Nicholas B. Wainwright Papers, 1968-1990

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Table of contents
This collection consists of notes, typescripts and reprints to three distinct research projects undertaken by Nicholas B. Wainwright between 1968 and 1976. Each project has been processed as a separate series in the collection. The working titles of the projects processed as Series 1 and Series 2, respectively, are "Landscape and Genre Painting of Nineteenth Century Philadelphia" and "Collections of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania: 1824-1974." The latter was published in 1974. Series 3 is an untitled project regarding the artist Rembrandt Peale. All three are works-in-progress and each is in a different stage of completion, from the early stages of gathering primary research to an edited typescript. The collection reflects Wainwright's deep interest and commitment to the art of early Philadelphia and to the preservation of its history through the efforts of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Background note
Nicholas B. Wainwright had a long and active association with The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. He came to the Society in 1939 as a Research Librarian and in 1952 he became editor of the Society's journal, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. From 1965 until 1974, Mr. Wainwright served as the Society's Director. As Director Emeritus, he continued to write on subjects related to the Society and its collection. During the 1960s he wrote the Society's guide to its Thomas Penn papers and edited the diaries of Sidney George Fisher, a source often quoted by Philadelphia historians. Throughout his life, Mr. Wainwright was a prolific writer on a variety of other Philadelphia topics. His published studies ranged from histories of the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Electric Company to studies of colonial homes and furniture and of local opposition during the Civil War. Mr. Wainwright died in 1986.

Scope and content
Each subseries in the Landscape and Genre Painting of Nineteenth Century Philadelphia series represents the specific subject categories Wainwright used to arrange and analyze approximately 225 paintings: 1. Historic Images; 2. City Sights; 3. Delaware River; 4. Waterworks and Schuylkill River; 5. Wissahickon and Germantown; 6. Sporting Scenes; 7. Country Houses and 8. Genre. Many of the typescript pages have Wainwright's handwritten revisions, attesting to this study as a work in progress. The Painting Worksheets have been processed as subseries 9. An inventory of each painting documented in subseries 1 through 8 is listed below, along with the artist and date.

As noted on the title page in Series 2, Collections of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania: 1824-1974, this typescript was prepared in 1974--the same year of the book publication. Including the handwritten revisions to the typescript, this 112-page version appears to be final, matching word-for-word the published work. The only apparent difference is the inclusion in the published version of four concluding paragraphs that discuss the general library holdings. Also absent from the typescript version is any indication of the illustrations that appear in the volume. A bound photocopy of this typescript is available in the library. The published volume is also available in the reference section, call number Ref F 146.P578 1974.

Series 3, A Study of Rembrandt Peale, is divided into two subseries - one textual, the other visual - and provides a very preliminary study of Rembrandt Peale, an important Philadelphia artist. Most of the textual material consists of photocopies of Peale's own observations on the process of painting.

As a whole, the three "works-in-progress" represented by these papers attest to Wainwright's commitment to the promotion of Philadelphia history and to the importance of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania as a repository of such information. These studies also make evident Wainwright's belief that images are as important to understanding history as the written word.

Series I Landscape and Genre Painting of Nineteenth Century Philadelphia, 1968-1990 3 boxes
  a. Historic images
  b. City sights
  c. Delaware river
  d. Waterworks and Schuylkill
  e. Wissahickon and Germantown
  f. Sporting scenes
  g. Country houses
  h. Genre
  i. Painting worksheets
Series II "Collections of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania: 1824-1974", 1974 2 folders
Series III A Study of Rembrandt Peale, n.d. 1 box
  a. Research notes
  b. Reproductions

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The collection is open for research.

Images represented through photographic reprints or transparencies in this collection can be reproduced only with permission of the institution or individual who owns the original image.

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Processing notes
Processed by: Bertha Adams

Assisted by: Leslie Hunt

Processing Completed: November 2000

Wainwright filed the materials in Series 1 in nine binders. Each of the binders represented a specific subject category and contained appropriate reprints and related text. The original order of the paintings has been maintained. A separate binder was prepared for the painting worksheets. The worksheets were also rehoused in folders, in alphabetical order by artist. Series 2 was also in a binder. Series 3 was originally housed in one box and the photocopied papers were sorted and identified by type of document. The 42 reproductions were removed from their acetate covers and the information cited on the accompanying labels has been noted in the inventory. Because of the additional information noted on the "figure" labels, a photocopy of each was made and included in the folder with that reprint.

