Mary Elizabeth Hallock Greenewalt papers

Musical Edition

Collection 0867

( Bulk, 1879-1950 ) 1769-1950, undated
(18.2 Linear feet ; 39 boxes, 29 volumes, 23 flat files)

Series IV

Writings 1920-1950, undated   ; 3 boxes, 2 volumes

Scope and Contents

These materials contain Greenewalt’s unpublished autobiography in handwritten and typed format. Greenewalt’s autobiography encompasses memories of her early life in Beirut, relations between her parents, her mother’s mental illness, and the children’s departure for care in the United States. Also included are early family letters, such as those written by her mother from a sanitarium in England, and later, letters from her father when he worked supervising shipping for the DuPont Company. The autobiography also described Greenewalt’s life in the United States, and her career as an inventor and artist. Included are copies of letters by her son Crawford (age six) sent while Greenewalt toured. The autobiography also offers a detailed portrait of her father, his career as a consul, a printer, a member of the Masons, and his years as an employee of the DuPont organization. In addition, other writings in this series offer drafts and final copy of writings and press releases concerning Greenewalt’s color organ. Of particular interest in the Writing Series are Greenewalt’s addresses to the Illuminating Engineering Society of Philadelphia. The addresses, given over a span of several years, provide insight into the inspiration for the color organ as well as a time-line highlighting the organ’s developmental stages. In an address of April 19, 1918, titled “Light” Fine Art the Sixth,” Greenewalt cited innovations in painting by the artist Corot which encouraged her to investigate light and color as a means of enriching musical expression. Greenewalt also referenced reports of synaesthetes, people who experience cross-sensory perceptions such as those who see letters or numbers in different colors. Subsequent addresses by Greenewalt to the Illuminating Engineering Society include that of February 20, 1920 titled, “A Light Scale Keyboard and Rheostat,” which discussed the design underlying her timed, sequential process for controlling color and light intensities; a 1923 address titled “A Light Scoring for the Episcopal Service,” discussed the color-console’s design and the patents covering the instrument; and Greenewalt’s 1926 lecture, “The Light-Color Player,” discussing the console’s modifications which offered increased lighting capacity for large auditoriums.

Other writings in this series offer insights into Greenewalt’s personal views and her interest in psychic phenomena. This series also includes one folder each of family and general correspondence.

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Autobiography, Typewritten Copy of Handwritten Draft undated 


Autobiography, First Rought Draft, Handwritten undated 

Box Folder

Autobiography, First Rough Draft, Handwritten (copy) undated 

23 1

Notes, Programs, Clippings on Events 1896-1944, undated 

23 2

Manuscript and Drafts, Addresses to Philadelphia Illuminating Engineering Society 1916-1926 

23 3

Miscellaneous Clippings on Color Music, Popular Science Interests 1912, 1935-1941 

23 4

Political Addresses, Personal Views, Psychic Interests 1919-1935, undated 

23 5

Prepared Press Copy, Developing Color Organ circa 1920-circa 1936 

23 6

Notebook on Accomplishments circa 1930-circa 1932, undated 

23 7

Correspondence, writings on Democratic Party 1935-1936, undated 

23 8

Donation of Papers 1939-1944 

23 9

Originals, Box 23 1896-1944, undated 

23 10

Lectures on Music on 8.5" x 5.5" Paper circa 1903-1911, undated 

24 2

Lectures on Listening to and Teaching Music circa 1903-circa 1915, undated 

24 3

Addresses, Press Copy Drafts, Light Color Player 1918-circa 1925, undated 

24 4-5

Lectures to Musical Clubs, Address to 1932 Patent Exposition circa 1920-1932 

24 6

Originals, Press Copy Drafts on Light Color Player circa 1918-1925, undated 

24 8

Radio Broadcasts 1922-1923 

25 1

Genealogy Notes and Correspondence, Hallock and Tabet 1906-1944, undated 

25 2

Family Correspondence, Clippings 1885-1906 

25 3

Family Correspondence, Clippings 1907-1910 

37 1

Family Correspondence, Clippings 1915-1924 

37 2

Family Correspondence, Clippings 1925-1927 

37 3

Family Correspondence, Clippings 1930-1934 

37 4

Family Correspondence, Clippings 1935-1936, 1943 

37 5

Family Correspondence, Clippings undated 

37 6

Hard Bound Diary 1926-1932, undated 

Box Folder

Passport 1922-1928 

25 4

Hard Bound Diary, Loose Clippings, Personal Correspondence 1926-1932, undated 

25 5

General Correspondence 1879-1904 

25 6

General Correspondence 1905-1910 

37 7-9

General Correspondence, Library Acknowledgement for "Time Eternal" 1910 

37 10

General Correspondence 1911-1944, undated 

38 1-13

The Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition, June 1, December 1, 1926 1926 

25 7

Girard College, "Steel and Garnet" 1935 

25 8

Miscellaneous Writings undated 

25 9

Benjamin Homan Hallock and The New Arabic Type & Notes on American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1929, 1935, undated 

25 10

Reminiscences by Annie Heacock 1926 

25 11

Golden Bow by Benjamin Musser 1934 

25 12

Miscellaneous News Clippings, English and Arabic 1939-1942, undated 

38 14

Envelopes 1903-1906, 1928-1943, undated 

25 14

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