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Scrapbook, 1893-1940.

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Anna Wallin was born around 1872 and came to the United States from Sweden in 1889, and becoming a citizen in ca. 1897 at the age of 25.  She had been educated at the Royal Conservatory in Stockholm, and put that education to use in America as an instructor in the Piano Department at the Philadelphia College of Music.  She also gave private lessons in her home.  She participated in recitals and concerts sponsored by the College and by the Scandinavian Artists' Association, a local group devoted to "the encouragement of Scandinavian singers and musicians," of which Wallin was a cofounder.  She also performed at an 1897 concert and ball given in honor of the Jubilee of King Oscar II of Sweden, and smaller church and social functions.  She was active in the Scandinavian Art Club, and belonged to the Women's Auxiliary of the American Swedish Historical Museum, the Danish Society of Philadelphia, and Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania.

The scrapbook contains programs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and small ephemera.  Some correspondence and clippings have been removed to a separate folder.  The clippings and correspondence are in both Swedish and English; the clippings are concerned primarily with local cultural events, and the correspondence with her personal life, though very little detail on the latter is provided.

This collection was obtained in 1989 from Marie Turin.