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Albert Einstein Medical Center South

    Photographs, 1895-1935.  19 prints.  Group portraits of personnel, patients and facilities of Mt. Sinai and/or Jewish Hospital (which later became the Albert Einstein Medical Center South); Philadelphia.  Gift of the organization.

American Friends Service Committee, Refugee Services Committee

    Case Files, 1933-1958.  Transferred by agreement of the AFSC, The Balch Institute, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) to the USHMM in Washington, DC.

American Friends Service Committee, Refugee Services Committee Case Files

    Photographs, 1930-1950.  Transferred by agreement of the AFSC, The Balch Institute, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) to the USHMM in Washington, DC.

Bender, Rose I. (1895-1964)

    Papers, 1929-1946.  1.5 ft.  Rose I. Bender was born in Philadelphia, the daughter of Joseph and Rachel Magil, Lithuanian immigrants and pioneer Zionists.  She was active in Hadassah and a wide variety of other Jewish organizations at both the local and national level.  In 1945 she became Executive Director of the Philadelphia Zionist Organization of America.  The collection consists of correspondence, clippings, and miscellaneous items relating to Bender's activities in Hadassah, the Zionist Organization of America, Allied Jewish Appeal, and other organizations, including the National Jewish Hospital, American Palestine Music Association, and the Palestine Pavilion at the 1939 World's Fair in New York.  Also included are notes and souvenirs from her work as a delegate at Zionist congresses in Geneva (1939) and Basel (1946).  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Bender, Rose I.

    Photograph, 1939.  1 print.  One photo of Bender's father, Joseph Magil, receiving award; New York.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Boonin Family

    Papers, 1908-1978.  .5 ft.  Mendel Boonin was born in Slutsk, Russia in 1887 and came to the United States from England in 1911, settling in Philadelphia.  The collection contains transcripts and photocopies of family correspondence and documents collected and edited by Mendel's nephew Harry, which describe the voyage and early experiences in America.  Also present are transcripts of stories of life in Russia by Gertrude Boonin, Mendel's sister.  In English.  Inventory available.  Use restricted.  Gift of Harry Boonin.

Cahn, Julius

    Correspondence, 1906-1921.  2 folders.  Cahn owned theaters and opera houses in the northeastern United States.  This business correspondence concerns theater bookings and cancellations.  In English.  Register available.

Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Records (microfilm), 1782-1861.  1 reel.  The congregation was founded in 1782.  The collection consists of selected documents from the congregation's archives, and includes costs for building the synagogue, printed materials concerning services and other congregation business, and correspondence.  In English and Yiddish.  Register available.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Eastern European Jews

    Photographs, ca. 1900.  5 prints.  Painting and sculptural work depicting Eastern European Jews.

Fine Family

    Photographs, 1915-1975.  12 prints.  Family groups; Philadelphia.  Gift of Gloria Strick Fine.

Forverts (Forward), Philadelphia Edition

    Records, 1945-1960.  16 ft.  These records of the Philadelphia edition of Forverts include subscription and financial records, and materials concerning carriers and advertising balances.  In Yiddish and English.  Inventory available.  Gift of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.

Forverts (Forward), Philadelphia Edition

    Photographs, 1920-1960.  22 prints.  Portraits of leaders of Jewish labor, community and fraternal organizations, group portraits and social events; Philadelphia.  Gift of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.

Francis, Gale

    Papers, 1945.  1 folder.  This collection contains a personal letter to Max Fallk, and a receipt from the Young Men's Hebrew Association.  In Yiddish and English.  Register available.  Gift of Gale Francis.

Goldberg, Mamie K.

    Photograph, ca. 1880.  1 print.  Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Remstein.  Gift of Mamie K. Goldberg.

Goldstein Family

    Photograph, ca. 1897.  1 print.  Portrait of Rabbi David Goldstein and family; Philadelphia.  Gift of Mrs. Herman Lazarus.

