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Ah Wan

    Document, 1860.  1 item.  This certificate records the marriage of Ah Wan, to Chow We in Columbia, California.  In English.  Register available.

Chinese In California

    Photographs, 1890-1906.  55 prints.  Albumen, carte-de-visite and cabinet formats of portraits, immigration staff, city view and business places.  Gift of Thomas Schwarz.

Ching Family

    Photographs, 1981-1987.  4 prints.  Family groups: Philadelphia and Thailand.  Gift of Chhay Por Ching.

Hoh, Rev. Yam Tong (1898-1987)

    Papers, 1923-1986.  35 ft.  Born in Fushan, China, Hoh received his education at Stanford University, San Anselmo Theological Seminary and Columbia University Teachers College.  He returned to China to head the True Light Middle School.  After World War II, he came to the United States to head the Chinese Community Center in Oakland, California, and to serve the Chinese Congregational Church in Berkeley.  He was called to lead the Chinese Christian Church and Center of Philadelphia in 1954.  After his retirement from the ministry in 1967, he became first director of On Lok House, which provided subsidized housing for Asian elderly.  The collection consists of correspondence, writings, uncataloged photographs, and numerous administrative records and printed materials, the bulk of which relate to Hoh's work in the Chinese-American community of Philadelphia.  In English and Chinese.  Inventory available.  Gift of Florence and George Hoh.

Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church

    Records, 1940-1972.  .5 ft.  Holy Redeemer Chinese Roman Catholic Church was founded in Philadelphia's Chinatown in 1941 as a mission church of the parish of St. John the Evangelist.  The collection consists of scrapbooks containing programs, invitations, announcements, newspaper clippings, and personal scrapbooks.  In English, Chinese, and Latin.  Register available.  Gift of Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church.

Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church

    Photographs, 1940-1972.  235 prints.  Family groups and activities, school events, ceremonies and business places; Philadelphia.  Gift of Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church.

Jackson County, Oregon, County Treasurer

    Receipt book, 1855-1865.  1 volume.  This volume lists liquor, billiards, and ferry and peddlers' licenses issued.  It also shows amounts received for Chinese miners' licenses during the Gold Rush period in southern Oregon.  In English.  Register available.

Jung Family

    Photographs, 1910-1960.  36 prints.  Family groups, portraits and events; Philadelphia.  Gift of Ruth Jung Louie.

Law, Tsiwen (1950- )

    Papers, 1984-1991.  1.25 ft.  Tsiwen Law was born in Norwalk, Connecticut.  His father and maternal grandfather were Chinese immigrants.  An attorney, Law resides in Philadelphia and is active in Asian-American organizations, including the Mayor's Commission on Asian American Affairs and the Pan Asian Association.  The collection documents Law's activities in these organizations and includes mailings and printed materials, and a transcript of a round table conference on Asian civil rights issues for the 1990s.  In English, Vietnamese, and Cambodian.  Inventory available.  Gift of Tsiwen Law.

Lee Kan

    Document, 1879.  3 pages.  Filed in the Fifteenth District Court of the City and County of San Francisco, this complaint by Lee Kan requests compensation for property and money confiscated by Matthew Nunan, who was then the sheriff of San Francisco.  In English.  Register available.

Loo, Henry

    Papers, 1913-1987.  4 ft.  Henry Loo was a restaurant owner and manager in Philadelphia.  The collection contains correspondence, personal documents, financial records and correspondence, drawings, clippings, restaurant ephemera, and uncataloged photographs.  In English and Chinese.  Inventory available.  Gift of Mary Yee.

Jury, Mark

    Photograph, ca. 1970.  1 print.  Street dance and onlookers during Chinese New Year celebration; New York.  Gift of Mark Jury.

Mary E. Scott Chinese Sunday School, First Baptist Church, Philadelphia

    Photographs, ca. 1900-1944.  194 prints.  Portraits and group photos of students and teachers at the Sunday school.  Gift of Florence L. Jung.

Quong, Rose Lanu (1897-1972)

    Papers, 1929-ca. 1942.  1.75 ft.  Rose Quong was born in Melbourne, Australia, the daughter of Chinese parents.  She worked as an actress in Australia, England, and France before coming to the United States in the 1930s, where she settled in New York City.  She continued her acting career in America and became a successful lecturer.  The collection includes diaries, script, scrapbooks, and audiotapes of Quong reading and of songs translated by Quong.  In English.  Inventory available.  Gift of Alexandra Hunt.

Spritzler, Jesse K.

    Photographs, 1984.  21 prints.  A photographic essay of Philadelphia's Chinatown including informal portraits and street scenes.  Gift of Jesse K. Spritzler.

Wong Family

    Document, 1907.  4 pages.  This affidavit affirms that brothers Wong Hang Bow and Wong Hang Dong, both merchants, have a fixed place of business in Dutch Flat County, California.  It also attest that Wong Gung Fat is the minor son of Wong Hang Bow and desires to immigrate to the United States and that his father will facilitate his journey and landing.  In English.  Register available.

Wong Family

    Photographs, ca. 1907.  2 prints.  Two individual portraits; California.


Chiao sheng jih pao (The Chinese Voice)

    Newspaper, 1954-1970.  37 reels.  Published daily in Vancouver, British Columbia by Kue Hing Printing and Publishing Company, 1953-1987.  In Chinese.

Hsin min kuo pao (The new Republic)

    Newspaper, 1957-1970.  27 reels.  Published daily in Victoria, British Columbia by New Republic Publishing Company, 1911-1984.  In Chinese.

Min ch'i jih pao (Chinese Nationalist Daily)

    Newspaper, 1958.  1 reel.  Published daily except Sunday in New York by the Mun Hey Publishing Company, beginning in 1927.  In English and Chinese.

San min ch'en pao (San Min Morning Paper)

    Newspaper, 1941-1962.  66 reels.  Publish daily in Vancouver, British Columbia by Tai han kong bo, beginning in 1915.  In Chinese.

Ta hang kung pao (The Chinese Times)

    Newspaper, 1915-1970.  149 reels.  Published daily in Vancouver, British Columbia by Tai han kong bo, beginning in 1915.  In Chinese.

Yellow Seeds

    Newspaper, 1972-1977.  1 reel.  Published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Yellow Seeds, Inc., beginning in 1972.  In English and Chinese.

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