Justine J. Rector papers

Collection MSS076

1943-1989, undated
(5.5 Linear feet ; 8 boxes)

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Rector, Justine J.
Justine J. Rector papers
1943-1989, undated
5.5 Linear feet ; 8 boxes
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Justine Rector was born in Philadelphia and educated at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. She was an active teacher and prolific journalist, and taught at many schools, including at Howard University. Throughout her life, she was involved in promoting civil rights, high standards in journalism, and in documenting and improving race relations, particularly in Philadelphia. This collection consists primarily of materials documenting a range of civic organizations and conferences, Rector's professional activities, and her research on Black history. Included are correspondence, research files, publications, clippings, and conference materials.

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Biographical note

Justine J. Rector was born in Philadelphia in 1927 and attended high school there. She held jobs in life insurance sales, the Detective Bureau of the Philadelphia Police Department, and the Office of the District Attorney before beginning studies in liberal arts at the Community College of Philadelphia in 1967, in conjunction with a job as assistant to the Financial Aid Officer. She obtained a BA in history (education minor) at the University of Pennsylvania in 1970. During the period 1969-1972, she worked as administrative assistant and editor of the community newsletter of the North City Area-Wide Council (the citizens’ participation organization of the Model Cities Program).

During this period she also served as the Home and School Coordinator for Overbrook High School (1966-1967), worked as a guidance counselor at West Philadelphia High School (1970-1971), and became an instructor in the Great Lakes Colleges Urban Semester (1969-1970). After receiving a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in 1972, she began teaching courses in English, Mass Media and Society, and Black literature at the Community College of Philadelphia. Before her appointment as an instructor at Howard University in 1978, (she was promoted to assistant and then associate professor in the Department of Journalism there), she also taught courses in English and mass media at A & T University in North Carolina and at Temple University in Philadelphia.

During her time at Howard, Rector sought to establish an organization to address the concerns about Black men becoming “an endangered species”, leading to her establishing the African American Male Resource Center. Its straightforward mission was “to bring to the attention of the public the plight of the Black male in America.” This notion of Black males as an endangered species in America permeated much of her life’s work, and Rector promoted the organization until she retired.

Rector’s other academic achievements have included serving as the Director of the Morgan State – University of Pennsylvania Cooperative Project from 1972 to1976. The project aimed at gaining university status for Morgan State, in Baltimore, MD, which was successful, and at improving Morgan State’s overall program, particularly in matters of budget, financial aid for students, and curricula.

Meanwhile, Rector started to build her career in journalism, television and radio. In 1970, Rector began researching, writing, and producing radio and television broadcasts with “Something Else to Say” for WXPN-FM, and “Black Perspective on the News” for WHYY-TV, both in Philadelphia.

During the 1970s Rector worked as a freelance reporter, writing pieces for the Wilmington News Journal, the  Philadelphia New Observer, the  Philadelphia Tribune, the  Washington Post, and the  Washington Star. She was press secretary in 1976 for Charles W. Bowser’s campaign for Mayor for Philadelphia under the auspices of the Philadelphia Party. She produced, wrote, and narrated a series on Black males as an “endangered species” for WHYY-FM in Philadelphia. On this same subject, she developed a program for local television stations, a 1978 conference at Temple University, and several other talks and articles. Rector also researched articles and presentations on the history of racism (WHYY-FM, 1975) Black teenage unemployment (KYW-TV News, WHYY-FM, 1975); Blacks and the mass media, the “role of the Black journalist” (CBS, Channel 10, 1977); and on historic individuals for a show on Black heritage called “the Family Tree” (WDVM-TV, Washington, DC). She participated in conferences concerned with Blacks in the communications industry and racial stereotypes in the press in Bowie, Maryland, at Howard University in Washington, DC, and in New York. After 1978, she combined her diverse freelance and professional activities with teaching at Howard University and service on several academic committees.