Gratz College

    Photograph, 1920.  1 print.  Mounted oversized print. Portrait of graduating class.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Hendricks Family

    Papers (microfilm), 1758-1867.  8 reels.  This collection contains correspondence, financial records, and other papers of a Jewish family in New York City.  The original documents are in the collections of the American Jewish Historical Society in New York City.  Use restricted.  In English.

Hershey, Bernard (1886-1986)

    Papers, 1920-1985.  2 folders, 1 audiocassette.  Bernard Hershey (Hershkowitz) was born in Bucharest, Romania and came to the United States in 1907, eventually settling in New York City.  The collection contains an audio cassette interview with Hershey conducted by one of his daughters and also includes material relating to his 100th birthday.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Mrs. Roslyn Sanford.

Hershey, Bernard

    Photographs, 1984.  2 prints.  Informal portraits of Hershey; New Jersey.  Gift of Mrs. Roslyn Sanford.

Hillquit, Morris (1869-1933)

    Papers (microfilm), 1895-1944.  10 reels.  Morris Hillquit was born Morris Hillkowitz in Riga, Latvia, and immigrated to the United States in 1886, settling in New York.  Hillquit worked in several factories before completing law school.  He was active in the Socialist Labor Party and later in the Socialist Party of America, serving as legal adviser and national chairman (1929-1933).  Hillquit helped to found the United Hebrew Trades (1888), the Yiddish weekly Arbeiter Zeitung (1890), and in 1905 the Rand School of Social Science, where he served as a director and trustee until his death.  He wrote extensively on socialist philosophy and labor problems.  Hillquit aided in major strikes in New York's garment industry in 1909-1910, serving as a member of the first Board of Arbitration established under the "Protocols of Peace," and served as counsel for the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union from 1914 until his death.  The collection documents Hillquit's personal, professional, and political activities.  It includes correspondence, writings, minutes, clippings, scrapbooks, transcripts of speeches and debates, condolence correspondence, and research notes from Nina Hillquit's biographical writings on her father and other socialist leaders.  The original papers are in the collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.  In English.  Register available.

Hurshman, Abraham E. (1886-1973)

    Papers, 1943-1973.  1 folder.  The collection contains an affidavit attesting that Hurshman is a naturalized citizen, photocopies of obituaries and a letter describing some of the family's history.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Mrs. Ethel Weisberg.

Janowsky, Oscar I.

    Photograph, n.d.  1 print.  Publicity photo of Janowsky.

Jewish Family, Kiev

    Photograph, n.d.  1 print.  Family portrait; Kiev.

Jewish Publication Society

    Photograph, 1938.  1 print.  View of golden jubilee dinner.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Kaganov Family

    Papers, 1877-1900.  1 folder.  The collection contains travel and military certificates issued for the family, apparently for their immigration to the United States.  In Russian and English.  Register available.  Gift of Paula Cohen.

Kaplan, Saul (1877-1943)

    Manuscript, 1890-1900.  1 folder.  Kaplan immigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen, in 1890.  This autobiography details his experiences during the voyage and working in Philadelphia after his arrival.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Arnold H. Rosenburg.

Labor Educational Centre

    Records, 1936-1974.  7.5 ft.  The Labor Educational Centre was opened in 1934 as an educational and cultural center.  It was the second such center founded by a number of Jewish left and labor organizations, including the Workmen's Circle-affiliated Arbeiter Ring and related groups.  The Centre received subsidies from various Jewish organizations including the Allied Jewish Appeal.  The collection includes blueprints and other documentation for the building, correspondence, and general administrative and financial records.  In Yiddish and English.  Inventory available.  Gift of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.

Lopez, Aaron

    Papers (microfilm), 1763-1775.  12 reels.  The collection contains the records of Lopez, a merchant in Newport, Rhode Island who applied for colonial citizenship in 1775 but was denied.  The collection includes account books, daybooks, ledgers, shipping records, invoice book, store blotter, carpenter book, miscellaneous correspondence, and other papers.  Originals are in the American Jewish Archives at the Historical Society of Newport, Newport, Rhode Island.  In English.  Register available.

