder 9: Parish v. Ross

Folder 10: John Dorsey v. French and Harker; articles of agreement re: auction and commission business

Folder 11: Davis v. Espy

Folder 12: Joseph B. Barry v. William T. Stockton

Folder 13: Denman v. Davidson

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Box 66B 

Folder list

Folder 1: Lair v. Caldwell and Dickerson

Folder 2: Snyder v. Israel, re: lottery tickets

Folder 3: Callander v. Holland

Folder 4: Wonderly v. Graft

Folder 5: Saunderson v. Bolte; Saunderson v. Coleman

Folder 6: Watson v. Union Insurance Company

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Box 67 

Folder list

Folder 1: Morgan v. Watson

Folder 2: James Drayton v. Edward Parry

Folder 3: Schuylkill Bank v. Grover, et al.

Folder 4: Cannon v. Potter, et al.

Folders 5-7: Reynolds, et al. v. Forster

Folder 8: Archibald George v. Samuel and James Nevins

Folder 9: John Barrett and Son v. Broom, Littler, and Company

Folder 10: Davis v. Burk

Folder 11: Grover and Fleming v. O'Neill and Wilkinson

Folder 12: Freeland and Harris v. George Grigg

Folder 13: Rutgers v. Dusar

Folder 14: Commonwealth v. Forsythe (murder case)

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Box 68 

Folder list

Folder 1: Neal(?) McGinnis, re: land

Folder 2: N. G. Rutgers, re: claim against Bedwell

Folder 3: M. Meredith v. Diehl, re: the ship "Robert Fulton"

Folder 4: Edward Lyde v. Christine Bosbyshell

Folder 5: Commonwealth v. Daly

Folder 6: McVicker, et al. v. W. M. Meredith, et al. (Meredith and Ogden family)

Folder 7: Cooper v. Holdship

Folder 8: Stockton v. Cloff

Folder 9: Midgley v. Bold and Company

Folders 10-16: Miscellaneous legal cases

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Box 69 

Folder list

Folders 1-2: Jackson v. Sarchett

Folders 3-4: Commonwealth (at the suggestion of Fritz, Duncan, Hunter, etc.) v. Gill et al.

Folder 5: Donaldson v. Potter – final settlement of accounts of Donaldson of New York and Potter of Philadelphia, on behalf of the Firm of Potter and Dillingham, October 15, 1838

Folder 6: Jackson v. Sarchett

Folders 7-8: Cannon v. Johnson

Folders 9-10: Andrews v. Price

Folder 11: Ross et al. v. Gibson et al.

Folder 12: De Lizardi v. Phillips, Phillips and Moss

Folder 13: Cannon v. Kimball

Folder 14: Commonwealth (at the suggestion of Fritz, Duncan, Hunter, etc) v. Gill et al - abstract from returns of banks and savings institutions; bylaws and rules of the Philadelphia Savings Institution Act of Incorporation

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