During the early 1980s Rector began to operate more often as a consultant and as a guest speaker at functions and conferences, and less often as a reporter. She continued to be involved in coverage of special events, anchoring broadcasts in 1981 for WPFW-FM in Washington, DC on the Congressional Black Caucus Weekend and the Atlanta Mothers’ March on Washington after the serial murder of over 20 young Black boys in Atlanta in 1980 and 1981. She also reported for the Pacifica News Bureau in the summer of 1981. In 1983 she anchored broadcasts on the 20th anniversary of the March on Washington (and 1983’s Mobilization for Jobs, Peace, and Freedom) and the 13th Annual Awards Dinner for the Congressional Black Caucus.

Rector’s other professional activities in this period included service in 1983 as moderator for the National Black Media Coalition of a panel on racism in the news. She consulted for Pacifica News Bureau, WPFW-FM and WETA-TV in Washington, DC, for WFBW-FM in Los Angeles, California; for the Department of Communications at Bowie State College in Maryland; and for the Philadelphia branch of Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) in a “withdrawal of enthusiasm” campaign against a local Coca-Cola bottling company. She also published articles on the Black press, on Black Americans and the “nuclear threat”, and on Black history.

Rector’s organizational memberships have included the National Black Media Coalition, the NAACP, the Associations for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, the Black Faulty and Administrators (BFA) of the University of Pennsylvania, Black Presbyterians United, the Congress of African People and the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). She has been included in the Who’s Who in Community Organizations and Outstanding Americans (1978 and 1979) and Who’s Who Among American Women.

Professor Rector lived quietly in Philadelphia after her retirement from Howard University in 1986, and died in 2014.

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Scope and content note

The Justine J. Rector papers (approximately 6.25 feet) are a series of subject files collected by Rector in the course of her research on Black history, her professional activities as a Black journalist, and her participation in a variety of civic organizations and conferences. The bulk of the collection dates between 1968 and 1985. Much of the collection consists of magazine and newspaper clippings, organization newsletters, student publications, and other published or printed materials. It contains very little correspondence or personal ephemera.

Since Rector had contacts with and participated in a range of organizations across the political spectrum, this collection allows insight into a variety of attitudes and responses in regard to both broad issues such as civil rights and Black voter turnout, and local issues such as neighborhood mobilization for education or the Market East train terminal construction (which critics alleged was funded by allocations for neighborhood rehabilitation). The papers provide little illumination on Rector’s private life, but excellent documentation for her professional and civic activities, and for civic and social concerns of the Black community in Philadelphia during the late 1960s to the mid-1970s.

Series 1, the files relative to organizations and committees, is the most useful in documenting Rector’s professional and civic activities. Particularly informative are the files on the Area Wide Council, the Philadelphia Party, and the Black Faculty and Administrators (BFA) of the University of Pennsylvania. While the files provide quantities of information about the organizations’ activities but only indirect evidence of Rector’s, her comments on the margins of handouts and publications often testify eloquently to her views on the questions at hand. Rector belonged to a number of the groups represented; she seems either to have been on the mailing list of other organizations, or to have had regular contact with members.

In addition to documenting individual group activities, this series is useful in illustrating differences of opinion, and policy in particular, for organized action within the Black community in addressing social problems, such as neighborhood deterioration, education, and the poor relationship between the police force and the Black community in Philadelphia.

Series 2, the information files, speak most directly to Rector’s professional development, in large part because of the presence of broadcast scripts and research notes. Strongly represented in this series, which is the largest of the collection, are various aspects of Black history. Rector was interested in both reading and teaching Black history, so the files include research notes, articles by herself and others, and information on sources available for research, including a number of bibliographies and bibliographical publications. As a journalist, Rector was very interested in the conservation of history and the historical interpretation process, and her notes deal with this issue in particular, as does some of the material on African-Americans in the media. Several of her articles address Black history and were intended for presentation on relevant radio programs.

Like the organizational material in Series 1, the information files address important issues in the Black community, such as the Rizzo administration (as both Police Commissioner and Mayor) and police brutality. They tend to provide information on the events and viewpoints on the issues, rather than responses to them. Of particular interest to the study of local politics and the role of African-Americans within, are the files concerning Rizzo and police brutality, and African-Americans in the media. Of interest in a larger political context are the files concerning South Africa and those containing papers, proposals, and policy statements, most of which were connected with conferences.

