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Lucas, Henry S. (1889-1961)

    Papers, 1915-1958.  .5 ft.  Henry S. Lucas was born in Jamestown, near Holland, Michigan, and was educated in Michigan, Leiden, and Ghent.  A professor of history at the University of Washington, he was the author of numerous publications on Dutch immigration to America.  The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, reprints of articles, book reviews, newspaper clippings, genealogical charts, and research papers.  In Dutch and English.  Register available.  Gift of Thomas Schwarz.

Lucas, Henry S.

    Photographs, ca. 1850s-1940s.  80 prints.  Photographs of prints, documents and maps used to illustrate monographs on Dutch settlements in 19th century America.  Also includes town views; Holland and Midwestern United States.  Gift of Thomas Schwarz.

Netherlands Society of Philadelphia

    Records, 1892-1982.  1.5 ft.  The Netherlands Society of Philadelphia was established in 1791 to disseminate knowledge of the history of the Netherlands, and to preserve the traditions of Dutch colonists in the Delaware Valley and the genealogical records of those descended from them.  The collection contains correspondence and other materials relating to the society's annual dinners, some financial and historical information about the society, and five videotapes commemorating the 1982 visit of Queen Beatrix to the United States.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of the organization.

Netherlands Society of Philadelphia

    Photographs, 1941-1947.  4 prints.  Oversized prints, two mounted. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Banquet scenes.  Gift of the organization.

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