Lukas, Edwin (1902-1973)

    Papers, 1937-1973.  1 ft., 2 discs.  Edwin Lukas was a lawyer, author, criminologist and civil rights activist.  The collection primarily documents Lukas' private life and his work with the American Jewish Committee from 1950 to 1968.  It includes correspondence, speeches, articles, book reviews, drafts for a civil rights case book, and sound recordings.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Christopher Lukas.

Lukas, Edwin

    Photographs, 1958-1968.  16 prints.  Travel photographs, portraits of Lukas, informal portraits with friends and associates; New York and abroad.  Gift of Christopher Lukas.

Marmarosher Jewish Center, Cleveland, Ohio

    Records (microfilm), 1911-1966.  1 reel.  The collection contains minutes and financial records, a program, and a dues book.  In Hebrew and English.  Register available.  Gift of Timothy Smith.

Morning Freiheit

    Scrapbook, 1940-1941.  1 volume.  The Morning Freiheit, a Yiddish paper, was founded in New York City in 1922.  The collection consists of a scrapbook primarily containing items clipped from the Philadelphia edition of the paper.  Also included are programs from several events and a flyer calling for the release from prison of Earl Browder, General Secretary of the American Communist Party.  In Yiddish and English.  Register available.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Newmayer, Henrietta Ulman

    Papers, 1905.  1 volume, 1 folder.  The collection consists of the wedding album of Henrietta Ulman Newmayer (nee Hirsh), with its enclosures (postcard, clippings, and fabric samples from wedding and trousseau gowns).  Included are brief descriptions of the honeymoon, announcements and invitation for the event, and photographs of the bride and groom, Dr. S. Weir Newmayer (class of '99, University of Pennsylvania Medical School).  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Northern Chevra Kadisha of Philadelphia

    Records, 1920-1933.  1 volume.  The volume contains minutes.  In Yiddish.  Register available.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Oestrer, Wechsel-und Passage

    Document, 1887.  1 item.  This receipt was issued in Philadelphia to Moses Wallenstein for the receipt of forty-six dollars to be transmitted to Lube Wallenstein at a location in Russia, possibly towards the price of passage to America.  In German and English.  Register available.

Paull, Joseph (1893-1966)

    Papers, 1932-1966.  1.5 ft.  Joseph Paull was a wholesale butcher, professional strongman, and an influential member of the Jewish community in Philadelphia.  He was active in a variety of philanthropic organizations, especially the Uptown Home for the Aged.  The collection contains biographical material, correspondence, clippings, and awards.  In English and Yiddish.  Register available.  Gift of Etta Paull Aronovitz.

Paull, Joseph

    Photographs, 1920-1960.  267 prints.  Portraits of Paull, friends and associates, family groups, prison activities, miscellaneous events and philanthropies; Philadelphia, Israel, Latin America and Europe.  Gift of Anna Paull and Etta Paull Aronowitz.

Portnoff, Alexander

    Photograph, n.d.  1 print.  Portnoff with John Dewey, whose bust he sculpted; Philadelphia.

Pythian Sisters, Beta Temple No. 180

    Records, 1939-1954.  .25 ft.  This Philadelphia women's service group was affiliated with the Knights of Pythias.  The membership appears to be predominantly Jewish.  The collection consists of financial records, including income and expense ledgers, and audit statements.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.

Rachman, Bernard and Jennie

    Papers, 1923.  1 folder.  Bernard Rachman, born Baruch Rachmilevich in 1908, came to the United States through Ellis Island in 1923 from Korostishev, Russia.  He settled in Philadelphia with his wife Jennie, who came to America in 1921.  The collection consists of papers related to Rachman's passage to the United States, including quarantine certificates and a visa.  In Russian and Polish.  Register available.  Gift of Bernard and Jennie Rachman.

Rachman Family

    Photographs, 1905-1974.  17 prints.  Family group portraits and photos from Bernard Rachman's 1929 trip to the Soviet Union; Poland, USSR, United States.  Composite photo, ca. 1905, shows family in Poland with pasteover of father, then in Boston.  Gift of Bernard and Jennie Rachman.