Additional information
Related material
Wainwright, Nicholas B., rev. ed. Paintings and Miniatures at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1974.

Wainwright, Nicholas B. One Hundred and Fifty Years of Collecting by The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1824-1974. Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1974.

Wainwright, Nicholas B. Philadelphia in the Romantic Age of Lithography: An Illustrated History of Early Lithography in Philadelphia, with a Descriptive List of Philadelphia Scenes Made by Philadelphia Lithographers before 1866. Philadelphia: The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1958.

Language(s) represented

Penrose, Boise. Preface to Paintings and Miniatures at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1974.

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  • Peale, Rembrandt, 1778-1860
  • Wainwright, Nicholas Biddle, 1914-1986
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    Collection overview

    Box (Boxes 1-3)

    This material appears to be Wainwright's working papers for a biocentennial study of Philadelphia and its vicinity as depicted in ninettenth century paintings. The inclusion of a title page and table of content implies that Wainwright intended this work to be published by HSP. It is also possible that this study was a continuation of an earlier one since another title page inserted behind some miscellaneous papers is dated 1968. A variety of subjects are represented, including historic images, genre, sporting scenes, city sights, landscapes and river views. The bulk of the collection consists of 8" × 10" black and white reprints of the paintings. Each reproduction is accompanied by a page or less of text describing the image and general information about the painting such as title, artist, medium, size, date and location. The collection also includes an incomplete compilation of painting worksheets, listed alphabetically by artist.

    The inclusion of a 1990 letter to an HSP curator regarding a painting of the Chain Bridge indicates that Wainwright's project was continued after his death.

    16 folders

    This subseries documents fifteen significant sites, events and individuals from Philadelphia's colonial and revolutionary periods. Images include Penn's Treaty with the Indians, the reading of the Declaration of Independence, and the reception for Lafayette. Artists include Edward Hicks and Benjamin West. As arranged in the opening pages of the original binder, this subseries also includes a draft index of the subject categories represented in the other binders, as well as a title page and list of artists. There is also a resume and a note from individuals other than Wainwright, implying his use of assistants. These papers have been processed in one folder as "related material."

    40 folders

    This subseries covers 40 buildings and street scenes in the city and surrounding areas from the late eighteenth to late nineteenth century. Included are Independence Hall, Chestnut Street Theater, Christ Church, and City Hall. Portraits of prominent individuals associated with these structures are also included, such as the architect William Strickland and Pennsylvania Hospital president Samuel Coates. Artists include Thomas Sully, John Neagle and John Sloan.

    19 folders

    Thomas Birch painted many of the 19 images in this series. Two paintings have no accompanying text.

    37 folders

    This subseries includes 15 paintings related to the Waterworks. The original Waterworks built on Centre Square is depicted here as well as a portrait of Frederick Graff, the engineer who designed the later Waterworks at Fairmount. A 1984 newsletter by the Society for Industrial Archeology about the restoration of the Fairmount Waterworks Complex is also included. There are 21 Schuylkill River scenes in this subseries as well as a color transparency and related 1990 correspondence (to David Cassidy, HSP) about the early nineteenth century Chain Bridge. Artists include James Peale and Thomas Moran.

    22 folders

    The river and community are depicted in 22 images, including genre paintings of local activities and landscapes, featuring Cliveden and other local estates. Artists include Charles Wilson Peale and Russell Smith.

    27 folders

    This subseries includes 27 reprints depicting a variety of 19th century sporting activities, including horseracing, fox hunting, duck shooting, rowing, skating, boxing, and sledding. There is no descriptive text to Delattre's Dr. Dickinson Logan's Daughter with her Riding Master. Other artists represented here include Thomas Doughty and Thomas Eakins.

    31 folders

    Based on the title page in the original binder to this category, Wainwright originally referred to the 31 paintings reproduced as "rural views." Most of the images depict well-known estates, such as Lemon Hill and The Woodlands as well as other institutions such as the Montgomery County Almshouse and St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Glenside. Artists include Russell Smith and John A. Woodside.

    37 folders

    This subseries consists of 37 reproductions representing a variety of activities, including a country wedding, street scenes, interior scenes, and Charles Wilson Peale's Museum. Artists include John Sartain and Thomas Hovenden.

