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Below is a certification of employment and reference for Friedrich Hintz, dated 27 January 1842.

With this letter of reference, Hintz was better able to find work both in Germany and, in later years, America.

This document reads:

"This is to certify that the carpenter journeyman Friedrich Hintz born in Stallupoehnen, worked for me from 18 July 1841 until 17 January 1842 and during that time he was honest, diligent and decent.

          Koenigsberg, 27 January 1842

          Schielies, Master Carpenter"

"This is to certify that Mr. Schielies is known to us as a reputable independent carpenter.

          Koenigsberg, 27 January 1842

          L. Wallmann,  Head of Carpenters' Guild"

Hintz  Letter of Reference

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