Rakhman, Vitaly

    Photographs, 1970s.  10 prints.  Photographs of Rakhman's participation with Soviet artists during non-conformist exhibitions in Moscow; Soviet Union.  Gift of Vitaly Rakhman.

Rosner Family

    Photographs, 1900-1970s.  35 prints.  Kunstler and Rosner family portraits, family-owned meat market and restaurant; Philadelphia.  Gift of Bert Rosner.

Rubin Family

    Papers, 1893-1908.  1 folder.  Solomon Rubin, born in Odessa, was naturalized in 1920 in Philadelphia, where he was living with his wife and at least one of their four children.  The collection contains documents pertaining to Rubin's immediate family, including birth certificates and related verifications, Rubin's naturalization certificate and verification of his completion of Russian military service.  In Russian and English.  Register available.  Gift of Linda Rabban.

Rubin/Root Family

    Papers, 1894-1950.  2 folders.  Aaron Rubin was naturalized ca. 1896.  The collection consists of papers from his extended Russian family, including several letters, passports, a naturalization certificate, insurance and tax documents, deeds, and personal items such as a savings account pass book.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Suzanne Root.

Sattinger, Alphonse

    Photograph, 1971.  1 print.  Group portrait following naturalization ceremony.  Gift of Alphonse Sattinger.

Shaindele di Chazante (Jean Gornish) (1916-1981)

    Papers, 1941-1963.  .25 ft.  Shaindele di Chazante was born in Philadelphia.  A liturgical singer, she performed Orthodox music in concert and on the radio.  She was the first woman cantor, though she never served in a synagogue.  The collection contains correspondence, clippings, and publicity and other printed materials.  In English and Yiddish.  Inventory available.  Gift of Sylvia Silver.

Shamus, Isaac (1874-1956)

Papers, n.d.  2 folders.  Isaac Shamus was born in Ritziv in the province of Volhynia, Russia in 1874.  He moved between Europe and the United States several times in the early twentieth century and settled in the Philadelphia area in 1913.  The collection consists of Shamus' memoirs.  The original manuscript is in Yiddish; an English translation is available.  In Yiddish.  Register available.  Gift of Benjamin Shamus.

Sherit Jacob Synagogue, Cleveland, Ohio

    Records (microfilm), 1919-1938.  1 reel.  The collection includes printed material and dues records.  In Yiddish.  Inventory available.  Gift of Timothy Smith.

Sherman, Benjamin (1896- )

    Interview, 1982-1983.  12 audiocassettes.  Benjamin Sherman was born in the Ukrainian shtetl of Romanov in 1896.  He immigrated to the United States in 1913 and settled in Philadelphia, where he became active in a South Philadelphia branch of the socialist fraternal order, Workmen's Circle.  Sherman was also a member of a Jewish branch of the Socialist Party.  Sherman joined the Yiddish-speaking Jewish local of the Bakery and Confectionary Workers, serving as a business agent, and was active in United Hebrew Trades, serving a term as chairman.  He has also been active in union political and cultural affairs.  The collection consists of recordings of a series of interviews with Mr. Sherman.  The interviews focus on his early participation in Workmen's Circle and other Jewish labor and social organizations.  A detailed index to the interviews by subject is available.  For related materials see records of Workmen's Circle, Philadelphia District.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Benjamin Sherman.

Silverman, Faigel Katz

    Papers, 1927-1965.  .5 ft.  Faigel Katz Silverman was born in Philadelphia.  An actress on stage and radio, she gave recitations for community groups and events.  The collection includes programs, scripts, and uncatalogued photographs related to the career of Silverman and to the community activities of Mayer Katz.  In Yiddish and English.  Inventory available.  Gift of Faigel Katz Silverman.

Silverman, Faigel Katz

    Photographs, 1920-1960.  19 prints.  Family portraits and activities of Mayer Katz; Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware.  Gift of Faigel Katz Silverman.

