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Records, 1989-1991

2 folders

This small collection was donated to the Balch as part of the Delaware Valley Regional Archives Project.  The papers in this collection reflect the major functions and materials that shaped the inception of the Korean American Professional Association including the minutes taken at the first Meeting on 17 August 1989 and press releases and correspondence from KAPA's first major function--a Thanksgiving Dinner program for six hundred needy families.  Included also are clippings of articles that were of interest to the group and which were distributed at meetings.  The collection consists mainly of materials which demonstrate how KAPA meets its Organizational Goals (see below).

As defined in the Meeting Minutes included in this collection, the Mission Statement of KAPA is:  Promote the visibility of Korean Americans as viable contributors in the professional realm.  Provide support system on social, professional, and cultural levels.

Their goals and objectives are, among others:  Elite Element (through referral only); Provide role models for younger Korean Americans with professional aspirations; Establish mentor relationships with "needy;" Monthly meetings; Establish and solidify group bond (common values); Viable resource in community.

KAPA consists of an Executive Board which conducts monthly meetings, Activity Committees and Members.  In 1990, the Executive Board consisted of George Choe, Tim Haahs, Debra Lee, and Don Yu and the Executive Officers Tina Quinn, President; Jim Cho, Vice President; Kimi Yim, Treasurer; and Grace Yoon, Secretary.

This collection was processed in July, 1997 by Michelle A. Ducellier.  No weeding was performed on this collection and the materials are arranged in the order in which they were accessioned.  There is a small amount of material written in Korean.