Series 3, Publications, is most informative in terms of race relations and local political issues, particularly police brutality. Much of the non-newspaper material is radical in viewpoint, and is concerned with the improvement of African-Americans’ status in society- Philadelphia in particular. The student publications are concerned both with general social issues and with questions of special interest to students at local universities and colleges, such as the treatment of students by the administration, and a teachers’ strike at the Community College of Philadelphia in 1968.

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Overview of arrangement

Series 1: Organizations and committees

Series 2: Information files

Series 3: Publications

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Historical Society of Pennsylvania 1990.

1300 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107

Processing note

The original headings given by Rector to most of the files, particularly those in Series 2, have been retained. A large portion of the material was loose in the boxes received, and was therefore sorted into files according to group name or subject indicated by her notations. Articles and clippings which arrived in a particular subject or organization file have been retained in that file; most loose clippings and articles have been placed in Series 2. Whole magazines, newspapers, and other complete publications have been placed in Series 3. Materials which were extremely few in quantity and which could not clearly be associated with a subject or group or were not marked by Rector have been filed according to format; thus, miscellaneous subject files should be searched in addition to the other files. Oversized materials have been separated (see Box 5) and arranged in similar fashion to the rest of the collection.

Finding aid reformatted by Lindsey Schwartz, 2020.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • African American Presbyterians--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia.
  • African Americans--Education--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia.
  • African Americans--Politics and government--20th century.
  • Black nationalism--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia.
  • Police brutality--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia.
  • Urban policy--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia.

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Tribune Staff Report. “Justine Rector, 87, journalism professor.” The Philadelphia Tribune, 7 November 2014, https://www.phillytrib.com/obituaries/justine-rector-journalism-professor/article_3ba82447-305a-5556-a482-a87cc3b22ce4.html. Accessed 23 January 2020.

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Collection Inventory

 Series 1:  Organizations and committees (1954-1989, undated) 

Arrangement note

Files are arranged alphabetically by group. Student organizations are filed under the name of the university. In some cases, organizations are related to one another- unless the relationship was made absolutely clear by the material, it was filed separately.

Scope and Contents note

Materials include press releases; various sorts of statements and reports; meeting notices andn a small quantity of meeting minutes; articles and clippings from both newspapers and magazines; conference materials, including papers and study reports for presentation; and a few membership lists. Groups represented include Philadelphia's Area-Wide Council (part of the Model City Program), the National Black Media Coalition, the Black Faculty and Administrators (BFA) of the University of Pennsylvania, the Institute of the Black World, the African-American Repatriation Association, and the Philadelphia Party. Types of records and content vary considerably for each group.

1-2, 5
Box Folder

African-American Repatriation Association (January 1969, undated) 

1 1

Association for the Study of African-American Life and History, Conference (October 1974) 

1 2

The Black Concepts (undated) 

1 3

Black Conference on Higher Education (February 1974) 

1 4

Black Faculty and Administrators (BFA), University of Pennsylvania (20 July 1972-September 1988, undated) 

1 5

Black Faculty and Administrators (BFA), University of Pennsylvania- Guidelines for Development (3 August 1972) 

5 2

Black Faculty and Administrators (BFA), University of Pennsylvania- Black Legislative Caucus (15 March 1975-18 March 1975) 

5 1

Black Panther Party (1970) 

1 6

Black People's University of Philadelphia- Bulletin (1970-1971) 

1 7

Black Presbyterians United (15 May 1970, undated) 

1 8

Black Presbyterians United, North Central Seasoned Citizens Program (14 July 1971-5 April 1978) 

1 9

Black Presbyterians United, North Central Seasoned Citizens Program (undated) 

1 10

Black Youth Community Summer Program (circa 1968) 

1 11

Black Youth of Philadelphia, Statement of Purpose (undated) 

1 12

Community Building and Learning Centers, Statement of Purpose and Report (17 November 1967-17 April 1968, undated) 

1 13

Congress of African Peoples (September 1970-9 May 1972, undated) 

1 14

Congressional Black Caucus (28 March 1969-September 1981, undated) 

1 15

Congressional Black Caucus (August 1976, October 1981, undated) 

5 3

Drum Majors for Justice Committee (1970) 

1 16

Education Crisis Committee (17 November 1968-June 1969, undated) 

1 17

Harvard University, University Action Group (undated) 

