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Kuerschner, preface


"A book like this, combining the features both of a "Handy Manual" of useful information and a "Text-book", has not yet been published.

It is principally designed to be of service to the thousands of Germans who annually immigrate to the United States with the intention of settling and becoming useful citizens of the Commonwealth.  In order, however, to acquaint themselves with the political and social conditions of American life or to attain a position of prominence therein, it is absolutely necessary to have a knowledge of the English language.

The book consists of two parts.  The first part begins with a brief history of the United States, describes the characteristic traits of the American nation, including the prominent features of the German and Irish American, Negro, Indian and Chinese, etc.; treats of the social condition of the country, its industries, imports and exports, the homestead laws and other laws of general interest; the Army and Navy, the Supreme Court, the Fifty-second Congress, the Diplomatic Corps and other interesting details.

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