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North German Lloyd advertisement

North German Lloyd


regular weekly Mail-Steamships between

Baltimore and Bremen

on the new and tested First Class Mail-Steamships equipped with all the comforts.


built 1891


built 1889


built 1889


built 1891


built 1891


built 1890


built 1890


built 1891

These steamships were built of steel in Glasgow according to the latest designs.  The superiority of their construction and the containment of compartments in water-tight sections offer travelers the largest degree of safety against the dangers of the sea.  -- Electric lighting in compartments and steerage. --  The arrangements for steerage passengers -- with sleeping quarters located on the upper and second decks -- are generally considered excellent.  The length of the steamers is 415-435 feet, with a width of 40-49 feet.

The steamships of NORTH GERMAN LLOYD have transported some 2,250,000 passengers safely across the sea!

Good Food !         Reasonable Prices!

This line offers tourists and immigrants a superior choice for the crossing.  Cheap train travel from Baltimore to points west.  Protection against fraud in Bremen, at sea, and in Baltimore.  Immigrants can board trains directly from the steamship and as a result avoid extra costs for the transfer of baggage.  No need to change trains between Baltimore, Chicago, and St. Louis.

Translators accompany the immigrant on the trip to points west.

      For further information contact:

      A. Schumacher & Co., General Agent,

        5 South Gay Street, Baltimore, Md.

      J. Wm. Eschenburg, General Agent,

        104 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

      or local agents.

This advertisement appeared at the back of The American: A Guide in the United States of America in English and German. Hugo Kuerschner. Washington, D.C.: Hugo Kuerschner, 1891 Balch Institute Library

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