    3 folders

    This subseries includes "worksheets" of approximately 150 paintings that depict various Philadelphia-area views. As noted above, the sheets are arranged alphabetically by artist, but represent only a partial inventory of all the paintings in this study since the subseries begins with "Inness." These worksheets also include paintings and artists not covered by Wainwright, such as George Inness. Perhaps these worksheets represent Wainwright's preliminary inventory of paintings. The information recorded on the worksheets includes artist, subject, size, date, medium, inscriptions, owner, whether HSP possesses a photograph and negative of the image and general remarks.

    Box (Box 4)

    These papers are the typescript to Wainwright's study, One Hundred and Fifty Years of Collecting by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania: 1824-1974. This volume was published by the Society in 1974.

    Box (Box 5)

    This material appears to be Wainwright's working papers for a study of Rembrandt Peale, a noted Philadelphia artist of the early and mid-nineteenth century. As the son of Charles Wilson Peale, Rembrandt was a member of the city's most prominent family of artists. The amount of material is small and represents Wainwright's earliest stages of research, consisting of photocopies of primary resource material and reprints of paintings. Unlike the other two studies in this collection, there is no title page to the Peale study to note the year(s) Wainwright may have compiled these papers or give any indication as to his thesis.

    5 folders

    Most of the papers are photocopies of a manuscript written by Rembrandt Peale entitled Notes of the Painting Room, The Experience of more than half a Century, along with a published introduction. Copies of this work are in the collections of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (Harriet Sartain Collection and on film) and The American Philosophical Society. Photocopies of miscellaneous notes and correspondence relating to this manuscript are also included.

    42 folders

    The rest of the collection consists of 42 black and white reprints of paintings and one drawing by Peale. Each is numbered and identified by title and date. Medium, size and provenance information are also given for the first eight images, which are also identified as figures. Perhaps the remaining images, of which all but three are portraits, were to be reproduced as plates in the final, published form. They are separately numbered and arranged in chronological order. Some paintings that are related in subject matter have the same "plate" number, implying Wainwright had not made a final decision on the selected images. That Wainwright does not give the sitter's full name in several of the portrait labels also attests to the study's very preliminary stage.

