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Bunje, Emil

    Manuscript, 1937.  1 folder.  This manuscript is a history of Russian Americans in California between 1805 and 1841.  It was written under the auspices of the Works Progress Administration, sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley, and prepared by California Cultural Research.  In English.  Register available.

Russian Brotherhood Organization of the United States of America

    Records, 1904-1962.  89 ft.

    The Russian Brotherhood Organization was founded in 1900 to aid Russian immigrants in the United States.  Organization members contributed to a common fund which they could draw upon during emergencies such as workplace injuries and deaths due to illness or old age.  The first lodges of the Russian Brotherhood Organization were concentrated in the anthracite coal mining regions of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The records of the Russian Brotherhood Organization consist primarily of death claims which contain detailed information about individual immigrants.  Data from these claims are currently being entered into a machine-readable database to allow individual name searches.  Also present are the organization's administrative records, financial records, and numerous publications printed at the organization's print shop in Philadelphia.  In addition, this collection contains over sixty bound volumes of the Brotherhood's newspaper, Pravda.  In Russian and English.  Gift of the Organization.

Russian Orthodox Catholic Mutual Aid Society

    Records (including microfilm), ca. 1910-1982.  7.75 ft., 5 reels.  The Russian Orthodox Catholic Mutual Aid Society was founded in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in 1895.  It is a national fraternal benefit society.  Many of the organization's records were destroyed in the 1972 Hurricane Agnes floods.  These records represent the national office's surviving historical files.  They include convention minutes, membership and financial records, printed materials and publications, and certificates.  In Russian, English, and Ruthenian.  Inventory available.   Gift of the organization.

Salama, Andrew. (ca. 1885-1952)

    Papers, 1920-ca. 1970s.  3 ft.  Salama was born and reared in Russia and was a member of Le Chauvre Souris, a Russian musical group which performed throughout Europe.  In 1922 he immigrated to the U.S. where he settled in New York City and worked as a musical arranger, performer and teacher.  His country home near the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey became a gathering place for Russian emigres.  The papers include sheet music, musical arrangements by Salama of Russian and other folk and classical music, notes, uncataloged photographs, and an audiocassette.  In Russian and English.  Inventory availableGift of Charles Hardy and Mary Utley.

Shatalow, Walter

    Photographs, 1906-1960.  4 prints.  Photographs of Kateryna Shatalow; Russia, Germany, Philadelphia.  Gift of Walter Shatalow.


Free Russia

    Newspaper, 1890, 1894.  1 reel.  Published monthly in New York, by the Society of Friends of Russian Freedom, 1890-1894.

Novyi Mir (New World)

    Newspaper, 1911-1937.  16 reels.  Published weekly in New York City by the Russian Socialist Publishing Association, 1911-1938.  In Russian and English.

Pravoslavnyi Amerikanskii Viestnik (Russian Orthodox American Messenger)

    Newspaper, 1896-1897.  1 reel.  Published semimonthly in New York by Pravoslavnaia Amerikanskaia Missiia, 1896-1930.  Suspended publication 1919-1921 and 1931-1935.  In Russian and English.

Robochy Golos (Voice of Labor)

    Newspaper, 1919-1923.  1 reel.  Published monthly in New York by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, beginning in 1919.  In Russian.

Russko-Amerikanskii Rabochii (Russian-American Worker)

    Newspaper, 1908, 1909.  9 issues.  Published monthly in New York by the Tsentral'nayi komitet Soiuza rossiiskikh sotsial demokraticheskikh organizatsii v Amerikie, 1908-1909.   In Russian.

Russko-Amerikanskii Viestnik (Russian American Messenger)

    Newspaper, 1911.  2 issues.  Published monthly in New York by International Library, beginning in 1910.  In Russian.

Svobodnoe Slovo

    Periodical, 1915-1916.  Partial reel.  Published monthly in New York City by Svobodnoe Slovo, beginning in 1915.  Issued by Gruppa "Svobodnoe Slovo".  In Russian.


    Newspaper, 1889-1890.  Partial reel.  Published biweekly in New York by the Znamia Publishing Association, 1889-1890.  In Russian.

Dakota Freie Presse

    Newspaper, 2/24/1920.  1 issue.  Published weekly in Yankton, Dakota Territory (South Dakota) by Gustav A. Wetter, beginning in 1874.  In German.

Amerykanskii Russkii Vistnyk

    Newspaper, 1894-1904, 1907-1926.  26 reels.  Published weekly in Scranton, Pennsylvania by Soedynie Hr. Kaf. Bratstv.  The official organ of the Greek Catholic Union of the United States of America.  Issued also in a Slovak edition called Amerykansky Russky viestnik.  In Ruthenian.

Svit (Light)

    Newspaper, 1909-1986.  24 reels.  Published bimonthly in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, by the Russian Orthodox Brotherhood of America, beginning in 1897.  In Ruthenian and English

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