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Davies, Phillips G.

    Documents, 1872-1954.  2 ft.  Davies is professor of English at Iowa State University and is a third-generation Welsh American.  His publications include The Welsh in Wisconsin and numerous translations of nineteenth-century Welsh language publications.  The collection consists of copies of nineteenth-century travel accounts and histories of Welsh settlement in the Midwest and New York, in both English and Welsh, and copies of his translations of the Welsh documents into English.  Also present are photocopies of two articles on Welsh Americans.  In Welsh and English.  Inventory availableGift of Phillips G. Davies.

Hartmann, Edward G. (1912- )

    Papers, 1933-1991.  2.5 ft.  Hartmann is professor emeritus of history at Suffolk University, Boston.  He was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, son of a Welsh-born mother.  He is the author of The Movement to Americanize the Immigrant and of Americans from Wales and other studies of Welsh-American history.  The collection contains materials from Hartmann's research files on Welsh Americans, and includes notes, correspondence, articles, research papers, church histories and programs, and miscellaneous printed materials.  In English.  Inventory available.  Gift of Edward G. Hartmann.

Jones Family

    Photographs, 1930-1970.  23 prints.  Family portraits, and various workplaces; Wales and United StatesGift of Elizabeth Jones.

Thomas, Daniel (1827- )

    Papers, 1853-1871.  1 volume.  Daniel Thomas was born in North Wales in 1827, and immigrated to the United States in 1848, finally settling in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  The collection consists of a single account book, which describes financial transactions and includes poems and household receipts.  In Welsh and English.  Register availableGift of Carmen Valentino.

Welsh Baptist Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania

    Records, 1925-1990.  1 ft.  The collection consists of minutes and related materials from annual meetings.  In English.  Inventory availableGift of the organization.



    Newspaper, 1918-1939.  Partial reel.  Published in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by the Druid Publishing Company, 1918-1939.  No issues published in January 1934.  Continues the Welsh American.


    Newspaper, 1910-1911, 1912, 1913-1914.  3 reels.  Published in Scranton, Pennsylvania, by the Druid Publishing Company, 1907-1914.  "A paper printed for and in the interests of the Welsh people of America."  Continued by the Welsh-American.

Y Drych

    Newspaper, 1851-1918, 1920-1978.  26 reels.  Published in Utica, New York, beginning in 1863.  "The American Organ of the Welsh People."  In Welsh and English.


    Newspaper, 1914-1918.  5 reels.  Published semimonthly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Druid Publishing Company, 1914-1918.  Continues the Druid (Scranton, PA).  Continued by the Druid (Pittsburgh, PA).

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