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Ardelean, George

    Photographs, 1912-1920.  4 prints.  Group portaits of Romanian-American youth groups (theatrical and athletic); PhiladelphiaGift of George Ardelean.

Popovich, John (1890-1973)

    Papers, 1914-1973.  25 ft.  Rev. Popovich was born in Romania and came to the United States in 1907, settling in Erie, Pennsylvania.  In 1929, he moved to Philadelphia where he served as pastor of the Descent of the Holy Ghost Romanian Orthodox Church until his retirement in 1967.  The collection contains correspondence, clippings, passports and other travel-related documents, and uncataloged photographs.  In English and Romanian.  Inventory availableGift of Mrs. John Popovich.

Toconita Family

    Photographs, n.d.  51 prints.  Family portraits and groups, Romanian-American activities; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  Included is a photocopy of "My Ancestors," narrative by Jeanette Toconita describing Manton family background and some of the scenes in the photographsGift of Jeanette C. Toconita.

Valentino Family

    Photographs, 1910-1925.  2 prints.  Informal family portrait and business place; Philadelphia.  Gift of Carmen Valentino.

Vladutz, Emil

    Photograph, ca. 1986.  1 print.  Portrait of Vladutz with one of his paintings (from the Contemporary Immigrant Artists exhibition, Balch Institute).  Gift of Emil Vladutz.

Watka Family

    Photograph and postcards, 1900-1930.  26 prints.  Family portraits and groups, church buildings and groups, business place; Philadelphia, Detroit, and Romania.  Gift of the Watka family.

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