    Collection inventory


    Series 1. Landscape and Genre Painting of 19th Century Philadelphia

    a. Historic Images

    Introductory Pages and Related Papers

    Box 1: 1

    Penn's Treaty with the Indians

    Box 1: 2

    Benjamin West, 1771

    Penn's Treaty with the Indians

    Box 1: 3

    Edward Hicks, 1830

    The Landing of William Penn

    Box 1: 4

    Thomas Birch, 1849

    The South East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia

    Box 1: 5

    Peter Cooper, 1720

    Jacob Duché House

    Box 1: 6

    Artist Unknown, 1770

    Alms House and Pennsylvania Hospital

    Box 1: 7

    Artist Unknown, 1767

    Congress Voting Independence

    Box 1: 8

    Robert Edge Pine and Edward Savage, 1784-1817

    Reading the Declaration of Independence

    Box 1: 9

    Peter F. Rothermel, c. 1864

    Battle of the Chew House

    Box 1: 10

    Edward Lamson Henry, c. 1880

    Cliveden Interior During the Battle

    Box 1: 11

    Edward Lamson Henry, 1880

    The State House on the Day of the Battle of Germantown

    Box 1: 12

    Peter F. Rothermel, 1869

    Washington at Valley Forge

    Box 1: 13

    Artist Unknown, 1850

    Revolutionary Incident

    Box 1: 14

    James Peale, 1795

    Conrad Alexandre Gérard

    Box 1: 15

    Charles Wilson Peale

    Reception for Lafayette at the Chew House

    Box 1: 16

    Edward Lamson Henry, c. 1874

    b. City Sights

    The John Dunlap House

    Box 1: 17

    John James Barralet, 1807

    Southeast View of the Pennsylvania Hospital

    Box 1: 18

    Thomas Birch, 1814

    South East View of the Pennsylvania Hospital

    Box 1: 19

    John C. Exilius, 1814

    Samuel Coates

    Box 1: 20

    Thomas Sully, 1812

    Treaty Tree

    Box 1: 21

    Thomas Birch, 1800

    Treaty Tree

    Box 1: 22

    Xanthus Smith, 1866

    Christ Church

    Box 1: 23

    William Strickland, 1811

    Bank of Pennsylvania

    Box 1: 24

    Artist Unknown, 1804

    Election Day at the State House

    Box 1: 25

    John Lewis Krimmel, 1815

    Fifteenth and Race Streets

    Box 1: 26

    Artist Unknown, 1810

    Chestnut Street Theatre

    Box 1: 27

    Artist Unknown, 1822

    Judd's Hotel

    Box 1: 28

    Artist Unknown, 1820

    The Naval Asylum, Gray's Ferry

    Box 1: 29

    Thomas Doughty, 1828

    Philadelphia Exchange

    Box 1: 30

    Artist Unknown, 1835

    William Strickland, Architect

    Box 1: 31

    John Neagle, 1829

    Walnut Street Prison

    Box 1: 32

    Russell Smith, 1835

    Pat Lyon at the Forge

    Box 1: 33

    John Neagle, 1826-7

    Moyamensing Prison

    Box 1: 34

    Thomas U. Walter, 1842

    John Haviland

    Box 1: 35

    John Neagle, 1828

    The Court House

    Box 1: 36

    Russell Smith

    The Court House

    Box 1: 37

    J.M. Kelley, 1895

    Laurel Hill Cemetery

    Box 1: 38

    Artist Unknown, 1845

    731 Market Street

    Box 1: 39

    W.H. Cooper

    The Independence Hall Group

    Box 1: 40

    Ferdinand Reichardt, 1859

    Winter Scene

    Box 1: 41

    Charles F. G. Witman, 1835

    Social Retreat

    Box 1: 42

    Charles F. G. Witman, 1875

    Bergner's Brewery

    Box 1: 43

    Artist Unknown, 1863

    Race and Thirteenth Streets

    Box 1: 44

    George B. Wood, 1875

    Election Night, 1864: Fifth and Chestnut Streets Looking North

    Box 1: 45

    Bernard Uhle, 1864

    Horse Auction at Fairmount Avenue and Twelfth Street

    Box 1: 46

    Peter Moran, n.d.

    Arch Street Methodist Church

    Box 1: 47

    Xanthus Smith, 1875

    Independence Hall

    Box 1: 48

    Edmund D. Lewis, 1884

    Letitia Street House

    Box 1: 49

    E. G. Chormann, 1880

    Girard College

    Box 1: 50

    Augustus Kollner, 1860

    Friends Almshouse

    Box 1: 51

    Artist Unknown, n.d.

    Brewhouse of Anthony Morris IV

    Box 1: 52

    J. E. Murdoch, 1890

    Union Volunteer Hospital

    Box 1: 53

    Edward Moran, 1866

    City Troop on Parade

    Box 1: 54

    Charles Brinton Cox, 1888

    Independence Square

    Box 1: 55

    John Sloan, 1900

    East Entrance, City Hall

    Box 1: 56

    John Sloan, 1901

    c. Delaware River

    Fishery on the Delaware Near Philadelphia

    Box 1: 57

    Thomas Birch, n.d. (no text)

    View of the Delaware Near Philadelphia

    Box 1: 58

    Thomas Birch, 1831

    Philadelphia From Kensington

    Box 1: 59

    Thomas Birch, 1830

    Philadelphia Harbor

    Box 1: 60

    Thomas Birch, 1840

    Philadelphia Harbor

    Box 1: 61

    Thomas Birch, n.d.

    Philadelphia Harbor

    Box 1: 62

    Thomas Birch, 1835

    Philadelphia Harbor

    Box 1: 63

    Thomas Birch, 1850

    Delaware River Scene

    Box 1: 64

    Thomas Birch, 1840

    Philadelphia Harbor

    Box 1: 65

    Thomas Birch, 1839

    View on the Delaware

    Box 1: 66

    James Hamilton

    Barque Union of Philadelphia

    Box 1: 67

    Artist Unknown, 1853

    Philadelphia Harbor

    Box 1: 68

    Thomas Birch, 1849

    Delaware River at Tacony

    Box 1: 69

    Thomas Anshutz, 1895

    Philadelphia Seen from the Jersey Shore, Southwest View

    Box 1: 70

    Artist Unknown, n.d. (no text)

