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The population of the United States is necessarily a mixture of all nations.  The descendants of the English are the most numerous, those of the German and Celtic race rank next, while those of other nationalities are comparatively few.  They all assume gradually the same characteristic features peculiar to the native American.  The very type of freedom and liberty is impressed upon their offsprings at their earliest stage of life, developing with maturity.

The character of the well-bred American has some noble qualities.  As a rule, the American is very comprehensive, practical, displaying great energy in all his undertakings.  Kind to his family, he will sacrifice everything to give them a comfortable home.  He is not envious and likes to see others prosper and is ready to assist, when it is necessary.  Benevolent in the highest degree, he exercises hospitality to the stranger.  He is religiously inclined, is a faithful supporter of his church, and a strict observer of the Sabbath.  But he is also fond of amusements, horse-racing, base-ball and other sports.  He is a born politician, and will participate in all public affairs.  Towards ladies he is a perfect cavalier.

There is no nation on the globe that reads as much as the American.  Little boys, twelve years old, eagerly read the newspapers, and are able to speak about the most important questions of the day.

The American ladies in general, are very pretty, fascinating, attractive, sociable, and refined.  Even in the humblest circumstances they try to acquire a good education and often show great talent for music and the fine arts.  They beautify their homes, developing good taste.  They are also fond of display and fine dress and always appear tidy, making themselves attractive.  Yet they possess great will-power and selfdenial and are not apt to succumb in calamity.  Many hold responsible positions in public life, as teachers, clerks, etc. where they have proven their efficiency.

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