1 18

Howard University, Student Organizations (1981, undated) 

1 19

Institute of the Black World (February 1970-30 June 1971, undated) 

1 20

Institute of the Black World- Monthly reports (15 August 1971- February 1974) 

5 4

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Convention Resolutions (June 1970-July 1970) 

1 21

National Association of Black Journalists, Conference (July 1977) 

1 22

National Black Independent Political Party (24 October 1980, November 1980) 

1 23

National Black Independent Political Party (1980, undated) 

5 5

National Black Media Coalition (13 October 1974-June 1981) 

1 24

National Black Media Coalition (5 November 1974) 

5 6

National Black Organizer's Conference (1984)  

5 7

National Committee for a Confrontation with Congress- Report (29 July 1968) 

1 25

National Conference on Black Power (11 July 1968-7 May 1969, undated) 

1 26

National Council of Negro Women (undated) 

1 27

National Organization for an American Revolution (1980, undated) 

5 8

National Organization for an American Revolution (January 1981-February 1981, undated) 

1 28

North City Congress Police- Community Relations Program, Summary and Complete Final Reports (31 March 1969, 8 April 1969) 

1 29

Operation PUSH, Withdrawal Campaign Against Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company (16 January 1982-May 1982, undated) 

1 30

Operation PUSH - Withdrawal Campaign Against Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company (20 March 1982-3 September 1982, undated) 

5 9

Philadelphia Black Political Convention (February 1970, February 1971, 20 May 1972, undated) 

1 31

Philadelphia Model Cities Program, Area-Wide Council (18 November 1967-Fall 1969, 14 December 1972, undated) 

1 32-33

Philadelphia Model Cities Program, Area-Wide Council- Articles and clippings (16 September 1969-18 July 1972, undated) 

1 34

Philadelphia Model Cities Program- Area-Wide Council (26 February 1969-1 June 1972, undated) 

5 10

Philadelphia Model Cities Program, Area-Wide Council- Notes, statements, proposals, membership lists (undated) 

1 35

Philadelphia Party (12 December 1976, 19 April 1977, undated) 

5 11

Philadelphia Party (9 September 1976-4 March 1977, undated) 

1 36

Philadelphia Women for Community Action (PWCA) (9 September 1968) 

1 37

Programs - Miscellaneous Political Personal and Culture Programs (5 February 1954-8 September 1989, undated) 

1 38

Sankore Society (1969) 

1 39

Temple University and University of Pennsylvania, Student Organization- Call to Action (undated) 

1 40

WDAS/Heritage House (14 November 1977, undated) 

1 41

Weetap- Title IX (undated) 

1 42

West Philadelphia Free School (1969-1970) 

2 1

Women's Christian Alliance (circa 1964, 2 July 1974, undated) 

2 2

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 Series 2:  Information files (1963-1989) 

Arrangement note

Files are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Scope and Contents note

This series contains a wide variety of materials: newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pamphlets, Rector's research notes, broadcast scripts, and reports. Also present are copies of some of Rector's writings, papers and proposals from Rector's students and colleagues, and conference materials. Subjects addressed in the files include issues of both local and national interest: South Africa and divestment; the Atlanta child murders; treatment of African-Americans in the media; employment of African-Americans in journalism, particularly newspapers; education and student activism; Frank Rizzo and police brutality; the response of Black women to the rise of the Women's Liberation Movement in the mid-1970s. The bulk of the oversized material consists of information files.

2-3, 5
Box Folder

Afro-American History Week (1975) 

2 3

Afro-American Males: An Endangered Species?- Articles and conference materials (November 1973-28 October 1988, undated) 

2 4

Atlanta child murders- Notes, article drafts, articles, STOP materials (21 February 1981-11 April 1981, undated) 

2 5

Atlanta child murders- Newspaper clippings (photocopies), press releases (originals and photocopies) (6 February 1981-4 June 1981, undated) 

2 6

Atlanta child murders- Newspaper clippings (4 January 1981-13 January 1982, undated) 

2 7

Atlanta Child murders (4 January 1981-16 July 1981, undated) 

5 12

Arts - Lively, etc. Melvin Van Peebles (13 August 1971, undated) 