    On the Delaware River

    Box 1: 71

    James Hamilton, 1865

    Fish Wharf at Philadelphia

    Box 1: 72

    William, Carr, 1833

    Shad Fishing on the Delaware

    Box 1: 73

    Thomas Birch, 1840

    Philadelphia Water Front

    Box 1: 74

    A. Raehle, 1851 (Stoehle?) (1881?)


    Box 1: 75

    John Sloan, 1900

    d. Waterworks and Schuylkill

    Newsletter re: Waterworks

    Box 2: 1

    Fourth of July in Centre Square

    Box 2: 2

    John Lewis Krimmel, 1812

    Centre Square Waterworks

    Box 2: 3

    Artist Unknown, 1815

    Frederick Graff

    Box 2: 4

    James Peale, 1804

    Monument to Frederick Graff at Fairmount

    Box 2: 5

    Artist Unknown, 1848

    Fairmount Waterworks

    Box 2: 6

    Thomas Birch, 1822

    Fairmount Waterworks

    Box 2: 7

    Thomas Birch, 1824

    Fairmount Waterworks

    Box 2: 8

    James Peale, 1825

    View of the Waterworks From Fairmount

    Box 2: 9

    Thomas Doughty, 1826

    Fairmount Waterworks From the Opposite Side of the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 10

    Thomas Doughty, 1826

    Fairmount Waterworks

    Box 2: 11

    Artist Unknown, n.d.

    Fairmount from Lemon Hill

    Box 2: 12

    Thomas Birch, 1838

    Fairmount Waterworks

    Box 2: 13

    Thomas Birch, n.d.

    Philadelphia Waterworks

    Box 2: 14

    Artist Unknown, 1836

    Covered Bridge at Fairmount

    Box 2: 15

    Henry Warren, 1835

    Fairmount Water Works

    Box 2: 16

    T. Henry Smith

    View of Chain Bridge

    Box 2: 17

    Artist Unknown, n.d. (4/C transparency)

    Fairmount and Schuylkill River

    Box 2: 18

    William Groombridge, 1800

    View of the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 19

    William Groombridge, 1800

    Gray's Ferry Bridge

    Box 2: 20

    William Groombridge, n.d.

    View from Belmont

    Box 2: 21

    William Birch, n.d.

    Market Street Bridge

    Box 2: 22

    John James Barralet, n.d.

    Falls of the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 23

    George Isham Parkyns, 1810

    Chain Bridge at the Falls of the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 24

    Thomas Birch, 1812

    View of the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 25

    John Neagle, 1827

    View from Belmont Mansion, Fairmount Park

    Box 2: 26

    John Neagle, n.d.

    Upper Ferry Bridge

    Box 2: 27

    Thomas Birch, 1813

    On the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 28

    James Peale, 1830

    Permanent Bridge at Market Street

    Box 2: 29

    Henry Warren, n.d.

    Columbia Bridge, Schuylkill River

    Box 2: 30

    Augustus Kollner, 1887

    Market Street and Suspension Bridges

    Box 2: 31

    Augustus Kollner, 1887

    Philadelphia From Belmont Plateau

    Box 2: 32

    Edward Moran, 1862

    Autumn Morning, Fairmount Park

    Box 2: 33

    Robert Craig, 1870

    View from West Laurel Hill Looking Down the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 34

    Thomas Moran, 1870

    View from West Laurel Hill Looking Up the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 35

    Thomas Moran, 1870

    Schuylkill River

    Box 2: 36

    Thomas J. Fenimore, 1865

    Philadelphia From Belmont

    Box 2: 37

    Edmund Darch Lewis, n.d.

    e. Wissahickon and Germantown

    Market Square, Germantown

    Box 2: 38

    William Britton, 1820

    View of Garden at Belfield

    Box 2: 39

    Charles Wilson Peale, c. 1815

    Country Lane at Belfield

    Box 2: 40

    Charles Wilson Peale, n.d.

    Germantown Mill Scene

    Box 2: 41

    Charles Wilson Peale, 1816-19

    Germantown Mill Scene

    Box 2: 42

    Charles Wilson Peale, 1816-19

    Meadow and Road in Germantown

    Box 2: 43

    Charles Wilson Peale, 1816-19

    Garden Gate at Belfield

    Box 2: 44

    Charles Wilson Peale, 1816-19

    View of the Wissahickon

    Box 2: 45

    James Peale, 1830


    Box 2: 46

    James Peale, n.d.