Simon Iano, Mavra

    Papers, 1927.  1 folder, 1 volume.  The collection consists of two letters, one of which discusses rising anti-Semitism in Europe, particularly in Russia, and an inscribed copy of Sholem Aleichem's Menahem-Mendel.  In Yiddish.  Inventory available.  Gift of Mavra Simon Iano.

Slobidanski, Schulim

    Correspondence, 1915.  1 page.  This collection consists of a letter from a Philadelphia ticket agent verifying the purchase of a ticket to Philadelphia via New York from Libau by Slobidanski.  It also states that Slobidanski was on board the S.S. Norge when it sank en route in 1904.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Sonia Metzger.

Solis-Cohen, Emily

    Papers, 1930-1948.  2.5 in.  Solis-Cohen was a religious and secular educator and was active in Jewish organizations in Philadelphia.  The collection contains miscellaneous correspondence, clippings, poems, published articles, and memorabilia.  In English.  Inventory available.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Solis-Cohen, Jacob, Jr. (1890-1968)

    Papers, 1925-1960.  2 ft.  Jacob Solis-Cohen was the descendant of a prominent Philadelphia Sephardic Jewish family.  The collection consists primarily of correspondence relating to genealogical matters and to Solis-Cohen's activities with the Foster Home for Hebrew Orphans and other charitable organizations.  Also present are writings, chiefly on historical topics, and scrapbooks documenting Solis-Cohen's personal and business life and the genealogy of the Silva-Solis family and related families.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Solis-Cohen, Jacob, Jr.

    Photographs, 1923-1949.  36 prints.  Individual portraits, business and social events and miscellany; Philadelphia.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Southwark School

    Photographs, 1918.  1 print.  Group portrait in front of school; Philadelphia.  Gift of William J. Boccelli.

Strick-Abramowitz Family

    Manuscript, 1975.  2 folders.  The first members of the Strick-Abramowitz family came to the United States around the turn of the twentieth century from Romania and Poland and settled in Philadelphia.  The collection consists of a research paper on the family, taped interviews and transcripts, and photocopies of a questionnaire and related correspondence, generated in the course of research conducted by Gloria Strick Fine.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Gloria Strick Fine.

Temple on the Heights: Hungarian Congregation, B'ne Jeschurun, Cleveland, Ohio

    Records (microfilm), 1881-1920.  2 reels.  The collection contains ledgers and minutes. In Hebrew, German, and English.  Inventory available. Gift of Timothy Smith.

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)

    Booklet, n.d.  2 pages.  This collection consists of a pamphlet for UNRRA and United Jewish Appeal to solicit donations for efforts in Europe on behalf of Jews displaced by World War II.  In English. Register available.

Walinsky, Ossip (1886-1973)

    Papers, 1916-1973.  3.3 ft.  Ossip Walinsky was born Joseph Melechinsky in Grodno, Lithuania in a Orthodox Jewish family.  Following an arrest for anti-government activities in 1904, he escaped to Germany and then settled in London.  In 1912 he immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City, where he became active as a labor organizer.  In 1918 he became a manager of the Pocketbook Workers Union, New York, and remained with them until elected president of the International Leather Goods, Handbag, Belt, and Novelty Workers Union in 1951.  Walinsky was also a prolific writer and was active in Jewish, Zionist and humanitarian organizations.  The collection contains biographical material, correspondence and organizational records from the Pocketbook Workers Union and the International Leather Goods, Handbag, Belt, and Novelty Workers Union, and records from several Jewish organizations.  In English and Yiddish.  Register available.  Gift of Anna Walinska.

Walinsky, Ossip

    Photographs, 1916-1977.  112 prints.  Individual and group portraits from testimonial dinners and labor union meetings and events, other unidentified groups; New York and Israel.  Gift of Anna Walinska.

Wendkos, Dora Barenbaum

    Manuscript, 1940.  1 folder.  This narrative describes the journey of the Barenbaum family to the United States in 1893 from their village in Russia, a short distance from Uman.  The family settled in Philadelphia.  The bulk of the manuscript is concerned with their trip through Europe, but includes some of young Dora's initial impressions of America.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Dr. William Glicksman.

