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Angst, Walter (1919- )

    Papers, 1988.  1 folder.  Walter Angst was born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1919 and was trained as a cabinet maker.  In 1951 Angst and his family immigrated to the United States and settled in Washington, D.C., where he obtained a job at the Smithsonian Institution as a specialist in restoration work.  The collection consists of three letters written by Angst as a supplement to autobiographical sketches published in the Swiss American Historical Society Newsletter.  The letters contain brief commentaries on United States immigration policy in the post-World War II period, and some information on Angst's experience in being detained with his family at Ellis Island.  In English.  Register available.  Gift of Walter Angst.

Cemlicht, Johannes Tirunev

    Document, 1858.  1 item.  This passport was issued in the township of Lutzelfeld, district of Trachtenwald, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.  In German.  Register available.

Gallatin, Albert (1761-1849)

    Papers (microfilm), 1761-1880.  46 reels.  Albert Gallatin was born in Geneva, Switzerland, and immigrated to the United States in 1779, settling in Massachusetts in 1780.  In 1784 he moved to Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where he became involved first in anti-Federalist and later in Republican politics.  He was elected to the House of Representatives for the first of three terms in 1795.  He served as Secretary of the Treasury (1801-1814), United States minister to France (1816-1823), and United States minister to England (1826-1827).  He helped negotiate, and signed, the Treaty of Ghent in 1814.  After retirement from politics he served as president of the National Bank of New York City.  He helped to found the American Ethnological Society and was its first president, as well as serving as president of the New York Historical Society.  The collection documents Gallatin's personal life and political activities.  It includes autobiographical, biographical, and genealogical materials, correspondence, official documents and minutes, and publications and other materials by and about Gallatin.  The collection also contains an index to Gallatin's correspondents.  The original records are held by the New York Historical Society, the National Archives, and other repositories in the United States and abroad.  In English.  Register available.

Hunsicker, Joakim (1774- )

    Documents, 1821.  2 items.  Hunsicker was born in Oberkulm in the Canton of Aargau in Switzerland and emigrated from Midey, Holland to Philadelphia in 1817.  The collection consists of his declaration of intention to become a United States citizen, signed January 13, 1821, in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  In English.  Register available.

New Helvetic Society, Pennsylvania Chapter

    Records, 1938-1990.  2 ft.  The Pennsylvania Chapter of the New Helvetic Society was founded in Philadelphia in 1938, to promote Swiss culture in America.  The collection includes constitution and bylaws, correspondence, minutes, annual fiscal reports, membership lists, programs, and other materials.  In English.  Register available. Gift of Alice H. Finckh.

New Schwanden, Minnesota

    Papers, 1970-1988.  1 folder.  The collection consists of an assemblage of photocopied materials concerning the history of New Schwanden, Minnesota, a Swiss-American community, and the genealogy of the Blesi family who settled there.  Included are histories of the community, book excerpts, clippings, articles, and ephemera.  In English and German.  Register availableGift of Wayne C. Blesi.

New Schwanden, Minnesota

    Photographs, 1981.  2 prints.  Portrait of Wayne C. Blesi and church building; MinnesotaGift of Wayne C. Blesi.

Salathe, Selma

    Papers, 1883-1898.  1 folder.  Selma Salathe imigrated to the United States with the help of the Zwilchenbart Swiss Immigration Society in 1898.  The collection consists of a copy of her contract with the society, a health inspection card, a collection of Bible verses handwritten in German, and an undated calling card.  In German and English.  Register availableGift of Jacqueline M. Hughes.

Swiss American Historical Society

    Records, 1927-1986.  7.5 ft.  The Swiss American Historical Society was founded in 1927 in Chicago.  It is now headquartered in Washington, D.C.  The collection contains correspondence, minutes, a constitution and bylaws, membership lists, financial statements, articles, and printed materials and other records.  The collection includes unprocessed additions.  In English.  Register availableGift of the organization.

Swiss American Historical Society

    Photographs, n.d.  4 prints.  Rev. Vincent Wehrle and meeting hall; United States. Gift of the organization.

Swiss American Society, Philadelphia

    Records, 1968-1971.  1 folder.  In 1969 three Philadelphia Swiss societies, the Swiss Benevolent Society, the Schweizer Turn-Verein, and the New Helvetic Society, Pennsylvania Chapter, formed this joint organization "to further the solidarity of the Swiss-American community."  The collection includes constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, mailing lists, and ephemera.  In English and German.  Register availableGift of the Swiss Consulate of Philadelphia.

Swiss Benevolent Society of New York

    Records, 1880-1982. 43 ft.

    The Swiss Benevolent Society of New York is the oldest Swiss Benevolent Society in the United States, founded in 1832.  From its inception, the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York has sought to care for the poor among the Swiss population of New York.  The earliest records of the Society date from 1880 and include correspondence, board minutes, financial and administrative records, annual reports, newspaper clippings, and various printed materials. In English, French, and German.  Gift of the Organization.

Swiss Benevolent Society of New York

    Photographs.  Unprocessed. 357 items.  Gift of the Organization.

Swiss Benevolent Society of Philadelphia

    Records, 1860-1990.  2.5 ft.  The Swiss Benevolent Society was founded in 1860 to aid for needy Swiss immigrants coming into Philadelphia or New York City.  In 1940, it affiliated itself with the New Helvetic Society.  The collection includes bylaws, constitutions, correspondence, minutes, annual reports, legal documents, membership records, an organizational history, and uncataloged photographs.  The collection includes unprocessed additions.  For related materials, see New Helvetic Society Records.  In English.  Inventory availableGift of William Webb and the Swiss Consulate of Philadelphia.

Swiss Benevolent Society of Philadelphia

    Photographs, 1938-1960.  26 prints.  Society banquets and miscellany; PhiladelphiaGift of the organization.

Swiss Society of New Orleans

    Records, 1905-1986.  2 folders.  The Swiss Benevolent Society was founded in 1855, and in 1859 changed its name to the Swiss Society of New Orleans.  In addition to its benevolent functions, its purpose includes the promotion of social events and the preservation of "typical Swiss customs."  The collection includes a charter, rules and regulations, statutes, a society history, flyers, a list of burials in the society tomb, and a paper on the Swiss in New Orleans.  In English.  Register availableGift of John Geiser III.


Amerikanische Schweizer Zeitung (American Swiss Gazette)

    Newspaper, 1956-1964.  4 reels.  Published weekly in New York City by John Friederich, 1868-1973.  In German, English, French, and Italian.

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