    On the Wissahickon

    Box 2: 47

    James Peale, 1830

    Railroad and Horses Near Germantown

    Box 2: 48

    Newbold H. Trotter, 1860

    View in Germantown

    Box 2: 49

    W. T. Richards, 1861

    Washington's Residence in Germantown

    Box 2: 50

    Isaac L. Williams, n.d.

    Robert's Mill

    Box 2: 51

    Isaac L. Williams, n.d.


    Box 2: 52

    Russell Smith, 1857

    Birthplace of William Kulp

    Box 2: 53

    Edward Lamson Henry, 1869

    The Wissahickon

    Box 2: 54

    William T. Richards, 1872

    Devil's Glen in the Wissahickon

    Box 2: 55

    John Moran, 1888

    The Falls of Wissahickon Creek at Ridge Avenue

    Box 2: 56

    John Moran, 1888

    Cliveden, The Chew House

    Box 2: 57

    Paul Weber, 1856

    Cliveden, The Chew House

    Box 2: 58

    Russell Smith, 1843

    Germantown Residence

    Box 2: 59

    Edward Lamson Henry, n.d.

    f. Sporting scenes

    In Full Cry

    Box 2: 60

    Thomas Doughty, 1825

    Trotting Race at Hunting Park

    Box 2: 61

    R. S. Hillman, 1831

    Dr. Dickinson Logan's Daughter with her Riding Master

    Box 2: 62

    Henri Delattre, n.d. (no text)

    Mac and Zachary Taylor at the Hunting Park Course...

    Box 2: 63

    Henri Delattre, [1849]


    Box 2: 64

    Edward Troye, 1832

    Duck Shooting View on the Delaware River

    Box 2: 65

    Thomas Birch, 1827

    Philadelphia from Petty's Island

    Box 2: 66

    Thomas Birch, 1825

    Boathouse at Fairmount

    Box 2: 67

    Loemans, 1863

    Skating on the Wissahickon River Near Philadelphia

    Box 2: 68

    J. M. Culverhouse, 1875


    Box 2: 69

    Thomas Birch, 1830

    Skating on the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 70

    William E. Winner, 1866

    Old West Philadelphia Skating Rink

    Box 2: 71

    G. F. Bensell, n.d.

    Skating at Kelley's Dam, Germantown

    Box 2: 72

    Christian Schuessle and Paul Weber, 1856

    Skating on the Schuylkill

    Box 2: 73

    W. H. Willcox, 1875

    Through the Winter Woods Near the Wissahickon

    Box 2: 74

    J. S. Hill, 1874

    Sleigh and Trotter in the Snow

    Box 2: 75

    Henry Collins Bispham, 1877

    The Sleigh Race

    Box 2: 76

    Charles S. Humphreys, n.d.

    J. Frank Bower and His Double Team

    Box 2: 77

    Charles S. Humphreys [c.1875]

    Belmont Driving Association Trotter

    Box 2: 78

    Charles S. Humphreys, 1876

    The Trotter

    Box 2: 79

    Attributed to Charles S. Humphreys, n.d.

    Fairmount Water Works and Boat House Row

    Box 2: 80

    Artist Unknown, n.d.

    Between Rounds

    Box 2: 81

    Thomas Eakins, 1899

    Taking the Count

    Box 2: 82

    Thomas Eakins, 1898

    Max Schmitt in a Single Scull

    Box 2: 83

    Thomas Eakins, 1871

    The Biglen Brothers Racing

    Box 2: 84

    Thomas Eakins, n.d.

    Sailboats (Hikers) Racing on the Delaware

    Box 2: 85

    Thomas Eakins, n.d.

    The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand

    Box 2: 86

    Thomas Eakins, 1879

    The Pigeon Shoot

    Box 2: 87

    Hermon Simon, 1878

    g. Country houses

    The Woodlands

    Box 3: 1

    William Groombridge, 1793

    Lemon Hill

    Box 3: 2

    John A. Woodside, 1807

    Lemon Hill

    Box 3: 3

    Artist Unknown, 1840

    Chalkley Hall

    Box 3: 4

    Artist Unknown, 1800

    Chalkley Hall

    Box 3: 5

    G. L. Miller, 1850

    The Solitude

    Box 3: 6

    Thomas Birch, 1808

    House of Dr. William Smith

    Box 3: 7

    Attributed to William Birch, n.d.

