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Alminde, Christian

    Photograph, n.d.  1 print.  One postcard of Christian Alminde in front of a horse-drawn Freihofer's bread wagon; New York.  Gift of Kathryn Mortenson.

Danish Brotherhood in America, Enighaden Lodge No. 172

    Records, 1966-1985.  4 folders.  This national fraternal organization was formed in 1882 in Omaha, Nebraska.  The Enighaden Lodge was established in Philadelphia in 1903.  The collection includes minutes, bylaws, programs, and printed materials.  In English. Inventory available.  Gift of the organization.

Hasselriis, Caspar (1881-1973)

    Papers, 1931-1972.  2 ft.  Caspar Hasselriis was born in Skive, Denmark and immigrated to America in 1905, settling first in Chicago and later in New York City.  He was the author of several books and was active in Danish-American organizations.  He was founder and first director of the Danish Information Office and honorary president of the Danish-American Society.  The papers include correspondence, news clippings, articles, books, records of Ratin Laboratory, photographs, and miscellaneous materials relating to Danish literature and affairs.  In Danish and English.  Inventory available.  Gift of Karen Hasselriis.

Hasselriis Family

    Photographs, ca. 1880-1920.  8 prints.  Family and theatrical group portraits; Denmark and New York.  Gift of Karen Hasselriis.

Hoisholt, Andrew William (1858-1920)

    Papers, 1872-1888.  1 in.  Hoisholt was born in Kjerteminde, Denmark and immigrated to the United States in 1872, living first in Chicago and after 1875 in Stockton, California.  He graduated from Cooper Medical College in Stockton in 1882 and was superintendent of Napa State Asylum for the Insane from 1913 to 1920.  The collection contains letters from Denmark and a draft in English from Hoisholt mentioning the 1871 fire and the rebuilding of Chicago (1873).  There are also school grade reports for Hoisholt from 1873-1874.  In Danish and English.  Register available.

Melchior, Lauritz

    Photographs, ca. 1950.  52 prints.  Individual and group theater portraits of Melchior and others, Melchior with friends and on vacations; United States.  Gift of Ib Melchior.

Mortensen Family

    Photographs, 1909-1964.  29 prints.  Family groups and portraits; United States.  Gift of Kathryn Mortensen.

Scandinavian Fraternity of America

    Records, 1909-1992.  1.5 ft.  The Scandinavian Fraternity of America was founded in 1915 as a consolidation of three other organizations, among them the Scandinavian Brotherhood of America.  The Scandinavian Fraternity was principally a beneficial group dedicated to aiding members threatened by sickness, unemployment, or death.  The organization was open to both women and men, and their non-Scandinavian spouses as well.  The Fraternity attracted new immigrant members largely through an influx in Scandinavian immigration to the United States during the early 1920s.  By 1991, however, its national membership dropped to only 2500 persons.  This collection spans the years 1909 to 1992, with the largest single body of records coming from the Fram Lodge of Philadelphia.  The records from Lyran Lodge of Syracuse, New York, are nevertheless more complete in nature, featuring membership applications and meeting minutes in addition to financial data.  There is only a limited amount of information dealing with the Scandinavian Fraternity of America on the national level.  In English and Swedish.  Gift of Charles Appelgren

Ullberg Family

    Papers, 1863-1967.  1 folder, 1 OS folder.  Augustus Wilhelm Ullberg was a bronze craftsman from Denmark.  His son, Frederick G. W., was a building contractor and Danish consul in Philadelphia.   The collection includes family documents, reminiscences, and letters of recommendation for A.W. Ullberg regarding the construction of the statue of William Penn on top of City Hall in Philadelphia.  In English, Swedish, and Danish.  Register available.  Gift of Frederick Ullberg, Jr.

Ullberg Family

    Photographs, 1891-1894.  12 items.  Philadelphia City Hall bronzes and work crews, family portraits and steamship ticket; Denmark and Philadelphia.  Gift of Frederick Ullberg, Jr.



    Newspaper, 1990-2/20/1997. 5 reels. Published weekly in Los Angeles, California by the Bien Publishing Co., beginning in 1882. In Danish, Norwegian and English.

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