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The Glasgow-based Anchor Line was established in 1852 with its American offices in New York City and Chicago, Illinois.  The Anchor Line fleet provided not only services between London, Glasgow, and New York City, but also furnished passages from the Mediterranean ports of Lisbon, Portugal and Gibraltar.  In addition, Anchor liners made trips between Great Britain and Bombay, India via the Suez Canal.

On the left below is the cover of an Anchor Line Passenger Information booklet.  To the right below is a list of the Anchor Line fleet, along with each vessel's weight and ports serviced.

Anchor Line Passenger Information booklet cover Anchor Line fleet list

One of the prides of the Anchor Line was the 4,004-ton ``Ethiopia", a vessel assigned to the Glasgow--New York City trans-Atlantic route in 1873.  Anchor steamers set sail from Scotland to New York every Thursday, stopping in Londonderry, Ireland.  Returning ships left New York every Saturday.  The last recorded arrival of ``Ethiopia" in New York City (with passengers) was in June, 1907.  The ship was sold for scrap shortly afterward.

Below are two excerpts from the Anchor Line Passenger Information booklet in which ``Ethiopia" and the scenic voyage between Londonderry and Glasgow (as opposed to the ``cheapest and most expeditious" direct route linking London and New York) are described.

Description of Anchor Line's Londonderry--Glasgow route
Description of Anchor Line's Ethiopia

Individuals seeking to travel on board Anchor liners such as ``Ethiopia" had their choice of accommodations, typically first cabin (first class), second cabin (second class), or steerage.  Some steamers offered separate third cabin (third class) passages as well.  Ticket prices varied accordingly, as with the level of luxury enjoyed by passengers.  Below are Anchor Line's descriptions of its accommodations, followed by a statement of its baggage regulations and ticket prices and an advertisement boasting ``FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" to Anchor Line passengers of all classes.

Anchor Line Passenger Accommodations, page 2
Anchor Line Passenger Accommodations, page 1
Anchor Line price list
Anchor Line advertisement

``Ethiopia" cruised at an average of some 13.5 knots and could, therefore, make the trip from Glasgow to New York in approximately nine or nine and one-half days.   

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