2 8

Bakke case ("Reverse Discrimination") (June -14 July 1977, undated) 

2 9

Bibliographical information- Miscellaneous subjects (17 February 1972, undated) 

2 10

Bicentennial (mostly Black City-Wide Council) (10 July 1968-11 May 1970, undated) 

2 11

Biographical data: Guion S. Bluford, Jr.; John T. Harris; William R. Meek. (Possibly connected with Area-Wide Council) (undated) 

2 12

Bibliographical information (Black poets); Black Power (conference?)- fragment (1968, undated) 

5 14

"Black Community Preparing for Teachers' Strike" (13 July 1968, undated) 

2 13

Black History and Race Relations- Miscellaneous articles (15 December 1966-March 1984, undated) 

2 14-15

Black History and Race Relations- Magazine articles, clippings (1943-1981, undated) 

2 16

Black History and Race Relations- Book excerpts (undated) 

2 17

Black History and Race Relations/Politics- Papers by Grace Lee Boggs and James Boggs (17 May 1977-17 May 1980) 

2 18

Black History and Race Relations- Research papers and presentations, various conferences (April 1949-15 October 1980, undated)  

2 19-20

Black History - Articles (March 1977, April 1977, undated) 

5 13

Black History - notes (undated) 

2 21

Black History - Black Press - Notes (undated) 

2 22

Black History - Religion - Articles, drafts, notes, sources (December 1959-13 February 1977, undated) 

2 23

Black History - Religion - Copies/transcripts of primary sources (undated) 

2 24

Black History - Sources (1966-1975, undated) 

2 25

Black History - Sources - Directory of Afro-American Resources and associated material (27 January 1982-24 February 1882, undated) 

2 26

Black History - Sources on audio cassette (June 1977) 

2 27

Black Press - Articles and clippings (24 September 1949-30 November 1977, undated) 

2 28

Blacks in the Media (21 July 1970-1987, undated) 

2 29

Blacks in the Media (1971-1973) 

5 15

Blacks in the Media- Black History- Material from radio shows "Spectrum and "Family Tree" (14 February 1979-19 March 1979, undated) 

2 30

Blacks in the Media- Cable television (December 1969-October 1981, undated) 

2 31

Blacks in the Media- Cable television (29 June 1971, February 1983) 

5 16

Blacks in the Media- Supreme Court hearings (1972) 

5 17

Black Studies Programs- Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania (reports) (21 September 1970, 1985-1988) 

2 32

Black Women (undated) 

2 33

Broadcasting History- Sources- AEJMC talk and document packet (9 March 1984) 

2 34

Course material (1969-31 January 1977) 

2 35

Education (22 January 1968-23 July 1973, undated) 

2 36

Education- Institute of the Black World- Position paper (June 1971) 

3 1

Garvey, Marcus (February 1989, undated) 

3 2

The "Harlem Six" (undated) 

3 3

History of Blacks in Philadelphia (February 1983, undated) 

3 4

Howard University- Report for the President (1978-1981) 

3 5

Howard University- Student protest- Clippings, photocopies (16 February 1989-10 March 1989) 

3 6

Jackson, Jesse- 1984 Presidential Campaign (17 June 1983-11 April 1984, undated) 

3 7

Jackson, Jesse- 1988 Presidential Campaign- clippings (13 March 1988, undated) 

5 18

Liggeons, Mary (21 September 1976, 22 November 1985) 

5 19

March on Washington, 1983 (Mobilization for Jobs, Peace, & Freedom)- Notes, broadcast scripts (undated) 

3 8

March on Washington, 1983 (Mobilization for Jobs, Peace, & Freedom)- Articles, press kit, clippings (photocopies) (December 1963, August 1983, undated) 

3 9

March on Washington- 1983 (21 July 1963-6 August 1983, undated) 

5 20

Miscellaneous correspondence (14 February 1969-26 June 1985, undated) 

3 10

Moore, Acel (1973-29 November 1977, undated) 

3 11

Moore, Cecil (2 April 1979, undated) 

3 12

Morgan- Penn Cooperative Project- Reports (30 April 1973, 26 July 1973, 1974-1975) 

3 13

Mount Carmel Baptist Church- history (1973) 

5 21

Palmer, Walt (13 March 1969, undated) 