    Lancaster Pike

    Box 3: 8

    Thomas Birch, 1816

    James Craig House

    Box 3: 9

    Thomas Birch, 1820

    Mill Grove

    Box 3: 10

    Thomas Birch, 1830

    The Lownes Taylor Farm

    Box 3: 11

    Bass Otis, 1832


    Box 3: 12

    Artist Unknown, 1840


    Box 3: 13

    John G. Powell, 1855


    Box 3: 14

    Russell Smith, 1855

    Pine Grove

    Box 3: 15

    Russell Smith, 1855

    Peel Hall

    Box 3: 16

    Paul Weber, 1856

    Wider House

    Box 3: 17

    William E. Winner, 1846

    Farm Scene Near Germantown

    Box 3: 18

    Emile F. Beaulieu, 1857

    Old Tavern Near Philadelphia (Winter Scene Near Philadelphia)

    Box 3: 19

    W. deV. Bonfield, n.d.

    Winter Scene

    Box 3: 20

    Thomas Birch, n.d.

    Sleigh Ride

    Box 3: 21

    Thomas Birch, 1841

    League Island Farm

    Box 3: 22

    Thomas Birch, n.d.

    Philadelphia, 1854

    Box 3: 23

    William T. Richards, 1854

    Cherry Grove

    Box 3: 24

    Edward Lamson Henry, 1859

    Fairy Hill

    Box 3: 25

    Russell Smith, 1862

    Paschall Homestead

    Box 3: 26

    William T. Richards, 1870

    Near Hatboro

    Box 3: 27

    Russell Smith, 1868


    Box 3: 28

    Isaac L. Williams, 1876

    The Woodlands

    Box 3: 29

    Isaac L. Williams, [1880]

    Montgomery County Almshouse

    Box 3: 30

    C. Hofmann, 1878

    St. Peter's Church

    Box 3: 31

    Xanthus Smith, 1885

    h. Genre

    The Staircase Group

    Box 3: 32

    Charles Wilson Peale, 1795

    The Artist in His Museum

    Box 3: 33

    Charles Wilson Peale, 1822

    James Peale

    Box 3: 34

    Charles Wilson Peale, 1822

    Quilting Frolic

    Box 3: 35

    John Lewis Krimmel, 1813

    Country Wedding

    Box 3: 36

    John Lewis Krimmel, 1814

    Country Tavern: Arrival of the Post with News of Peace

    Box 3: 37

    John Lewis Krimmel, n.d.

    Country Frolic and Dance

    Box 3: 38

    John Lewis Krimmel, 1819

    Cherry Seller

    Box 3: 39

    John Lewis Krimmel, n.d.

    Bishop White's Study

    Box 3: 40

    John Sartain, [1836]


    Box 3: 41

    Thomas Birch, 1838

    Howell Evans in His Printing Studio

    Box 3: 42

    Robert Street, 1848

    The Pie Man

    Box 3: 43

    William E. Winner, 1856

    Crazy Nora

    Box 3: 44

    William E. Winner, 1854


    Box 3: 45

    William E. Winner, 1865

    Winter Street Scene

    Box 3: 46

    William E. Winner, 1847

    View of Philadelphia From Fairmount Park

    Box 3: 47

    William E. Winner, n.d. (no text)

    Home From School

    Box 3: 48

    William E. Winner, 1865

    The Skaters

    Box 3: 49

    William E. Winner, [1869]

    Philadelphia Post Office

    Box 3: 50

    Tompkins H. Matteson, 1856

    The Old Clock on the Stairs

    Box 3: 51

    Edward Lamson Henry, 1863

    The Library Company

    Box 3: 52

    George B. Wood, Jr., 1875

    Library of Henry C. Carey

    Box 3: 53

    George B. Wood, Jr., 1879

    Dining Room-Study of Dr. Thomas S. Kirkbridge

    Box 3: 54

    Liberty Tadd, n.d.