Whiteman, Maxwell (1914- )

    Papers, 1957-1968.  1 folder.  The collection includes Whiteman's notes on Jewish calendars, two letters, and a flyer for his book Mankind and Medicine.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Whiteman/Eisenstadt Cabinet Portraits

    Photographs, ca. 1900.  45 prints.  Mounted cabinet-format albumen prints of respected Jewish teachers.  Captioned in Yiddish; United States, Europe and Russia.  Gift of Maxwell Whiteman.

Workmen's Circle, Philadelphia District

    Records, 1931-1968.  10 ft., 12 audiocassettes.  The Workmen's Circle, a national Jewish fraternal organizations, was founded in 1892 by Russian Jewish immigrants.  The first Philadelphia branch was probably chartered in 1904.  The organization promoted the development and preservation of Yiddish culture in the United States, and its members were active in the labor movement.  The Workmen's Circle was aligned with the Socialist Party for three decades, then increasingly supported liberal democratic policies and Jewish nationalism.  The collection contains minutes, correspondence, financial records, and membership records of several organization departments which document the scope and stability of the Philadelphia district programs.  Also present are twelve audiocassettes of interviews with Benjamin Sherman, trade union activist and baker, regarding the Philadelphia chapter's early years.  The collection contains unprocessed materials including sound recordings.  In English and Yiddish.  Register available.  Gift of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.

Workmen's Circle, Philadelphia District

    Photographs, 1937-1977.  40 prints.  Personalities and events associated with the Philadelphia District of the Workmen's Circle; Philadelphia.  Gift of the organization.

Zemil-Suttleman Family

    Photographs, 1890-1950.  32 prints.  Family portraits and groups; Russia and United States.  Gift of Jessie Suttleman and Robyn Stone.



    Newspaper, 1934-1970.  36 reels.  Published biweekly in New York City by the German Jewish Club, 1934-1940. "Nachrichtenblatt des German-Jewish Club."  In German and English. 

B'nai B'rith Messenger

    Newspaper, 1898-1913.  4 reels.  Published weekly in Los Angeles, California.

Carolina Israelite

    Newspaper, 1944-1958.  1 reel.  Published monthly in Charlotte, North Carolina by H.L. Golden, 1944-1969.

Fur Worker

    Newspaper, 1916-1930.  1 reel.  Published semimonthly in Long Island City, New York by the International Fur Workers Union of the United States and Canada, 1916-1930.  In English and Yiddish. 

Jewish Chronicle

    Newspaper, 1921-1943.  11 reels.  Published weekly in Newark, New Jersey by the Jewish Chronicle Publishing Company, 1921-1952.

Jewish Exponent

    Newspaper, 1887-1926, 1928-1955, 1979.  47 reels.  Published weekly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the Jewish Exponent Publishing Company, beginning in 1887.  First issue preceded by "Prospectus."  Published by Federation of Jewish Agencies of Greater Philadelphia after 1956.

Jewish Journal

    Newspaper, 1956-1971.  3 reels.  Published semimonthly in New Brunswick, New Jersey by the Jewish Federation of Raritan Valley.

Jewish Messenger

    Newspaper, 1857-1902.  15 reels.  Published weekly in New York by the Jewish Messenger Company, 1857-1902.  In English, German and Hebrew.

Jewish Record

    Newspaper, 1926-1950.  15 reels.  Published in St. Louis, Missouri by the Jewish Record Publishing Company, beginning in 1913.  In Yiddish and English.


    Periodical, 1896-1907.  8 reels.  Published monthly in New York by the Menorah Publishing Company, 1886-1907.  Official organ of the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith.


    Newspaper, 1890.  1 reel.  Published weekly in New York City by A. Braslavsky and Ephraim London.  "A Jewish Labor Weekly devoted to the interests of the downtrodden and oppressed Humanity".  In Yiddish.


    Newspaper, 1905-1919.  37 reels.  Published daily in New York City by the Warheit Publishing Company, 1905-1919.  Some partial notices in English.  In Yiddish.

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