3 14

Philadelphia Schools- Parkway Project (undated) 

3 15

Police- U.S. Commission on Civil Rights- Statement (August 1970, July 1980) 

3 16

Politics (August 1969-1974, undated) 

3 17

Program participation and miscellaneous writings (by Justine Rector) (20 June 1978-17 October 1986, undated) 

3 18

Proposals and policy statements- Miscellaneous projects (August 1968-December 1988, undated) 

3 19-20

Race relations- Article fragments (March 1967, January 1974, undated) 

3 21

Radio scripts - "Check it Out" (30 July 1972-3 September 1972, undated) 

3 22

Reports and studies- Miscellaneous subjects (circa 1967-circa 1977, undated) 

3 23

Rizzo, Frank- and Police Brutality- Clippings (14 November 1968-5 June 1978, undated) 

3 24

Rizzo, Frank- and Police Brutality- Clippings (photocopies), collected quotes, and handouts (6 April 1969-7 May 1977, undated) 

3 25

Smith, Sarah Potter- Biographical sketch (undated) 

3 26

South Africa (April 1976-February 1983, undated) 

3 27-29

The "Wilmington Ten" (1977-July 1978) 

3 30

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 Series 3:  Publications (1963-1989, undated) 

Scope and Contents note

Consists of magazines, newsletters, radical and student publications and pamplets, and flyers and broadsides connected with conferences, rallies, specific causes, and organizations. All of this material was not originally associated with any particular information or organization file. Newspapers that arrived associated with a file were separated from those without and arranged alphabetically by subject. Also present are an 1894 edition of the Christian Herald and a 1916 edition of the  Illustrated Sunday Magazine, both of which deal with Black History.

Subjects addressed in the 20th-century newspapers include the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr.; the Atlanta child murders; the Bakke case and "reverse discrimination," the presidential campaigns and personal foibles of Jesse Jackson; and Frank Rizzo and police brutality. The primary issue addressed in the rest of the series is race relations.

Box Folder

Black Ghetto (May 1968-July 1968, undated) 

5 24

Black Ghetto (May 1969-July 1970, undated) 

3 31

Black Journal (18 December 1972, undated) 

3 32

Community College of Philadelphia- Student publications (October 1968-December 1968, undated) 

3 33

Focus (March 1975-August 1976) 

3 34

Miscellaneous broadsides, flyers (1968-29 May 1984, undated) 

5 25

Miscellaneous federal publications (7 March 1971, July 1983, undated) 

3 35

Miscellaneous magazines (1968-1988) 

3 36-39

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and photocopies (24 August 1950-4 May 1982, undated) 

5 27-28

Miscellaneous newspapers (circa 1967, circa April 1972, September 1975, 1989) 

5 26

Miscellaneous newspapers and small publications (February 1967-April 1989) 

4 1

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings (3 January 1968-2 December 1988) 

4 2

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings (undated) 

4 3

Miscellaneous pamphlets- Small publications (some commemorative) (1962-1988, undated) 

4 4

Poetry (1970, undated) 

4 5

Temple University- Student publications (1968-1969, 1972, undated) 

4 6

University of Pennsylvania- Student publications (1970, undated) 

4 7

What It Is (Black Women Organized for Action) (October 1977-December 1979) 

4 8

Miscellaneous flyers, broadsides, mailings (1968-1989, undated) 

4 9

Miscellaneous ephemera (1968, undated) 

4 10



Christian Herald (18 April 1984) 


Illustrated Sunday Magazine (16 January 1916) 


Assassinations: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963-1968) 


Atlanta Child Murders (1981) 


Black Faculty and Administrators (BFA), University of Pennsylvania (1972, 1988) 


Black History, Black History Month (1988, 1989) 


Bakke Case ("Reverse Discrimination") (1977) 


Jackson, Jesse and his Presidential campaigns (1975, 1983-1984, 1987) 


March on Washington (1983) 


Moore, Acel and Fairview State Hospital (1977-1978) 


Philadelphia Model Cities Program, Area-Wide Council (1972) 


Rizzo, Frank- and police brutality (1967-1987) 


South Africa (1977) 


Miscellaneous subjects (1968-1989) 


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