    Fifteenth Amendment, or Civil Rights

    Box 3: 55

    George B. Wood, [c. 1880]

    The Historical Society

    Box 3: 56

    Isaac L. Williams, 1884

    William Rush Carving his Allegorical Figure of The Spirit of the Schuylkill

    Box 3: 57

    Thomas Eakins, 1877

    The Agnew Clinic

    Box 3: 58

    Thomas Eakins, 1889

    The Anatomical Lecture

    Box 3: 59

    Charles H. Stephens, 1879

    Anatomical Studies

    Box 3: 60

    Charles L. Fussell, 1879

    The Dissecting Room

    Box 3: 61

    Thomas Anshutz, n.d.

    Female Life Class

    Box 3: 62

    Alice Barbar (Mrs. Charles H. Stephens), 1879

    Breaking the Home Ties

    Box 3: 63

    Thomas Hovenden, 1890

    Village Blacksmith

    Box 3: 64

    Thomas Hovenden, n.d.

    Bringing Home the Bride

    Box 3: 65

    Thomas Hovenden, 1893

    Their Pride

    Box 3: 66

    Thomas Hovenden, n.d.

    The Revised Version

    Box 3: 67

    Thomas Hovenden, 1891

    Mounted Trooper

    Box 3: 68

    F. D. Briscoe, 1892

    First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

    Box 3: 69

    Carl J. Becker, 1899

    i. Painting worksheets

    Inness, George to Peale, Charles Wilson

    Box 3: 70

    Peale, James to Troye, Edward

    Box 3: 71

    Trumbull, John to Woodside, John A.

    Box 3: 72


    Series 2. "Collections of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania: 1824-1974"

    Title page through page 43

    Box 4: 1

    Pages 44-112

    Box 4: 2


    Series 3. A Study of Rembrandt Peale

    a. Research notes

    Notes of the Painting Room

    Box 5: 1

    Published Intro. and Pages 1-65

    Notes of the Painting Room

    Box 5: 2

    Pages 66-174

    Notes of the Painting Room

    Box 5: 3

    Pages 175-Index

    Notes of the Painting Room

    Box 5: 4

    Miscellaneous Notes and Correspondence

    Unidentified Manuscript about Painting

    Box 5: 5

    b. Reproductions

    Caption Figure 1. Mounting the Great Skeleton
    Box 5: 6

    Figure 2. Roman Daughter
    Box 5: 7

    Figure 3. Court of Death
    Box 5: 8

    Figure 4. Washington at Yorktown
    Box 5: 9

    Figure 5. Rubens Peale with a Geranium
    Box 5: 10

    Figure 6. Thomas Jefferson
    Box 5: 11

    Figure 7. Jacques Henri de Bernardin de Sainte Pierre
    Box 5: 12

    Figure 8. Isaac McKim
    c. 1815
    Box 5: 13

    1. Self-Portrait
    Box 5: 14

    2. Washington
    Box 5: 15

    3. T. Sumter
    Box 5: 16

    4. Mrs. Marbury
    Box 5: 17

    5. Raborg
    Box 5: 18

    6. Sir Joseph Banks
    Box 5: 19

    7. William Findlay
    Box 5: 20

    8. William Short
    Box 5: 21

    9. Machaux
    Box 5: 22

    10. Gay-Lussac
    Box 5: 23

    11. Sculpture
    c. 1812
    Box 5: 24

    11. Painting
    c. 1812
    Box 5: 25

    12. C.W. Peale
    Box 5: 26

    13. Godefroy
    c. 1815
    Box 5: 27

    14. Smith
    c. 1817-18
    Box 5: 28

    15. R. Peale
    Box 5: 29

    16. Mitchill
    Box 5: 30

    17. Clinton
    Box 5: 31

    18. Patriae Pater
    Box 5: 32

    19. Eleanor and Rosalba
    Box 5: 33

    20. Angel
    Box 5: 34

    21. Greenough
    Box 5: 35

    22. Madonna
    c. 1830
    Box 5: 36

    23. Rubens Peale
    Box 5: 37

    24. Eleanor Peale
    Box 5: 38

    25. Woman with a Turbun

    Box 5: 39

    26. Townsend
    Box 5: 40

    27. Washington/Equestrian
    Box 5: 41

    28. Washington
    Box 5: 42

    28. M. Washington
    c. 1853
    Box 5: 43

    28. Washington/Houdon
    Box 5: 44

    28. Washington/Stuart
    c. 1857
    Box 5: 45

    29. Landscape
    Box 5: 46

    30. Self-Portrait
    Box 5: 47