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...they will assure you, that he has moved away.  If you inquire for a landlord, who is recommended to you, they will assure you, that he has become a bankrupt.  Be not led astray by all this!  However impudently they may assert, that they are commissioned by the government to advise and to guide you: do not believe them nor follow their advice.  Conduct yourself with them, as though you could neither hear nor speak.  But if you must say anything, quietly say: "I know already what I have to do," or give a similar evasive answer.

4.  You have the right to remain with your baggage on board ship forty-eight hours after your arrival.  Make use of this privilege.  Do not be in a hurry.  Take time.  Go quietly from your ship along the wharf, and you will see lying there the steamboats which are bound for Philadelphia, Albany and other places.  These names (Philadelphia, Albany, &c.) are written there in great letters.  If you only have eyes and can read, you will soon find it out without the aid of an obtruding conductor.  Pay then upon the boat, at the captain's office, and not till the boat starts, your fare for Philadelphia, Albany &c. and when you arrive at these places, pay for your farther passage with like precaution. 

5.  Travelling by canal seems to be much cheaper....

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